The Official "I'm looking for a league" thread.

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  1. RyanxGosling New Player

    recent league offers have been ****** and overhyped. need a promising league i can stay in.
  2. army New Player

    In-game name. DiebytheSword
    *Faction. Hero
    *Server. USPS3
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 95CR 82SP
    (- Need group to run old alerts and raids for missing feats / gear) need to run PVP for Feats
    *Power. Fire
    *Role. DPS .
    *Do you have a mic? No
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. Over 21 Male NY. I get online about 10pm EST on Mon-Thursday and Sat .
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for a mature 18+ league late night Hero League est who I can run the T5 Alerts and get me geared for future T5 Raids with the League
    Please PM me for more info

    Update - I found a league - thanks
  3. DaGaZ73 New Player

    *In-game name. NIGHT W4TCHM4N
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. CR: 4 SP: 4 (LVL 07)
    *Power. Gadgets
    *Role. Stealth DPS
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. F2P
    *About yourself. Brand new to the game, all I know about Supers is what I learned from the movie The Incredibles, and the more recent movies (ie X-Men, Batman Begins, Wolverine, and the old 1980's Superman / Batman Movies). I don't have a RL buddy or Co-worker playing this game at the moment so I'm really on my own here. I've played other MMOs and really enjoy PvP versus RAIDing. I might be moving to PS4 when it comes out but I'm not commited to any system at the moment. I am the father of a 3 year old and she is the center of my world. That being said I do play MMOs as my hobbie so I still am able to give lots of time, I just need a schedule to know when I'm needed.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for an adult-oriented, fun Guild (League?) to play with. As stated I prefer PvP but I'll RAID with a group as long as it's fun. When it comes to RAIDing I find the memorization of "Boss" Mechanics tedious if not out right boring; hunting down Villians (Open World PvP) or running with an organized group in Structured PvP is a blast to me; win or lose. I'm currently a member of the Company: Team Cored on Mech Warrior: Online and while I love those guys I just don't knwo if Pirrana Games will ever leave BETA.
  4. Silvermoonside New Player

    In-game name:N1ghtw0lf44
    Access:free to play
    About myself: just hit level 30
    Reason: I'm in a corporation in DUST 514 and it's nice to play a MMO with people who you can rely on. I'm looking for comraderie.
  5. Sakasa New Player

    *In-game name. Sakasa
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 53 / 71
    *Power. Gadget
    *Role. Controller
    *Do you have a mic? Yes (Tend not to use)
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Premium
    *About yourself. I dress to the left which is odd I know but...Played back in beta and few months after launch just getting back into the swing of things.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? A place to chat, do activites, outtings, a sense of community, and shuffle board love me some shuffle board; mostly everything a old folks home provides. In all seriousness just looking for an adultish (More of a man child myself) place to hang my coat (which is brown) do some runs, and maybe some pvp (open world, arena, duels, sleep deprived hallucinogenic dual personality fight club scenarios, etc.).
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  6. PentacIes New Player

    Disregard that. I already have a league.
  7. Marble Craze New Player

    name. Marble Craze
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 60CR/62SR
    *Power. Nature
    *Role. Heals
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. I am a sound Engineer and gamer. I was very much into this game until FOS came out, than our league broke up. I think that its been over a year, perhaps bordering on two since that happened. We were tight and we got stuff done. I tried to come back several months later but every league I frantically joined fell short of my requirements. Which are quite low. I came back again recently. Looks like there are some great leagues. I know no one now and my CR; I’m told (Had no problem healing FOS1, 2, and 3 just before we stopped. Cant even get into Khan now with this score) is too low to be doing anything. I have been raiding since I hit max level at 60 on wow, mostly healing, and a thousand games after that a million years ago. Probably why I like healing so much here. It’s not like that. Thank Christ.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I am looking for a league that has people on. Either allot of people on or people who play together when they say they will be on. Raiding schedules are best, the best alternative to that is people raiding all the time. I want to heal; I’d like to raid several nights/days a week and work on SP rest of time. I am very active. I have several alts that have seen some raiding. For the most part in every mmo I have ever played I usually get an attachment to one toon. That is the case with this game as well. My partner in crime was the opposite: played one toon, geared it, re rolled, leveled it, geared, repeat. I’ve not seen him in years. He’s retired for being married. My point is I don’t get one toon geared and than get bored and beg to tank or dps or heal on an another alt. I would only be interested in DPS for my main when every one else is passing. I’m looking for people who get along who are mature (age has little to do with that unfortunately. Ever have to listen to an emotional mess of a 60 year old through Vent? F***! That being said, I am an adult) I like the idea of hanging out and chatting on mic while doing SP but taking things very serious at raid time. Like-minded people are best to do that with. Bits and bytes for sockets seem like fun. Are they? I hope so. Gear was not socketable when I got mine. Anyway, I really do enjoy DCU more than any game I've played in a long time.


    I hope this works.
  8. Jc x New Player

    In-game name: Jc x
    Faction (Hero/Villain): Villain
    Combat Rating/Skill Points: PvE 64 PvP 82 SP 55
    Power: Quantum
    Role: Controller
    Do you have a mic?: Yep
    Legendary/Premium/Free to play: Legendary
    About yourself: 18 years old, live in 'tucky
    What are you looking for in a league and why?: Mainly want a PvP league as that is what i've been getting into lately.
  9. xSkeld New Player

    *In-game name. xSkeld
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 35 PVE, 74 PVP, 27 SP (and rising)
    *Power. Ice/staff main
    *Role. Damage
    *Do you have a mic? Yes (Tend not to use)
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Premium (may go legendary soon)
    *About yourself. 28, male, live in PA. Just a pretty chill and laid back guy. enjoy my mmos. Just joined dcuo a few days ago and really enjoying it.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Mainly looking for a friendly league to chill and chat with and also run duos, challenges, alerts and PvP battles with.
  10. Justcallmedaddy New Player

    In-game name. Reptonightmare
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Villain
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. cr47, sp45
    *Do you have a mic? yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. free
    *About yourself. :D
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? people to do missions with for make the game funnier
  11. DarkAssasain New Player

    In-game name. DarkTyrannus
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. CR-4/SP-5 (lv 9), Assuming i understood that correcrly /o/)
    *Power. Fire
    *Role. DPS
    *Do you have a mic? Web Cam Mic atm
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Premium
    *About yourself. I'm not new to MMO's i've played a number of them longest one i have played was about 5.5 years in Eve Online. Player wise, I'm laid back, all in all i log on to play and have fun.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for a league where i can have fun, contribute while learning the ropes.
  12. 2bUkU New Player

    *In-game name. 2bUkU
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 5 Days in I don't know
    *Power. Mental
    *Role. Controller, can dps if needed
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. Ive been playing MMOs for years, took a break and happy to play on the ps3- 30 y.o quick learner.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking to get more out of the game. I'm capable of putting in some hours would like to be able to have some groups to join. Also some guidance I've played my fair share of MMOs on the PC could use some tips on this version. Message me plz.
  13. 2bUkU New Player

  14. ImpelInferno New Player

    *In-game name. Impel Inferno
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Hero
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 35 CR
    *Power. Fire
    *Role. Tank
    *Do you have a mic? no
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. FTP but upgrading to premium soon
    *About yourself. realiable person who just likes the game
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Im looking for a league because i want to get marks and get stronger also im willing to help anyone else do that as well, im all about team.. i just need a league that would help me out and i'll help them as well
  15. TheFlashCC New Player

    “*In-game name. TheDARKSEID
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). V
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 86 cr pve 84 sp 65
    *Power. Fire
    *Role. Dps
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. Big fan of DC comics and been around since the beginning. My sp aren't that high because I'm always making iconic toons and getting them to about 100 sp and this is the one I'm currently working on. I'm very familiar with all content having grinded out on my other toons.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for an adult league with iconic toons preferably that like most others is a good group to chat/run stuff with. Was in a hero league for a year and a half until they split apart. Once I get more sp ill be up for running t5 content but am willing to run whatever the league needs right now.

    I always welcome invites to chat first rather than just a ninja league invite so please find me in game through tell and I'll answer abything you'd like to know.

    ++new to the forums. Just trying to find some good people to play with since all I tend to meet is pure scrubs.”
  16. TheFlashCC New Player

    I copied the template and forgot to delete that last line with ++ btw
  17. mindpieces New Player

    Two of us still looking for a league here. Joined one temporarily, but members were never online. An active league would be fantastic!

    *In-game name. Agron Nasir
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Villain
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. PvE 78/50sp
    *Power. Fire
    *Role. Tank
    *Do you have a mic? No
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary
    *About yourself. Working adult who's addicted to DC on my off time.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Need a mature, gay-friendly league who plays consistently. Homophobes need not apply. :p

    And my friend's info:

    *In-game name. Coocoo Kachoo
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Villain
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. PvE 75/50sp
    *Power. Sorcery
    *Role. Healer
    *Do you have a mic? No
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary

    Trust me guys, we're a pretty badass team!
  18. Full Shadow New Player

    Hey whats up people. Looking for a league at the moment that has some activity.

    *In-game name. Full Shadow
    *Faction (Hero/Villain). Villian
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points. 57 / 53
    *Power. Mental
    *Role. Contrtoller
    *Do you have a mic? Yes but don't usually use if but I will once I get in a decent league
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play. Legendary sometimes Premium when i'm broke
    *About yourself. I'm 29 years old and have a family, kid and full time job. I play in the early morning some days and some nights and weekends. I've played mmos for years any and all kinds.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? Looking for an active casual guild where I can get some organized raids in.
  19. KTDJ BadWolf New Player

    Still looking for an active League on Hero USPC. Nice and helpful is preferred but am open to a trash-talking one if all is taken as a joke.
    Updated Info is in my Bio. Upon release of Sons of Trigon, I will be mostly on Loord Drool. Hope to hear from any leagues.
  20. ZachLeoX Level 30

    *In-game name: Zach LeoX
    *Faction: Hero
    *Server: USPS3
    *Combat Rating/Skill Points: 97/111
    *Power: Sorcery
    *Role: Healer
    *Do you have a mic? Yes
    *Legendary/Premium/Free to play: Legendary
    *About yourself: I've been around for a year and I love to joke with people. I am switching to Celestial when available.
    *What are you looking for in a league and why? I'm looking for a active league doing T5. They have to be able to do Paradox and Nexus with a league run. I have been in many leagues and I'm looking for a league that looks out for each other. Please no selfish leagues.