The Raven Bounty

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by XODUIS, Sep 9, 2013.

  1. XODUIS Committed Player

    AKA the biggest replay badge cash cow since the Paradox Glitch. I dont get why people replay this so much to be honest. Lets pull out Handy Dandy LOGIC!! OK its a once a week bounty. That's a first. Second its 24 replay badges to replay her. Last after you beat her you get a chance to win a piece of 85 gear or a mark of reality. Keep in mind 24 replays is equivalent to two solos or 5 away from an Alert. Now wouldn't the smart thing to do would to just replay Trigon's Prison since it takes 10 mins to do and you get 5 MoRs and just run Raven weekly? Maybe im the only one who thinks that, just something to get off my chest
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  2. Death Throe New Player

    You are on to them! Watch your back brah, Watch. Your. Back.
  3. deltablues New Player

    The bounty takes about 90 seconds to run if you're grouped up. I replayed it until I got the feat for the style set because I care about skill points, not gear. I wanted to be done with it before people stopped playing it and it became difficult to find a group like the Home Turf bounties.
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  4. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    for 24 Replay badges they could get a 85cr Chest which is 60MoR
    why spend 24 on an alert that gives u 5 moR, when u can get a whole piece of gear

    is the logic
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  5. Schimaera Devoted Player

    They replay it for the two 25 Point Feats. However I do not understand why. Ppl are still looking for Runes of the Norseman pieces for almost a year but now replaying this for an equal of 50 feat points... Everyone who can wait for the RoN style should be able to wait for those feats..
    Okay I still understand the gambling for IL85 pieces with "undergeared" characters but with 24 MoR per day what gives? I have 3 alts that I brought up to CR96+ from CR89 since the DLC came out without replaying and I still do have university work, free time, friends and family.. I'm not seeing why I should replay this.. I'd rather replay dox for the chance of gear improvement and a challanging time ingame instead of 2-3manning Raven...
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  6. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    its such a waste of money having to speed through it glad im good enough to progress in this game without replay badges
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  7. X-zero Loyal Player

    Or even wait five days and get three chances to get some 85.
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  8. EP Ice Loyal Player

    I agree. Plus, the drop rate is so much better (15 runs = 6 pieces) and what else are you going to replay.
  9. 13igtyme Devoted Player

    Because i get free replay badges for being legendary and want to gear up my alts to T5 in a few minutes.
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  10. Miahztwin Committed Player

    Idk OP, if someone was to win at least one piece gear thats a pretty good investment for 24replays than rerunning an alert for 5marks. If someone resets raven, why does it bother you so much? lol Yeah there are new people getting into nexus and paradox but everyone starts somewhere.
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  11. Fentonian Well-Known Player

    Not to paint everybody with the same brush, but those who have spammed replay badges on Raven to get full T5 (because they didn’t have the gear level previously) tend to be the same type of players who I’m having to constantly pick up off the floor during Trigon.

    Let them have their gear if that’s how they want to get it………they’re still going to suck.

    To those who have got a full set from Raven – here’s a question:

    How many of you have modded the full set to get all your affinities?

    Perhaps you haven’t bothered yet because you are still waiting to be carried through T5 raids to get yet more “better gear” quickly :rolleyes:
  12. CCBatson Dedicated Player

    Why are people so nosy and constantly picking at what other people do? Honestly, I know you must have strong emotions to post like this, but ask yourself WHY does it bother you what other people outside of your control are doing? Focusing on this is not a healthy attitude. Play how you like, avoid the people you don't like, and don't stress on things that lie outside of your range of influence.
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  13. Seismicfesr Dedicated Player

    This i full t5 then, almost full t6 now i wanted the style and feat points.
  14. Amanda Bailey Devoted Player

    You should keep in mind it's an 85 piece drop. The Alerts do not drop 85 item level pieces unless it's Time Traveler. 85 from Raven is equivalent to Atlantean Monarch. IMO, it's worth it. Run Raven for 85 peices, Trigon for weapons and Trinkets, and the Devs stay fat and happy in their palace as the money flows, it's a win win.
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  15. Mary Magdalene New Player

    The nitpicking is very funny.
    Everyone is winning kind of.
    Alt runners, Casual players, returning players and even those who are trying to max out their off role can get full T5.
    There is a very thin line in all of this between devs and those that support the Raven Bounty, since we probably know that the drop rate of the Armor missive will be altered to the point where everyone is chasing an endless dream.
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  16. Tice New Player

    My suggestion, for Legendary players make the bounty a daily reset and for the premium players a weekly reset.
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  17. Rockhound665 Devoted Player

    I only use replay badges on the wrath, greed, and lust missions. Not all, maybe one a day. I have 1300 replay badges, might as well start using them.
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  18. Dedikated6 Well-Known Player

    Well I was cr 91 with 117 sp and left for my annual army training and once I got back to the game school was starting the next week I ran the raven bounty once and noticed it dropped 85 gear same as manta gear which I didn't really have time to grind for because the game was so dull to me after 2 years . I had endless replay badges because I rarely used them and I got a full set of the corrupted in about an hour . Modded it with 5's now I'm cr 98 and can casually play since school is time consuming .
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  19. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    I replayed Raven for my Controller alt. I've played Trigon 10 times on that character, and I've only been picked up once (first time I played Trigon in the final boss fight and wasn't paying attention or aware of his tells yet). Most of why I replayed was sadly to run the T3 and T4 content and not get kicked for having an 1100+ vit instead of a 1500+ vit. Still shake my head at that, but that's what the game has become for PUGs.
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  20. BumblingB 15000 Post Club

    I have no problem replaying it. I have a few alts I've gone through already and got them to full 85 gear. It's actually cheaper than actually replaying content for marks, but can be frustrating when you don't get the gear. My EU toon has been doing it quite often and out of the 29 runs, he has only gotten 4 pieces of gear. Others have gotten it really quickly.

    Also, why is it so hard to find a group on EUPC? :( Farming groups are almost non existent. Maybe I'm the only one that plays alts. :/
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