The reality this 12-day Sale has given us.

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  1. Silly Lizards New Player

    It gave me a nice interruption in service
  2. Ghostof91 New Player

    I believe that the Developers may feel it's a waste of resource and time since the population is slowly decreasing PC and PS3/4, and that the resources itself is more limited than we think.

    All or most of their ideas for new armor styles are tied to DLC's and knowing the Developers the last thing they wanna do is change something that has been planned out.

    Things we may not know, that may interfere:

    Resources- FX, Clipping etc.
    RAM- How much space we have
    Engine- Certain new animation could not be supported with current engine
    Requested Styles- New styles contradicting already DLC exclusiveness

    I'm hoping these barriers get a worked around.
  3. GregDawe New Player

    Not an unfair point to make, but I do not see them being a reason that poses enough liability to outweigh the possible profits.

    RAM is only limited by the PS3 as far as I know, I could be wrong though.

    Clipping is a nothing excuse imo, majority of the styles clip if your using a body type that isn't Striker.

    The Animations being requested are only extentions of current existing animations (most of them anyway, and I am assuming you are primarily referring to the power inspired auras, movement effects ect.)
    So so long as the animations are of a nature as simple as the ones we are currently getting, it is again, a nothing excuse imo.

    The exclusiveness to DLC is an iffy excuse at best.
    Unless they make DLC styles the exact ones that are in the MP, then they are still very much exclusive.
    Even if they chose to have brand new styles in the MP only available to those who have legendary/a certain DLC, like legends are, then why not?
    It could serve as a certain optional expansion.
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  4. Ghostof91 New Player

    Was funny about the whole clipping thing is, Gizmo, Giganta is in the game so how is clipping being the reason. Here's what my little Gremlin thinks about the clipping excuse.

    is why we can't get new hair/body styles. :rolleyes:
  5. GregDawe New Player

    Hahaha your Gremlin speaks just depends on the truth you want to see ;)

    I want the Lantern Vendor NPC's body type, he is large, but kinda lean, I like it.
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  6. GregDawe New Player

    That is my point.
    As soon as we call them out for not listening and providing the service we are begging to pay for,
    they use stupid excuses, or delete our comment entirely.

    They are wrong. They cannot admit they are wrong, they pass blame and fail to take responsibility and make the right changes to provide the service we are demanding.

    We are not asking for expensive or unreasonable items.
    They aren't even changes most of the time, they are improvements on things that are in game that can be easy money for them and give us nothing other than visual satisfaction.

    For this game to survive, they need to start listening to the players.
    Not picking and choosing what they feel like acting on as they are now.
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  7. JustSome_Chick New Player

    Now, a couple of those had the potential to be good sales, except, there's nothing left I want to buy anyway. Agreed with OP, Need more options in the MP if they truly want players that are around for longer than a year to keep throwing money at them.
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  8. GregDawe New Player

    Could not agree more.

    I can only wish that someone high up reads this and decides to take action in the right direction.

    This game has so much more potential, however with some of the people that are in control steering the ship, it is only destined to stay the same, deprive game. That's if the don't run it into the ground first.
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