the players deprive the group of the troll role....

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    Show them a loading screen.
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    Best meme for this thread.

    Not that great of short stories, but good meme none the less.
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    Like most continuums, you don’t want to be at either extreme but rather find the sweet spot somewhere in between. There isn’t a lot positive about a dictatorship or fascist regime, unless you’re in a position of power. The general population may have personal security and even equality and stability, but at the cost of nearly all freedom and sense of personal power. In addition, almost no one has any say over how the country is run.
    A pure democracy may sound appealing. However, there need to be some rules and norms to protect citizens’ freedoms from other citizens. That will have the effect of limiting some freedoms. There must also be a means of dealing with external threats. This requires security measures which, again, will limit freedoms. In addition, unless a country is very small, having every citizen weigh in on every national decision would be impossible, so a representative democracy is the typical alternative.
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    I said it must be a villain base as in it takes longer to que up on the villain side. I know this because I make new characters all the time and lower tier content takes forever to que up. This is never the issue for me on the hero side so yes I'm dead serious. You guys might be in some understanding but if a healer joins the group and there's already another healer say like an alert, you don't get to dictate that player to switch roles. Like I said form your own group if that's becoming an issue. The thing with power consumption. Trolls were only seen as batteries so the devs changed that and allowed us to manage our own power. Don't be that person please because you should know very well where I'm going with this. Superpower Spec, put skill points into might and POWER, use sodas, supply drops etc... the devs made it so we players can manage our power without taxing the trolls to just be looked at as such. Now there are more important things about trolls which is buffs, debuffs and stuns. I did say I agree if a player picks a support role and not once does the job that role is supposed to do. Im not against players picking two roles and only switching to support during boss fights. By your logic DPS finishes content faster so if that troll, healer, or tank wants to be DPS for trash adds and what not and only switch to support during boss fights then that is acceptable.
  5. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Sorry trolls. The only useful way to play as a troll is to buff the dps. I'd make sure to have arts to be able to buff both prec and might players.

    As for dps being out of power. Guess you've never played as a prec dps. That's the way it is supposed to be played.

    The shield that trolls drop is also a must. Sure it gives power back for those times when someone is making you work to hard. Their real use is for elite runs and helping the healer/tank. You know being supportive.

    As for the trolls who run as a battle troll. That's ok to do also, but raid groups don't really want that anymore. It really is all about those buffs for the dps.

    Love you trolls!
  6. catplaysxoxo Loyal Player

    The issue I guess relies more towards trolls than a tank or healer. But your scenario specifically states will not switch meaning at any point especially in boss fights and I had said if at that point they don't even there then you and the group is within your right to vote to kick. There are plenty of content where you can que as both roles and only switch to that role during boss fights but the fact you're now saying at any point is where I can side with y'all.
  7. the solowing Steadfast Player

    If at any point in the instance, if power becomes a problem and i ask of you to help me to keep the team alive, and you say no. Im initiating the vote kick.
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    Wow, look at us agreeing on stuff. Crazy days. All this talk about self power management is nice and all but what about the new players/ low sp/ low artis crowd? They can't add more sp to might and power if they can't even max whatever their primary stat is. The point here is (should be) simple. Do not que for a role you aren't going to do. I que as troll for alerts on a toon that's mainly dps and since I do, I got him decently built up so if someone needs me to, I can. My main toon never ques pug as a healer. I will never switch him to healer. I did not que as healer. If it takes 45mins for the que to pop, that's ok. It's a game about playing as a team. So do your part or get the boot. We don't need 8 dps's for add clearing. We need a tank to gather them up, a troll to debuff them and buff the dps's, and a healer to let the melee types go hog wild. That is efficient. 8 dps's is just 5 dying and then some staying alive by running away 85% of the time.
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I don’t think you read what was being said in the conversation up to this point. We said multiple times that if a person ques as a support (or both) and doesn’t switch than he or she being kicked is fine. No one said I’d there is already a troll and the person doesn’t switch so that there is 2 trolls. That’s not what anyone said. However is one person ques as a dps and another ques as a dps and troll. Then the dps happen to be a troll when in qued im and switched to dps the yes the person that qued as both roles should switch since the other person only qued as a dps and didn’t intend to troll.

    If the troll wants to dps the adds and the group asks them to switch to troll then if the person gets kicked so be it. He/she qued for troll/support. So do what you qued for. If a tank decided they want to dps hallways and gets kicked then that’s their fault. If a healer wants to dps hallways and gets kicked thats their fault too. If you que as a support and don’t do that role you qued for than you getting kicked is on you.

    As for power consumption. You said it yourself and I’ll quote it.

    A might dps will spec super powered but a Prec dps won’t. A Prec dps shouldn’t spec super powered just because the troll can’t give power. Same with sp. a Prec shouldn’t spec might unless Prec is maxed just because a troll can’t give power. Soders and supply can be used yes. But here’s the big part.

    Devs made it so that players can manage power without taxing a troll. Exactly. Without taxing. This means a troll still HAS to give power. It’s not about telling people how to play. Or bullying. Or being toxic. They qued as troll. So troll. You can be a buff troll, a power troll. Either way, troll.
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  10. Dominic Blue Committed Player

    Asking to change roles I think is ok? As long as it doesn't come across as a demand/insult in my opinion. I think sometimes depending on the circumstances the group might need more dps burn, more healing, more agro pulling or cc, more power replenishing etc etc. So asking a dps to go support or a support to go dps as long as it isn't insulting isn't out of the question I believe. My mains are Dps/Tanks and Dps/Healers so they can go either/or in a pinch. Now do I win top of the scoreboard on dps? Not all the time. Could I Tank/Heal current Elite content? Possibly not now but I can old Elite content. One day I'll have Dps/Trolls too, hopefully soon.
  11. Yaiba Committed Player

    From my experience, defense debuff from troll has no effect on the boss's defense buff. In order to remove it, you need to follow mechanics, few recent examples:
    . Heatwave in elite duo, temporary defense buff (30% damage reduction) -> destroy consoles
    . The Rogues, defense buff when they're close together (very high damage reduction) -> split
    . more and more :D
  12. Cerulean Osprey Well-Known Player

    The way I go about it is, I’ll start in buff troll spec and then monitor how much power the group needs in the first hallway of a raid.

    - If they’re really power hungry, I’ll swap out my Cog for Scrap of the Soul Cloak and solely focus on debuffs, instant power out, and building up for SC. If I can afford to, I’ll tac swap in Eye of Gemini whenever I can. Sure, there are artifacts that focus specifically on power out, but I’ve never had groups that power hungry that I have to go that route. So I go Shield/Power out Supercharge build.

    - If they need some power but aren’t so hungry, then I’ll do the same as above, but will use Pheremone Bloom more to try and focus more on an Eye of the Gemini spam while also power dumping and debuffing.

    - If I can power the group without needing power dump, I’ll go full Buff Troll. I frankly don’t have the skill points now to do it consistently, so I have to pick and choose when I can do it.

    Controlling is in a weird place where I can adjust my playstyle based on who I’m with. It’s kind of cool to have the flexibility to do so, but also makes it weird in that things are so loosely defined.
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    the game needs more GUI elements that tell the user to exit the game for help

    Give it to gravity. A kidney stone would be more likely to embed into subdermal tissue in a lower position. Giving value to hanging like a bat! [IMG]
    only because the danged stone has not moved in years? and the other remedies have not given ending results, of possibly dissolving it? is that is possible?
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    I have been doing this since almost the beginning, and....they get what they get with me. Heavy ads and bosses almost always have all 3 debuffs running, (unless it gets really hairy) tanks and healers usually never have a power bar less then 3/4 full, I zip all over the board like a certain blue hedgehog on crack, working cogs and doing pick-ups. Only complaints I get are I don't do "enough burn" which when I troll I don't care about...and when I try to pick-up and get slaughtered and no one bothers to pick me up people start complaining about no power, which at that point is out of my control.
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    That was me :D