The real heroes of the world

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  1. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    All joking and video games aside, how often do you see life's true heroes? Yes, some will say that our nation's true heroes are the military, or the police, or the firemen, or the paramedics, but these are all people trained for these situations usually. People who know what they're getting into.

    Listen to this:

    People like this are heroes to me and to many others. Granted, the man even admitted he had no intentions of harming the children or anybody except the police. Then again, who knows if he's telling the truth? This woman is a bookkeeper - she isn't trained for what she did here. That, in my eyes, is a real hero.

    The people who take it upon themselves to run into a burning building, for example. Untrained, regular civilians doing actions like this are one of the few things keeping my faith in society alive.
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  2. BlueVariable Committed Player

    My heroes are the people who care for the disabled, who support their children, and shake the hand of a homeless person. A hero to me is a child who hugs their parent when they know that parent is having a hard time. Someone who educates others, who is able to overcome their own disabilities and achieve something.

    A hero to me is the waiter who stood up for a young boy with down syndrome.

    or the firefighter who saves a dog from a ledge.

    or the man who gave away money on his 65th birthday.

    There are many kinds of heroes, and most of them are unsung, unknown people who don't get media attention. Sometimes I feel like a hero myself when I catch a disabled man as he is falling down a staircase, or when I'm explaining math to my daughter, or simply when I give my wife a hug during a tough day.

    Heroes are everywhere, and come in all shapes and sizes and there should never be any doubt, that you are one of them.
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  3. Fifinella Well-Known Player

    I find that my heroes are the people who stand up and do the right thing because its the right thing to do, not because of any reward attached as incentive for doing the right thing.

    It is because of this that I have a particular fondness for World War II W.A.S.P.s ... who had to wait 65 years before the US Government even acknowledged the sacrifices these women made during the war.

    I also love the stories of the Soviet Nachthexen who flew night bombing raids over Germany in the noisiest and most dilapidated solid wood biplanes ever built (originally constructed for use as flight trainers & crop dusters).

    More recently (and outside of the military) my heroes would include my Step-Father who married a woman with a six-year-old child when he didn't have to, and put up with all the crap that child put him through.

    Along with this ...
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  4. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    I agree. My step-father put up with a lot of crap from me. There are a lot of heroes in the world, I only wish there were less bad people and the good people got more of a mention in the media.

    It's funny that your name is Aviatrix. That's a company I deal with a lot at my job lol.
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  5. SuperSoldier Devoted Player

    Not much else to add, just thankful for the good people in this world.

    I'm sure it wasn't meant to be disparaging, but let's not down play the trained professionals who under go rigorous training and the daily grind but still manage to their jobs with dignity and humanity.
  6. DEMONIZER1 Loyal Player

    U.S. Military!

    Enough said!

  7. LucidityKJ Dedicated Player

    Oh no, not putting them down one bit. I served in the Marine Corps myself, so I would never talk bad about my brothers and sisters still out there.
  8. Fifinella Well-Known Player

    Hmmm... wasn't aware of a company called Aviatrix. At the time, I was going for the more generic meaning of "female pilot" :)

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