The Secret to using Lernaea's Amulet

Discussion in 'War Room (Powers, Artifacts, & Builds)' started by ThomasEternal, Aug 22, 2020.

  1. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

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  2. Control Creed Well-Known Player

    Interesting, I'll check it out. Thanks for the post.
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  3. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    You're welcome. I'm curious though if atomic tanking is the secret or if other tank powers can benefit as much as an atomic tank. I only play as one so I don't have much experience with other tank powers except rage but rage is already suicidal if you don't cancel the rage crash lol However I think what makes atomic tanking very unique when paired with the amulet is that atomic combos take less power. I am 98% certain no other tank power has that ability for your powers to take less power. The amulet main reason it's suicidal is because your power cost you take in self damage. Atomic combos take less power so....... lol my verdict is atomic tanking is the secret to using it in conjunction with the amulet.
  4. Dogico Loyal Player

    Earth's Jackhammer is very cheap and can get max stacks faster than any other ability. Atomic as a whole probably has better synergy but imo JH is great with the amulet.
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  5. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    What's Jackhammer total power cost? True, lol just spamming jackhammer like crazy sounds like it does get it fast because atomic combos are slower. Wait you mean in dps role right?
  6. Dogico Loyal Player

    The first hit is 200 but subsequent aftershocks are much cheaper, I forget exactly how much.

    Dps or tank, although I don't see people using the amulet in tank role for elite content.
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  7. TheLorax Unwavering Player

    All Tank abilities are lower power cost by design. That's why you don't need to spec Power as a tank.
  8. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    Really? I only asked because I didn't see it saying powers cost less as a rage tank. I know they get fervor and health increase from hit meter increase just never seen it say about costing less. Might have missed it.
    They're the same in either role? Wow that's interesting. In my findings while in dps I couldn't maintain the stacks which eventually killed me. As a tank though I can maintain it. Perhaps earth has that uniqueness of costing less in either role. In end content elite I wouldn't use the amulet either but it's doable in weaker elite raids such as Olympus Elite.
  9. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    So I did some digging and found that in tank role atomic, earth, and fire have power cost reduced. Nothing says about Ice and Rage. Furthermore Fire is the only one that says how much is the power cost reduced by which is 30%. I found this here and just typed the rest of the tank powers to see if they all have that which they don't unless the page needs to be updated.
  10. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    What am i missing? Amulet is a dps art, tanks need tank arts? I dont see why a tank would use it at all?
    Maybe im a purist or too old for the times but i have always been a firm believer in stayin in your lane an doing your job. As a tank, your job is to keep adds in nice piles an keep boss’s attention. Damage is DPS’s job.
    As a returning player, i hear more an more “battle this” an “battle that”.
    Each role has a job and if your trying to “battle heal” then your not Doing your job as a healer to the max potential
    What am i missing here? When did it become “cooL” or even a good idea to try an do other roles jobs too?
    Genuine question as im a returning player an have ran into tons of support roles who claim to be “battle somethings” and then the raid fails. Tank cant keep aggro, healers cant heal enough, pll starved for power while troll says “but im 3rd in damage”.
    Someone plz explain it to me because it seems like everyone needs to do their job an let others worry about doing theirs
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  11. Balistical Ice Dedicated Player

    Though I agree about your first sentence, I do want to say something about everything else. You said it is in your belief that you should stay in one lane and not focus on anything else. But there are many different play styles in the game, and many different artifacts to accommodate those styles. I battle troll, and battle heal. I am excellent at both I would say (not boasting, just letting you know there are many people including myself who know how to incorporate a specific mindset of game play.) Whether that be strictly solo role or dual role (battle-spec or the like) is doable and can have great results if done properly (including stat points, artifacts, gear, experience, knowledge of certain mechanics or instances and the like.)

    I guess what Im trying to get at, is that just because you believe in one thing doesn't make it the only viable option. I battle heal as electric and with the Page and Ray, it makes that play style even more doable and enjoyable. I run elite content with it as well and with no fails about 90% of the time. Also take into consideration if you're last DPS wipes, and you're the only heal left with a full group and only a little bit of boss health to go, you'd be surprised at what a battle heal spec can do for you in those crutch times. Its actually quite enjoyable. Just my opinion also.

    Also, just in case because some people respond differently to being given answers or explanations... You asked for someone to explain it to you, so I gave my feedback.
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  12. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Appreciate it and yea for sure, was a genuine question. Not meant to be criticizing. My school of thought was always be the max possible for your role i leu of teyin to do both an i have seen lots of ppl tryin to do both (these battle specs or whatever) and i havent seen it end well mostly. Bumped into a few ppl who seemed to do good at their role In spite of but usually its beena give an take scenario NOT in the groups favor. I have o oy been back 2.5 months tho So maybe in time i will see the success.
  13. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    Pretty much what Balistical Ice said. But let me give my two cents.

    You're saying the amulet is for dps role and I can agree to an extent though. The amulet is risk vs reward where you take in self damage from your power cost and the reward is getting your might increased by the number of stacks or offering. You been gone for quite some time perhaps even missed key elements from the devs perspective in artifacts and so on. Every single artifact is meant to incorporate different play-styles. You aren't bound to use specific role artifacts because you choose to play a certain role. Since i'm a tank I have vast knowledge in what I can do and what I can't do. As of now, I don't have much experience in elite end content but once I get my aug to 23 I'll try FGSE.

    I have left different threads consisting of videos of me battle tanking alerts, Grail, Zeus and so on. As an atomic tank I have to keep using my atomic combos to keep my quark aura up at all time. The aura gives me 35% resistance, 25% damage absorption, my atomic combos give me heals equal to 40% of my dominance. Knowing this it's logical to realize my powers do might based attacks not precision. Though there are different tanks that can benefit from using precision i.e rage, ice. Because my attacks do might based I can see artifacts that boost my might which I have Solar Amplifier, Lernaea's Amulet, and La-Mort Card.

    You mention that a tank should just do it's main job such as keep adds in one place and taunting the boss. Well whenever a tank uses his or her powers they taunt the enemy for 12 seconds. There aren't that many raids or instances where you need a HARD taunt. If the tank is keeping aggro and keeping the adds away from the group and the instance is going smoothly, then why would you judge a battle tank simply because they play different and have dps artifacts equipped? My belief and a strong opinion at best is that you don't need artifacts to complete any instance. A lot of players have that mindset but I keep destroying that thought by demonstrating it's possible to finish an instance using a different play-style. I can't speak for other tanks but personally atomic was meant to be a battle tank. We get very good defense buff while in tank role, as atomic we get heals based off our atomic combos that do might based damage and damage absorption while aura active and this part is the crucial part as to why the amulet fits best in a tank. As a tank (I don't know about ice and rage) our power cost are reduced. The amulet curse is that you can die from the power cost doing self damage to you.

    As I said earlier I have videos demonstrating my use of the amulet as a tank. When I was testing it in dps role I couldn't even keep myself alive but once I switched to tank role I can maintain my offerings and not worry about killing myself. I pretty much effectively removed the side affect of the amulet.
  14. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Agreed fully, and im genuinly curious. It truly is a genuine question. I wasnt judging. I was asking. And i ask be ause i have seen lots an lots of tanks, trolls, an healers claim to be good an using “dps” arts an such because they are “battle whatevers” an they are trash. They worry more about doing dos’s job because “battle whatever spec” than doing their job.
    I feel like they dont know what they are doing and are simply watching a youtube video to get a loadout/build an because said build worked for so n so or because its “meta” they think its best to copy an paste.

    Thats why i question the validity of it. Are these battle soecs being “mainstream” really allowing ppl to play their rols to the best of their ability like they should are are they sacrificing their role to dip into someone elses just because they Saw obsidionchill or some youtuber say to do it that way?

    Again, i have been away for a LONG time and im sure ALOT has changed im not privy too as i disclosed and you pointed out.
    Thats why i ask. I know a beastly “battle troll” who does good damage but its a side effect not a goal. His focus is power and debuffs as it should be. Hes just (i assume like you) good enough an knows his power set etc that he can sneak in some dps stuff an squeeze some extra damage due to his battle spec.
    Other than the exceptions to The rule, my experience at end game so far is the rule is, battle specs suck and do more harm than good i most cases an ppl need to stay in their own lane an learn how to do their job BEFORE copy/pasting what they see IF they cant handle it an dont understand it.
    Admittedly i like the concept, i think its cool things can be more diverse but i think its based on personal aptitude and ability and i wish all these videos an such said that. “If you dont even know how to properly heal then DONT battle heal, learn your role 1st an foremost” as an example.

    Maybe the quality of player has tanked. Maybe too much has changed. Maybe im just a stubborn old fart haha. It just kills me seeing all these “battle whatevers” that cant hardly funnction and obviously got carried yet try an sell to me its “a battle spec”.
    But that clarifys alot, appreciate it sir!!!
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  15. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    I just don't understand the logic behind the amulet only for dps role. The whole point of it is risk vs reward where your power cost you take in self damage but they want to nerf tanks when in my opinion is best suited for tanks since they get reduced power cost thus minimizing the suicide effect greatly to the point it's not suicidal anymore. Also, I was in a raid the other day FGS and I happen to get invited by a league member because they needed a tank and couldn't beat Grail. Well I so happen to join and we beat Grail with no problem, no wipe, no issues yet people are still inclined to judge you and whine that you shouldn't have dps artifacts despite the run was smooth without issues and wipes.

    I made a thread a long time ago about battle trolls because the claw gives you 10% might increase to you and your group at the cost of not giving power. Many years ago not many players like to play as a troller because they are just seen as batteries so the devs changed things around where we can manage our own power. They gave us Superpower spec, Hybrid and Weapons Expert (not confident in that name, might be wrong) yet people still complain that a troller is just to be a battery yet the devs made that troll artifact for the purpose of having different play-styles. But you know what I got instead? I got ridiculed simply because I can see what can be done when giving an opportunity to try something different.

    I don't have much experience as a battle healer but I know celestial can heal and do precision damage because of BenedictioncMalediction therefor allowing you to place a precision artifact. Personally I believe there are some players who can't adapt or admit that changes happen and there are new things that can work. Another example is Nature, going into gorilla form or another form causing you to still do heals and damage. Ice doesn't have any healing powers because that power is about shields. The only heal they get is from Hibernation supercharge and the white mode that gives small heals when you use a shield. Buuuuuuuut if you were to equip Lernaea's Amulet you will get a healing power i.e your finisher. I wish Batuba can reply because I'm genuinely curious why the amulet is considered a dps art when tanks can use it better without worrying about the suicidal effect.
  16. Dogico Loyal Player

    The point of a battle support role is to get through an instance faster, not really any deeper than that. I'm returning to the game after a four year break and battle support roles existed back then too.
  17. Dogico Loyal Player

    The amulet is considered a dps amulet because it increases dps; this doesn't mean you can't use it as a tank. Like, you say you've negated the damage from the amulet but really what you did was negate Atomic's self heals. The point of a tank is to stay alive and with the reduced heals from finishers in tank role the amulet is really only good for damage, not survivability. The amulet does have good synergy with Atomic tanks and depending on cr can be used in the majority of content. Not recommended for any relevant cr difficult content.
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  18. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    The claw artifact for trollers isn't a dps artifact but it increases your might which is what the amulet does. Would you say the claw is a dps artifact too? I can see where you think I negated atomic heals but that's not entirely true. Atomic combos take less power to cast and with the chest mod to reduce your power cost by 5% more. I can do Atom Splitter 2 combo then clip with Density and Proton Remedy and either use Geiger Beam or just spam my atomic combos doing both damage and getting heals. This doesn't negate atomic heals because I have 25% damage absorption from the aura, I have Density activated providing a shield thus absorbing the power cost self damage, Proton Remedy gives me heals this process ensures my atomic heals aren't negated and if for some weird reason I'm not back to full health I can just use Geiger beam or atomic combos. I never once had an issue with healing myself so much so that I ran Wonderverse alert with just 3 dps and I the tank. I ran the raid as well with no issues. Atomic is secretly a battle tank it has many features that can make it a one man army.
  19. Qwantum Abyss Committed Player

    Let me ask this about these battle specs then.
    If the point is just for varied playstyle/options (im in favor) and to get through faster (im also generally in favor)
    Is this a “we did the raid fine so its fine” OR would u be a better tank, troll, healer IF you stayed with “proper” arts an just focused your job? Genuine question.
    2x healer arts + 1 dps art = battle healer
    3x healer arts = pure healer

    In the example who is the better healer?
  20. ThomasEternal Well-Known Player

    You forgot to include augments and skill points allocation. Can you elaborate on "better tank, troll, healer IF you stayed with proper arts" because that seems to be a you problem (not you personally). I say this because what business is it to you on how someone should play their toon and role if everything is followed to the scrip without wipes, and issues. I see this a lot, players judging another player simply because they choose to play differently despite working out at the end without problems. None of this is in elite content by the way. Elite has it's own way of doing things. I can't answer the healer question since I don't have much experience as one let alone battle healer but there are a lot of variables missing. To finish my reply, I'll leave with this question. What does a better healer mean to you?

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