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  1. Ledomar86 New Player

    *In-game name: Jal Hordenn / Rimefyst
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero / Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 44 / 46
    -Power: Light / Ice
    -Role: Controller / Tank
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Laid back, just playing to have fun
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'd like to find a laid back, helpful league. I don't always get to play as much as I'd like to, but I do want to dip my toes into harder content as I farm better gear. I also have alts that I like to play, as I'm trying to find the character I like to play the best.
  2. yungmunk New Player

    Looking for a Masters of the Universe (MOTU) League. Have a 107 Ice toon Heman Lookalike I would like to advance. Never done Tank before but willing to learn. Also considering changing powers for this toon.
  3. Angelic8520 New Player

    hello Ledomar, Algorithm is a Hero league and recruiting any lvl, we are small but helpful. hit me up in game or here. any of us would help you join if you decide.
  4. Fara New Player

    In-game name: Kamysa
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 56 / 42
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: Tank
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: I used to play DCUO in 2011-12, then I stopped. And now I'm back with more experience in MMO. I'm French, so my English ain't the best but not the worst either (well… I think). I play free because of my situation, it might change a day or another.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for people (didn't see it coming). Originaly I got a partner but this time he won't come over the game again. So I'd like to play with people who agreed that I play free and that I play when I can.

    Btw if you do search people to play with, send me a message. I'll respond as soon as possible.
    GL and HF
  5. dss New Player

    Fanboys is still recruiting.
    Helix Enterprise, Algorithm and other awesome leagues are also recruiting, I am not going to name them all, you will see and experience them for yourselves. Even though I am in Fanboys, I have played with Helix Enterprise multiple times on different toons, and another member in Fanboys has played with Algorithm, so that is why I mentioned these 2 leagues by name...I hope they don’t mind. ✌✌️✌✌✌✌

    The reason I am bringing this up is because if you have multiple toons, you can send them to different leagues.
    By doing that, you will meet different players, see different play styles, different power sets, loadouts, the leagues could be in different time zones...etc If you’re forming a raid and you need a Controller, maybe you can find one in one of the leagues you are associated with.

    Just my two cents to help you when choosing a league(s).
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  6. Offline Well-Known Player

    *In-game name: CmonGimmeMoney
    -Faction: Hero:
    -Server/Game System: EU PS4
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 301CR 334SP
    -Power: Earth
    -Role: DPS 301 but collecting tank gear
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Nothing much to write here. I work 4 days a week. I'm a returning player of DCUO to gain max CR and hopefully close to max SP.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for an English speaking clan (I only speak English) that I can start running raids with and gaining SP. I haven't run many raids in this game due to skipping content so would need to be told a few things but I learn fast.

    I'm not looking for a league where it's full up of under level 30's or has thousands of members.
    I want to join a league where they raid together and help people out.

    I'm not here to get ninja invited to your league when I'm in the game. Send me a message on the mail section on the game. I'm usually busy trying to gain feats. I sometimes miss PM's send to me.
  7. Xanaba New Player

    *In-game name: Xanaba
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 62 / 40 SP
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: Damage currently, but getting gear for Tank Role as well
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Not sure what this is, but i do have the AllAccess Pass
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Relaxed. Played DCUO a while ago and recently got back into it and having a blast with it. Stopped playing the first time because IRL got a bit busy and just kind of lost sight of it for a while. Recently rediscovered it and started back over with a new character and got her up to 62 right now. I have a secondary character that is a healer that i work on.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?: Looking for an active league with helpful members that run raids with each other and help each other in the game. A overall good group of people that are fun to play with. This is a MMORPG after all, and playing solo gets a bit stale. I do have discord, so voice chat wouldn't be a problem
  8. 42god New Player

    Name: ChiropteraVir Faction: Hero Server: USPS CR: 307 troller 307 dps SP: 324 Power: Gadgets Role: Controller and DPS Mic: Yes Account: Subscription 18+: Yes About: Been playing since before dlc #1 launched. Dedicated father of 3, thus limited play time, and therefore I like what time I get to be productive. Looking For: Active league. Running new stuff for marks/loot/feats and old content for feats. Need to understand my family comes first. If my son is crying, I'm going afk, but I'll be back, and I always pull my weight. Why: Tired of pickup instances and solo only grinding. Too inefficient. I'm always willing to help others but I don't know jack about healing or tanking.
  9. adrianjaxk New Player

    uspsn hero league recruiting all roles with have all buff
  10. LeftyTiberius New Player

    -In-game name: LunaStValken (my wife built it)
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: PS4
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 70 / 47
    -Power: Rage
    -Role: Controller / Tank
    -Do you have a mic?: No, but I can
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Relaxed, just chill
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Something relaxed as I don’t get to play too often. I’ve been playing solo for a while and would like to find a league so I can grow this character a bit. Happy to contribute when I can.
  11. JakarrKingDCUO New Player

    In-game name: Ronan AlGhul
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPS
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: 272 CR, 252 SP
    -Power: Fire
    -Role: DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes I do and I use it often
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: legendary
    -18+?: I'm 20
    -About yourself: I'm a big nerd and a fair warning, I'm a pottymouth. I try to be a nice guy but I can joke and take a joke
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for people to talk with and laugh/joke with. People to occasionally run stuff and build SP with.

    Add me to your friend's list and send me a tell when I'm on if you'd like me in your league. Disclaimer: I won't join Covenant of Blood or Ninth Circle as I had some issues with them. P. S I'm on right now
  12. thirty six Loyal Player

    Check out Felonious recruiting thread, let me know if we are something you may be interested in.
  13. Sprout Robinson Active Player

    -In-game name: Sprout Robinson
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero (wish they'd add a neutral/anti-hero option; I want Ivy as my mentor and to run around saving puppies and eco-terrorizing chemical factories)
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USPC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 125/SP 75
    -Power: Nature
    -Role: Healer
    -Do you have a mic?: My laptop's inbuilt mic, nothing fancy
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: F2P (will probably do some one-time upgrades, no plans to pay monthly fees)
    -18+?: Late 20's
    -About yourself: I work in theatre/film, I enjoy hiking, kayaking, and hanging out with my dog. Huge Fantasy nerd/medium Sci-Fi nerd
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?
    I've been finding the universal chat aggravating. I'm hoping to join a league that is good about kicking out creepers/racists and is LGBTQAI+ friendly. Bonus points if the league is predominantly women.

    Would love to be able to run more 4P and 8P raid content with league members, both to cut down on the queue time and to knock out feats.

    I have a ton of free time at present due to Covid-19 and so am currently very active. Under normal circumstances I have a gig for anywhere from 1-4 weeks (during which I cannot be very active), followed by 1-2 weeks of part time work and rest (during which I can be extremely active)
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  14. Lynx Committed Player

    *In-game name: Hydracide / Girl Fusion / Cosmic Cultist
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: US / PC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: Uh... nothing yet, characters are still sub-30 and leveling
    -Power: Water
    / Atomic / Quantum
    -Role: Healer/DPS / Tank/DPS / Controller/DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Not Currently
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary, I think? I used to be a subscriber, currently F2P
    -18+?: 34
    -About yourself: played avidly about 2+ years ago, always on the hero side though. I mained an electric healer, also had an earth tank and mental controller. Since I'm returning after such a long period of time and have a lot of changes to catch up on, I'm starting 'fresh' on the villain side. I'm more or less a casual player, I only put in a couple hours a night (kids, family, work, etc.).
    -What are you looking for in a league and why? Mostly I want a league that's got active chat, I like to talk to people while I play solo content, and eventually once I level up my characters I'll be looking to do more group content and raids. I'm not a 'hardcore pushing content' kind of player anymore though, might've done that back in the day but I prefer less stressful play these days.
  15. Combativestelth New Player

    In-game name: Spc Jax
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Villain
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]: USXB
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: CR 56/ SP 15
    -Power: Light / munitions
    -Role: Controller / DPS
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Premium
    -18+?: Yes
    -About yourself: Laid back, just playing to have fun, competivite sometimes
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?
    People that do raids 8 player content, and 4 player content, to help players out when they need some stuff that requires others and fun groul
  16. Sdk4 New Player

    Looking for a league been away from dcuo for like 2 years. On ps4 and have a mic sdk4
  17. Danny Darwin New Player

    In-game name. Danny Darwin
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. CR 200 SP 192
    *Power. Fire Tank
    *Role. Tank, can dps if needed
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. Been out of DCUO for a bit and ready to be part of an active league.

    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for an adult-oriented, casual league to run raids and higher end content while having fun and meeting new people.
  18. Countrystar34 New Player

  19. LONEKNIGHT New Player

    In-game name: Lone Icon
    -Faction [Hero/Villain]: Hero
    -Server/Game System [USPS, USXB, EUPC, etc.]:Us. PS4
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points:305 CR 512 SP
    -Do you have a mic?:YES
    -18+?: yes
    -About yourself:Mature older gamer been playing dc since 2012
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?looking for a Mature League no drama no kids that likes to run content and have fun
  20. Ricca Maeve New Player

    *In-game name: Ricca Maeve
    -Faction: Hero
    -Server/Game System: US PC
    -Combat Rating/Stat Points: Uh, 10 apparently. I'm still leveling.
    -Power: Celestial
    -Role: Healer (intending to)
    -Do you have a mic?: Yes.
    -Legendary/Premium/F2P: Legendary
    -18+?: I'm 31.
    -About yourself: Just a nerdy trans gal who plays a lot of video games and writes sometimes.
    -What are you looking for in a league and why?
    I'm getting into DCUO more than casually, and I play MMOs better if I have/make friends to play with. I'm looking for a League that is Roleplay/ERP friendly, LGBTQIA+ friendly, groups together to do game things, and is otherwise sociable.
    (Specifically, I'm looking for an RP League that is more Original Character oriented, than some of the specific fandom RP Leagues I've seen advertisements in-game for.)