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Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by Fawkes2574, Feb 13, 2018.

  1. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Mods, please feel free to make this a sticky if you deem it worthy.

    There's no point in creating a whole thread for just one simple question. But how about a thread allowing users to continuously post a quick question that they have? Hence this thread. So if you have one that you need an answer to, post it here.

    Here's mine: When does the Earth 3 thing end, or is it permanent?

    Can't get any quicker than that.
  2. Mazahs Dedicated Player

    Earth 3 is a DLC so it's permanent
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  3. Giga Vamm Dedicated Player

    It's permanent for players above 206. It'll end for players below 207 when the next episode is released, which should be within the next month or two.

    Note: I could be incorrect about the combat rating cutoffs since I am not at whatever the cutoff is. My highest character is combat rating 167.
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  4. Proxystar 10000 Post Club

    Why aren't people allowed to make their own threads?
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  5. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Please don't get me wrong, I'm not saying people can't make their own threads. They can do their own if they want. Its just my thought that a short thread for one question is kind of a waste of space.

    And thanks for answering, Mazahs.
  6. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    A thread that covers more than one topic will quickly get lost in a sea of additional comments. Outside of the Costume Contest thread, no one will scroll through multiple pages of ever changing would just get confusing.
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  7. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Good point.
  8. TheLorax Loyal Player

  9. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Gonna bring back this chestnut, cause I have another one. And there's no point, know.

    Can anyone tell me why in the world do you only hear Harley Quinn on the "PA System" outside the Amusement Mile Funhouse (mission) once in a while? Going over the roof to the BG kiosk, I heard her once again but its been a while. When I was last here under one of my other alts, I didn't hear her once. Is this just a random thing?
  10. TheLorax Loyal Player

    It's part of the mission where you enter the funhouse to defeat her and save Robin. Harley Quinn had a new voice actor somewhat recently, they might have taken out the old voice overs.
  11. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Oh yes, I am familiar with it. I've kicked the crap out of her a number of times. Gotten plenty of revenge for her kicking the crap out of me in the beginning. But as I'm doing the first two stages of that mission (God I hate the clown missions), I have on occasion heard her say a number of things on the PA system outside the funhouse. Such as "toxic test number 2" or something along those lines, and "C'mon boys, gas those cops!"
  12. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Someone please answer this for me.

    If your toon is in PVP phase, can that prevent your toon from leveling up when you gain experience? In the last month I have played 4 toons the same exact way, though in different roles. And in 3 of the 4, I reached level 30 before finishing the Brother Eye mission. My 4th is on the 2nd to last stage of the Spectre mission and hasn't reached level 30 just yet. But I have done everything the same. With one exception. I did most of the Brother Eye and part of the Gotham U mission in PVP to limit the amount of players blocking part of my progress. Could that have had any affect on it?
  13. KHALONofOGUN Unwavering Player

    Did they all have the same mentor??? That's the more likely culprit.
  14. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    No. Two had Wonder Woman (one of them being the current one.) One had Batman, the other Superman.
  15. Great Architect Committed Player

    Did you complete any Collections / Investigations / Briefings? Oddly enough, they can give you experience. Did you run any Alerts more times? Complete more Races? These are all things that incidentally give you experience which aren't quantifiable. If there was a *huge* gap between one run and another, then did you complete any Side Missions?

    But the most likely culprit is that you simply killed more adds in one run than another.
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  16. Great Architect Committed Player

    Easy answer :): They are.
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  17. The 14th Doctor Dedicated Player

    Will we ever see an end to the Deluge preview? When is this end??
  18. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Nope to the briefings/races/alerts. Its probably the adds. Anyways no matter. I completed the side mission for the stage that I am currently on, and got level 30. And said "Its about "bleepin" time! Hello! Goodbye!!" Because right when I leveled up and said that first part, The Judge was right next to me. I shot out of there real quick!! :p
  19. Great Architect Committed Player

    As you do :). However, you've given me another thing to consider for data analysis - which mentor requires you to kill the most adds... Thank you.

    Whilst experience might not be quantifiable, it gives an indication of which Mentor 1-30 gives you the most opportunity for collecting reagents.
  20. Fawkes2574 Dedicated Player

    Not sure on that, but I've always said that all 3 mentors have different degrees of difficulty when it comes to exclusive missions. Supes is the easiest, Wonder Woman is moderate or in the middle, with Bats being the most difficult. His final stage is the longest and toughest of the 3.

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