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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by PerfectLegend, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. Tru3 D3ATHSTOKE New Player

    are you still looking for a league? have have spots open we run feats daily from any rage of dlc's what ever our league mates need. let me know if your still looking for a league.
  2. Jellssssss New Player

    *In-game name: Jesse37
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US Switch
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 299/108
    -Power: 51829
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: For Discord, not In-game
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: 22 Year old college student. Pretty new to the game, skipped to 255 with the free skip and got to 299 while free, just got legendary, so looking for a league to play with and contribute to.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? To group up with, give league points to, and get help learning the game more.
  3. Kroye Loyal Player

    Returned US PC/PS hero main looking for league after an extremely long time away. I played at launch, and on and off up until Episode 26. I only have 285sp and 323cr. I’m not looking for handouts just an active League to run content with 9PM to 2AM eastern.

    Sorry for not following the format/template… I’m posting from my phone and I have fat fingers.

    Kroye#0978 in Discord.
  4. ObsidianChill Community "Trusted"

    You won't find a nicer, relaxed leaguemate than Kroye. Any league would be lucky to have him.

  5. xCizzzyx New Player

    *In-game name: Lectrify
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villan
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 323 / 148 stats points (currently getting at least 1/day more when focusing on feats)
    -Power: Electricity
    -Role: Dps or Healer Armory for both
    -Do you have a mic?: I can, if I can ever find them
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: I’m 29, been playing dcuo since...long before there were all the powers and DLCs there are now but kept jumping around or starting over when trying to convert friends to join, took a loooooong break, so this is currently my highest toon
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Ideally I’d like to find a good group of people to play with and get to know a bit I’d really like to stop playing this game alone honestly that’s what I’ve always done since there league finding is kind of difficult. Second to that, or ya know maybe first if that’s all too much to ask for is people to do feat hunting with, especially all the content I’ve missed(and it’s a LOT) I am currently in a league I got to by shouting for one since I had so many built up league tokens however there is only ever a small handful of people on and only the leader interacts with anyone, not sure if it’s a lot but I’ve been a member for 6 days and have about 20k prestige already, would really like that to go somewhere.
    I got discord Gia#2744 and I normally only lurk on forums :p
  6. JakarrKingDCUO New Player

    *In-game name: MajorThreat
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 308 PVE Cr, 257 SP
    -Power: Munitions
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes I do
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: I'd prefer a 18+ league due to experiences
    -About yourself: I'm 20, I can be vulgar, I'm an experienced player, and I'm open-minded so I don't judge Other people.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?: I'm looking for people to joke with, chill, occasionally run stuff, and just be laid back. Reason is I've been in too many leagues that expect you to run everything with them, can't take a joke, or just don't talk. There's times I just want to get on and have someone to talk to. To reach me if I'm not on, my PSN is LoveableOutcast. Just say you're wanting to recruit me in the friend request
  7. Mortis Potentiam New Player

    In-game name: Mortis Tormentis
    -Faction: Hero
    -Server/Game System: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 329 SP 554 SP
    -Power: Munitions
    -Role: Troll (Preferred) DPS (When needed)
    -Do you have a mic?: may regret that, just sayin'
    -Legendary: Yes
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: I recently returned to the game 3 months ago and started working on my toon again. I left when JLD was the top thing to do, been working on making a comeback ever since. I'm a west coast guy, so I play mostly in the time range of 9:00 pm PST - 4:00 am PST. I do get on during the day as well, usually between 1:00 pm PST - 5:00 PST. Just warning you up front...I have a very strong personality. I have a mouth, and it runs quite well....but always with good intentions I have no problem expressing my thoughts or opinions...and I am brutally honest. If I don't like you, I will tell you to your face "I don't like you, here are the reason(s) why, can we overcome this?" I just find being straight-forward is more efficient. I am EXTREMELY driven by feats and skill's what I live for on this game. I do like to socialize, I have a quick tongue and a wicked sense of humor....I've been compared to Ryan Reynolds a lot....dunno why.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a league that is ACTUALLY what a concept, right? Looking for a league that ACTUALLY DOES what it claims it getting feats done and getting prestige (Again, what a novel concept, right?) Looking for a league that isn't a bunch of wussbags that whine and complain when something is "too hard", or that focus on "other games" (like a certain Final Fantasy online game) instead of getting on and helping their league mates. Looking for a league that's not full of a bunch of divas more concerned with their style than how many feat points they have, or are more concerned with how their base is decorated rather than running content, getting feats, and making their toon stronger....thus making the league stronger as a whole. Looking for a league that can laugh and joke around and can endure my sense of humor and my personality....but when it's time to focus we all put our games faces on and take care of business. Looking for a league that isn't "clique based" with everyone in their own little circles, and who talk crap about each other behind each others backs. Finally, I'm looking for a league that is very active, especially evenings and late nights. Sooooooooo me.
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  8. TheSuperfan New Player

    *In-game name: The Superfan
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US Switch
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: level 9
    -Power: Ice
    -Role: Dps
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: I’m 29, been playing dcuo off and on since launch on pc, ps, and now switch. Want to get more into the game so I’m looking for people to play with
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Active, friendly players I can play with as I level up my new ice character (Superman inspired. I love Superman)
  9. SekretVillain Loyal Player

    *In-game name:
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS/PC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR327 518SP
    -Power: nature
    -Role: Healer only
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: premium
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: sarcastic, likes to troll/bust balls, and have fun
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I need a league that will pick a feat and get it, that runs elites. Most importantly for me is the SP grinding, because I set goals and like reaching new highs in SP. If I cant I start getting antsy.

    My current goal is to obtain all metal 1 up to patchwork regular raid feats, then finish off HQr/HQe feats, and start on COUr feats.

    But I need a league that can assist and is competent enough to help do feats either because they have already ran them or know how to do from watching videos. Prefer the experience so feats are guaranteed most the time rather then failing.

    If interested feel free to PM me here or in game at Offending Habits.
  10. TheDynamoDude39 New Player

    Hello TheSuperfan. My name is DudeDynamo. I'm a long time player on different platforms, who is looking to start up a new league for casual players on the Switch sever. We're called Weekend Warriors. The league's mission is to offer a friendly place for people who casually play to group up, run content, and enjoy this awesome game. I offer an invitation to join up and see if we're what you looking for.
  11. Sodapopchicken95 New Player

    *In-game name: Iceblock
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS/PC
    -Combat Rating: cr 100
    -Power: Ice
    -Role: plan on DPS with Tank back up
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: Not new to the game. played since 2013 on PS.Took a 2 year break. Just started a new account on my PC
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Really just looking for a chill villain league thats active and that just has fun with the game, nothing too serious. Never made a Villain before now so i thought id mix it up. I play late around 11 til shut down.
  12. glamazom Level 30

  13. Recon4thCav Level 30

    *In-game name: Recon4thCav
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 322. 233 came back Thursday with 191. Gained 42 sp in 3 days. Feat grinding hard.
    -Power: Gadget
    -Role: Troll
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes prefer over 21
    -About yourself: Chill
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Feat hunting. Just want to have fun. Left the game like 5-6 years ago and looking to meet new people. Psn- Recon4thCav feel to reach me by there also if I am offline.
  14. Chastifull New Player

    *In-game name: Chasitull
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Held
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: EUPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 30 sozusagen frisch aus dem Tutorial raus :)
    -Power: Mental
    -Role: DD
    -Do you have a mic?: Ja
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendär
    -18+?: Yep
    -About yourself: 37, männlich, Feierabendspieler, auf der Suche nach Deutschsprachiger Liga. Spiele das Spiel selbst auf Englisch da einfacher mit Guides und Fertigkeiten :)
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Ich suche eigentl.ich eine Gemeinschaft zum gemeinsamen quatschen, Duos, Alerts und eventuell auch mal Raids machen. Das Gemeinsame steigern des CR.
  15. Jolter New Player

    *In-game name: Dr Jolter
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US Xbox
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 23
    -Role: DPS/Healer
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Currently F2P
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: Testing out game, trying to decide whether or not to invest in it
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a large, active, new player friendly guild. Would like a community that gives helpful answers to questions and participates in group content.
  16. Doctor Marvel New Player

    1. *In-game name: Dawk Knight
      -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
      -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
      -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 222/130
      -Power: Quantum
      -Role: DPS/Troll
      -Do you have a mic?: Yes
      -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary Lifetime
      -18+?: Yes
      -About yourself: Used to play a few hours a day but stopped some time ago and getting back into the game again now. looking for an active league
  17. GaPower New Player

    *In-game name: GaPower
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]:Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]:USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points:39
    -Power: Electric
    -Do you have a mic?:Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legend
    -About yourself: trying to get back into the game
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Run raids and meet people
  18. Bbkbishop New Player

    Returning villain
    Started over from scratch USPS
    Hardlight atm
    Looking to do duos through raids, grind skill points. Work with others to do what ever they need
    18+ w/mic
  19. LadyMelodyPaige New Player

    *In-game name: Anglique
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 4
    -Power: Celestial
    -Role: Damage
    -Do you have a mic?: yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Premium
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself: Returning player who is just getting back into things. I have been playing off and on for a few years. Just get bored doing stuff alone ya know?
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Well I enjoy Roleplaying (Even come up with backstories for my characters) And of course stuff for late game :)
  20. ping on eu Level 30

    Hello. I just recently got back from a really long-break on the game, decided to switch from PS4 to PC as I've totally switched over to PC in-general. I last played around 2017 and had a fairly good understanding of everything, had around 300 skill points at the time and had a lot done, I'm now on a new account on PC with 90 skill points and looking to hit 400+ by the end of this year, hoping to hit around 300 within a few months. I'm looking for a long-term League that's dedicated to running feats constantly throughout the day with fairly experienced players, talkative players.

    IGN - ping
    Age - 19
    Role - DPS/Troll
    Country - UK
    Skill Points - 95
    CR - 293

    As I said above, I already know what I'm doing for most things apart from anything past 2017 as I've never really ran anything since then.