The Replacements

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  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    USPS3 Hero League

    Are recruiting.

    A little about us and what we are looking for:

    The Replacements were established on January 11th 2011. We are the winners of the very first player run PVP tournament and have made it to at minimum the semi-finals of every tournament since. Our origins and background are in pvp but we do pve as well.

    We were chosen as the premier league on Friday Night legends episode one and participated a second time when we fought in the Olympus finals.

    We probably average about 140 skill points but do not have a skill point requirement. We do however require skill.

    The reason we are recruiting is because our numbers are way down thanks directly to GTA V. No one has left the league, but very few are playing DCUO currently.

    What we are looking for:

    If you are strictly DPS and do not play the other half of your character, close this thread and move along.

    We are looking for PVP CR's of 83 or higher and PVE CR's of 95 or higher.

    We will gladly work on pvp strategy with you, but you need to be good to go as far as pve. We will not feat hunt with you or carry you through content. If we are in content and you need a feat different story though, of course we can get the feat. After being around for almost 3 years we have earned the right to simply log in and play and not have to worry about who is in our groups. We expect to be able to smash through content as we always have.
    For example we beat nexus day one in 89cr or lower gear.

    We require a mic and a good attitude. We expect you to talk and joke around in league chat and be responsive to your fellow league mates. In the past no one had to pug anything however we do not currently have the numbers to make that promise at this time. However a pug free experience is our ultimate goal.

    We are a veterean league with a good reputation. If your chill and friendly and willing to be patient while we get our numbers up, please feel free to hit me up and become part of our tradition.

    My characters in game name is ATARI. If you contact me please tell me your role(power), pve/pvp CR, and even though it doesnt matter your skill points.

    You can also contact Dube Dollars.

    Join The Replacements a well respected veteran league.
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  2. Aqua New Player

    We're recruiting?! :eek:

    But yeah everyone too weak-willed to remove themselves from GTA's grasp, me included.
  3. Zacriel New Player

    One of the great Hero Leagues on USPS3. Fierce and talented competitors in PvP. Good Luck with recruiting. +1 from me

  4. Blue Spectrex New Player

    Yeah, GTA really hurt the league's population but they will be back. Awesome league though!
  5. Cream Corn New Player


    Like Atari said, we mostly in GTA but we have a cell phone app to communicate and most of us can be easily reached if we are really needed. It's just too much fun blowing stuff up right now.

    Also be prepared for extreme amounts of abuse... As I was writing this post one of our league mates slashed the tires on my GTR...
  6. Cream Corn New Player

    Correction. Someone else slashed my tires and my league mate bashed his head in with a bat. Then when the guy disappeared the bat hit my window and I mistook my league mate for the perpetrator and shot him in the head. Forgive and forget.
  7. WishYouHadMySwag New Player


    -USPS3 Name - SexuaiHealing
    -Power - Hardlight
    -Roles - Troll mostly but dps aswell 99 CR both roles.
    -1300 + Prec / 1953 Vit ( Bound to change.)
    -SP - 111
    --Extra - I do pvp but in dps role, T5 Veng half modded.
    Send me a tell and what not or catch me in 5v5 chat.
    -I'll be on today.
  8. Dump Truck New Player

    GL recruiting. Atari is one of my favorite players in the game - and their league is good.
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  9. ARI ATARI New Player

    Still recruiting

    95+ pve, 83+pvp, mic, independent when it comes to skill points.
  10. ARI ATARI New Player

    i sent you some tells, but you must of been busy, anyway.... tag your it.
  11. Zerefu New Player

    I think most of my stuff is in my signature, I have a mic, truthfully though I will often switch chats to talk to my friend and will return to group/instance/leauge chat when prompted if needed, I recently have been DPSing A LOT but I healed primarily before like 2 weeks ago. I can solo heal both the T5 raids, but PLEASE don't bring me in to AREA 51 to heal, I will fail horribly as i always have. I either won't be online tonight or I'll be on around 8-11p.m Eastern pacific time, but generally I'm on everyday until I lose legendary which I usually renew pretty quickly
  12. Aqua New Player

    Man ... how bad did atari troll you guys.

    Anyways, average seems to be about 10 people on around primetime, expect that to at least double when dc actually drops some new content. Until then most will be boosting in gta v.
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  13. Little Creep New Player

    I heard their league is on the outs anyway. Good, I say. Couldn't of happened to 'nicer' people. Good luck recruiting.
  14. Blitzshock19 New Player

    Well I the rebels are pretty sensitive league when it comes to people trolling them so this is kind of expected.
  15. Nekron 99 Loyal Player

    Yep I heard the same thing about The Replacements. Then they posted this thead confirming it.
  16. Aqua New Player

    That was just an off-hand comment I don't really care who he trolls.

    Moving on, we seem to have steady amount of people coming in so now would probably be a good time to join before any new content drops and we get a surge of people coming back to try it. Not trying to make anyone feel rushed, but just needed to be said.
  17. Gobbler New Player

    I ran paradox with the guys the other night and all the did was jerk around, the healer kept intentionally dying from the balls on the side of the hallways. As noob as it gets it seemed.
  18. Doc Holliday New Player

    You didn't hear it from their own league mates though that's the difference.

    Good luck recruiting. This league has no issues betting end game content, if you can't say the same for your own league, maybe you should try them out!

    Best reguards!
  19. ARI ATARI New Player

    hit me up on a weekday... im personally not on much on the weekends. ATARI
  20. ARI ATARI New Player

    good job trolling our thread.
    first off we rarely bring in a pug. second off we go in and get the job done.
    we(myself especially) would rather sign off the game than bring in someone that isnt on our friends lists.
    shouting in lfg is not our style.

    people havent heard of us because we "jerk around"
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