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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Ala Rebeldex, Oct 31, 2016.

  1. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    Let me said first of all, that i´m very pleased with the new content introduced in AF3 (At least what is available right now on Test), with that being said, i think that the music of this DLC and the game overall has been very... lackluster IMHO.

    I know that the music is not a gamebreaking thing for much people, some may like to play their own thing (rap, rock, pop, etc..) but i´m one of those people who enjoy videogames as a whole experience, and the music of a game can turn a very good instance in an "EPIC" experience. Thats the case of the Raid of Olympus, a gorgeus Raid, very well crafted but that missed that final punch with the music.

    I put a video on Youtube of the Raid with some themes that i think that fit the instance, and remark the Heroic and Epic vibe that i get from this Raid:

    What you guys think about this? Is the music of DCUO good enough for you, or you guys wanna listen more epic themes in the future of the game?
  2. Brother Allen Loyal Player

    DCUO's music has never been that impressive. I started playing 3-4 months after the game launched and I almost immediately turned the music down to where it barely can be heard (but I do leave it to where I can just faintly hear it unlike most I know who turn it off completely). The music would have to undergo some improvements before I'd take the in game music over my own.
  3. NoPhilosophy Committed Player

    I personally like the music, but you have to understand DC is a small team. They aren't like Final Fantasy where they hire an entire Orchestra to make a soundtrack.

    I think they're working with what they have.
  4. Derio 15000 Post Club

    DCUO battle music has never been that impressive in any raid.

    If you have played any other MMO, one of the coolest moment in any raid fight is when the phase changes, the boss becomes stronger and they change the battle music.

    However you can always just load up spotify or whatever music streaming service you use and play your own music while playing DCUO
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  5. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    It was kind of sad that one of the comments of my video was asking me if that was the OG soundtrack of the New DLC... i had to answer that it wasn´t the case tho.
  6. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

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  7. TybeeTahiri Devoted Player

    I have to disagree. The Themyscira music and New Genesis music are amazing in my opinion. I love them. Central City bounty music is one of my favourites, too, though I think that it's used in other instances as well.

    In fact, I've been asking them for years to do a livestream on who composes the music and how it's recorded.
  8. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    I always give this developer team the praise that they deserve, because i know that this isn´t Blizzard or square Enix, howerver, i think is the right thing to do voice our concerns and requests to see if they can make some changes in the future.
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  9. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    The Halloween and Summer vault music is the only thing I like. That said I agree, game needs a better sound track.
  10. majosea Dedicated Player

    I would ask Blake Neely for help most of his work is epic
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  11. Pults Loyal Player

    Only in the night clubs. Anywhere else I keep it so low it turns into a background noise.
  12. Swamarian Committed Player

    I have the music turned off to hear collection, exobits and the like as I pass by.
  13. TheLQ-DCUO Loyal Player

    I personally like the OST for DCUO, especially for Magical content such as Trigon or Amazon Fury stuff.

    What I would like to see more of however is new OST for specific kinds of content. Darkseid in DWF LB should definitely have had his own theme (though he had an epic theme, it was something we've heard before: Avatar of Meta, Nexus LB, to name a few), and in Olympus last boss Zeus has his own intro, combat music and outro as well.

    I'd like to hope that if we encounter Darkseid again that he has his own battle theme, and possibly intro/outro as well. Same goes for other bosses.

    Also if we return to Kandor I want to hear more 80s neon electronic sci-fi sounds rather than FOS music or the overused Brainiac bottled music. This city deserves some Blade Runner/Tron sound feels.
  14. Ala Rebeldex Loyal Player

    To be fair, the Zeus Battle theme was good. I still think it could have been better tho.