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Discussion in 'Stats Revamp Archive' started by Avair, Dec 19, 2016.

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  1. bmce84 Loyal Player

    Sounds about what I get on elec (lvl 18), I can do about 5 until I use a weapon, but still have space for 1 more attack.
  2. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Regarding changes to the troller role (yes, I have several trollers myself), the argument keeps centering on priority of function. If we want to get this settled, we need to come to an agreement on this point.

    What should be a controller's FIRST & MAIN function: power, cc or debuffs?
  3. Ringz Dedicated Player

    Well you're gonna have to ask the devs on what is the foundation of the controller role. Asking people what they "WANT" the controller role to be is just gonna cause problems and arguments. It needs to be stated what is the foundation and principle of being a controller that dcuo made in the beginning. Telling people they have to change up what they been doing since the beginning of this game cycle is not always a peaceful transition.
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  4. ChillCat Loyal Player

    Yes and no. What I see here from the Devs on 1.1 is they're are actively revising the changes to match how players play (e.g reducing cooldown on pull for tanks). If the players who troll collectively agree that giving power is the TOP priority function for that role, the Devs will adjust the changes to match. This recent batch of changes clearly signal the Devs believe CC is the focus of trollers, and therefore giving power is fine as a passive function. There's no need to build in and tinker with PoT powers if that's not the main function of a troller.
  5. Molecular Occurance Active Player

    My only criticism is when you mentioned PvP. The purpose of Dominance in PvP: severely needed from now to here on outwards.
  6. ParadoxVanguard Well-Known Player

    Cant speak for everyone else but personally if I bring someone new to the game and they look at the roles when they see Controller the 1st thing they expect the main thing this power to do is CC. Without explaining to the person the other functions CC is what they would expect just like Tanking for Tanks and Healing for Healers. If Power is the main function then that is something that a new player would not expect, to basically be a Blue Bar Healer.

    While i have played on the Power side of being a Controller I always preferred to do more CC. I think allowing Controllers to passively give PoT would encourage more groups to have Controllers then discourage, also it gives Controllers more of a clear focus on CC and actually controlling the battle field instead of being the Water boy essentially. I would like debuffs to play more of a role with Controllers maybe as a Secondary option for a Controller build. But power has always been the least interesting to me if I wanted my primary role to make someones bar go up I would play Healer. Out of 4 roles we dont need half of them having the main function being to constantly watch the bar of other players. Not saying the function shouldnt be there even if i wasnt passive Power should have never been the main job of Controller if thats the case call the role Battery.
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  7. Sw33t Well-Known Player

    I have played this game more or less since release, and I have played as a controller the old-school way for a number of years. Regular loadout to fasilitate the role and tasks of a controller, which in my eyes are to POT, recharge, crowd control, stun and debuff, and shield if you like to run with that option.
    As it is with this latest development regarding controller role - it is sadly going in the wrong direction, if those changes are implemented.
    It is however going in the correct direction if the plan is to slow things down and dumb the game down - and that's truely sad if it happens.
    Today there's nothing wrong with the controller role. When I troll in a raid the old-school way everyone is happy cause I do what the trolls are supposed to do. Quite often when I pug with another of my characters, I witness controllers up in their CR150s that even don't know how to POT, or let alone debuff or stun. They play their controller as it was a regular damage dealer. It makes me wonder what in the world made them choose to be a controller??
    If the suggested changes will be implemented it is to meet the requirements of those players that just want everything to be auto-run instead of taking the time to learn the basic features and mechanics of their chosen role, and that's just sad.
    The poster "TheDark" further up here has expressed this in a very good manner, and his post summs up everything that is good with being a controller. Clearly those that write that they're happy with the suggested changes regarding the controller role don't have a clue on what controller role is, neither do they have a clue what they're talking about.

  8. Mystere Well-Known Player

    Day 2 now tier 3...

    1. Not only is power regen still too low as noted earlier but couple this with how much power you lose if you breakout and it is painful. I noted specific power cost reductions in the elec thread.

    2. Supercharges still feel a tad weak. I would buff them dmg wise.

    3. Not only can you not play just from the tray but if you try playing weapon only it is equally painful. Clearly you want us to use both but we want the option of playing weap and tray only too.

    4. To help with power issues, I would bump up out of combat power regen and you should continue to regen power through the weapon mastery portion of weapon attacks.

    5. Given how you want us to use supers, I think you should redo the leveling feats so that you can use them in the instances as you level and still get the feat.

    6. If you recall, players complained when you eliminated clipping (e.g., hard light changes) cause it slowed down the game. Here, almost every power has an increase in cooldown time. If we didn't like it slowed before, why do it more now?

    7. After playing this on test and thinking over night, I don't think that the support roles really needed that much changing from live (I do like the tank no block change though). I think what needs to change is the content design. Basically after FOS 1 and 2, very little content was released that had trolls do anything but give power. Whereas in FOS1 and 2 they had to manage the adds (pull them off platform in FOS1 and help with all the adds while carrying crystal in FOS2). Given the content did not require any actually Controlling, people started replacing a controller with a dps to make things go FAST (as opposed to the slowed down game play now on test). If you want people to use roles a certain way, design CONTENT that requires it instead of messing with the role mechanics.
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  9. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I feel thats my point though. If the devs are asking people how they play their controller(or better yet want), it is the perfect opportunity for those to pitch in their interest, just for this case the devs made a change and are now asking people what they think. Now we have folks on both sides debating for the sake of trolling is better on live VS test server future trolling is the truth.

    If I was asked, I think controlling is fine on live, which now reveals the side im on. My main powerset is a healer, but I do have a troll alt and have trolled with it. A troller job can go up to; giving power, debuffing, cc etc(the basics right). What i read so far is people saying controlling is boring because you're just a battery. So taking away pot making it a passive, frees up 1 slot for what a debuff, is suppose to make it more fun? Having less responsibility to worry about?

    I haven't tested trolling side, nor is it my main so I wont talk as If i do. But I don't like the fact that they're taking out one of many responsibilities a troller posses. Better yet "dumbing the game down" others would say. At the end what people consider as boring, others might enjoy it, and what people may consider freeing up the role, others are saying its killing the role.

    It is important for the devs to stick to their foundation of what they want the role. Im just a player thats tired of changes being made to cater a crowd. I have preached before that the devs need to figure out what they want something to be and stick to it. I appreciate they changing things for people request meaning they are listening, but im sticking to the rue of "dont fix it, if it ain't broken".
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  10. supalova20 Well-Known Player

    Dear Mepps...please answer this question.....Will the group require 2 CONTROLLERS and 2 HEALERS as it should?.... soloing is boring and many TROLLERS and Healers can't get in groups because of soloing messing up the game...please clarify
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  11. 30STM New Player

    That's, what controller must do:
    Controller it;s not only power, or CC, or debuff. It's all in one, and you must do it all in one time. Also you must support teammates if they down, or give supplys, or use some terminals, or move some blocks(barrels).
  12. Thugbear New Player

    I'm excited and happy to see the game taking positive steps in the right direction though it may be a timely process the result will flourish like it use to! Fix PvP next please!!!
  13. sepiaskidmark Committed Player

    I can see why they ,are the changes to POT as countless times I've gone into lower tiered raids and the Troll has no idea what POT is. Even if you tell him to throw it or even better, tell him the name of the exact power to use all you get is I welcome the change for that but this does dumb down the role a little.
  14. Sage-Rapha Steadfast Player

    TheDark pretty much said what I wanted to say.

    In regards to Healing... I've no clue why those cooldowns are still so high. 18 second cooldown (Bio capacitor) is still too high.
    Reduce to 12 or 10 seconds please.
    Also I must stress that power costs are still way too high. I would suggest letting power costs scale by tier not how they do now.
    I've noticed the stronger abilities cost so much power.
    I can see why that is so, but I would really consider a sizeable reduction in cost for the abilities as a whole.

    Other than that, I've nothing to say on the non damage role side.

    For DPS.

    I really wouldn't like to see dot's become fractured burst.
    They don't need to be a weapon and power version of Celestial lol. Let them be dot and let those dots flow correctly because they simply have awkward cooldown times.

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  15. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Unfortunately the skill with keeping POT up and worrying about double ticks was over when we could buy guaranteed elite gear from vendor. With the correct mod, pot will be thrown with any power and double ticks are automatic. It does dumb down troll roll, but it frees up the use of powers you want. This is the model they are working from.
  16. Gasthapandemic New Player

    i have been playing the game since beta. i been a controller most of that time. i believe what the controller role is missing is the ability to remove an enemies attack or strongest move for a period of time. for example: what if we are up again a boss with a truly devastating attack but. u needed a controller to provent the attack to a degree. not saying take the attack away for good but open a couple seconds of space between the moves if predicted. i believe this would both make controllers not only more desirable but a necessity to the game in most fomats, aswell as give trollers something new and a challenge in having to predicte incoming attacks in both ads and bosses, especially sense POT is no longer a worry. i personally enjoyed setting POT it promoted good timing skills and showed the best trollers knowledge. but if its going to be no more. yall need to replace it with an even better way to show a controllers presence other then recharged and 3 DEBuffs
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  17. stärnbock Devoted Player

    looks like all suggestions i gave was actually implemented :eek:
    cant wait to get on test, i hope its more fun now :D
  18. light FX Steadfast Player

    After reading the 2 threads i was really excited and was grateful the devs listened to all the feedback. But once i got on test and played it i was somewhat disappointed. Because cool downs are still way too long and we have to use our wpn way too much still.

    Its been said quite a few times now they want playing from the tray to happen. U cannot just pick any 6 powers like was said before and it will be viable. What on test atm is an improvement over the 1st test wave. But its still not enough. Im a super hero with the powers to bend space and time (quantum) or can lift people with my min (mental) but im swinging a sword at bad guys most of the time? I want to use my powers majority of the time. If ya say play from the tray then cool downs cant be 20 seconds.

    The cool downs are still too long. And i will say again, the pace of the combat is a huge thing for a lot of players. Its the 1 thing that sets dcuo apart from the other MMOs out there. Slowing down the combat is not the way to go. If ya want to push 2-2-2-2 then design content that encourages it or requires it.

    The tank pulls being put back to 3 seconds was great, ty for that. The passive PoT i like but also dislike. I dislike it because i feel it dumbs down the role. But i like it because it frees a loadout spot. But again its still too slow. If the combat speed ends up being the same as say other MMO games like WoW, FFXIV, wildstar, swtor, etc then i start to question why im playing dcuo. Again combat sets dcuo apart from the others and is an a huge reason i still play. Plus what about dpsing in solos and duos? There will be no troll.

    While 1.1 is an improvement and a step in the right direction cool downs need to be adjusted a lot more still. Plus dpsing with the 3 powers all feels the same. I want variety and things that set the powers apart. The power regen being a passive is a good idea, but its not enough.

    As for the CC and dominance i have no issues with that except that for controllers there isnt much CCing to actually do. With a good tank a troll never has to stun anything and there hasnt been content for troll since the end of AnB. Again design content around the roles and make mechanics that encourage having 2 of each role. I know debuffs werent touched and it was said in the future something would happen with them. Make them meaningful please. Cause atm in the game all content can be completed and completed quickly without any debuff. Healing debuff isnt needed with good dps players. U can literally burn through the healing. Defense doesnt matter either cause of the burn. Reducing dmg isnt needed because nothing does enough dmg to make it matter.

    I tested all 3 powers and again while it is an improvement i still feel restricted. I feel slowed down and a clone of all 3 powers. I know this is 1.1 so hopefully in the next build things can be adjusted more.
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  19. Ringz Dedicated Player

    I feel that is the main concept that people are forgetting and are thrilled about the changes, especially for the control role. What is that one slot gonna do for you when there isn't content that requires you to be nothing but be a battery because debuffing is useless. I know they said they're gonna try to do content that involves them more, and not to be a downer, but i'll believe it when I see it. Its easy to say things just to keep a crowd intrest.

    With am and wm going way will see, but this isn't my first rodeo. And along with these others changes going on, im not liking the vibe.
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  20. KellyCares New Player

    I have been running test as ice, at level 14 or so i got like 5 weapon points at once and none since. I'm at 26 now or maybe 27. It was enough to finish one weapon tree but not weapon mastery. Is that correct. At level 27 should i only have 10 or 11 weapon points. Also the game says i have got 27sp but has only let me slot i believe 19 of them at this point. Are these capped until you it 30.
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