The official Amazonian Furry (DLC 10) Speculation Thread.

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  1. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Cant be there because they cant unbottle things due to programming, thats why daily planet is still bottles in new metro.
  2. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Can't hack brainiac software for shield devices you mean? Respect to Brainiac then, those devices aren't "Made in China" clearly!
  3. Cloud_9 New Player

    These images.

    Don't let Circe see them. He'll be all "CIRCE IS NOT WILL REPRESENTED HERE SHE IS THE ARCH VILLAIN OF MAGIC HOW COULD THEY LEAVE HER OUT". Cheetah will always be WW's arch.
  4. Cloud_9 New Player

    Also, I speculate that it will be more boring magic stuff. I'm getting really tired of Magic. Where's all the love for Meta?
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  5. helvetica New Player

    The devs have already confirmed that there is no weapon coming in Amazon Fury. The feature of the DLC will be a system that uses SPs.
  6. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    PPA no Pow/Wep/Move is sick!
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  9. Circe New Player

    There are so many different types of Magic, though. So many different aspects. There are demons, like Sons of Trigon. Then there are mythological aspects, like Gates and the upcoming Amazon Fury.

    That's the difference between the magic DLCs. They all bring something completely different, and cover different aspects in the realm of magic.
  10. Caseyyeah Committed Player

    I never understood this answer from the devs to the bottle question. I get that if they took the bottles away then we would have the evidence they were there with their imprint on where they stood on the ground and the streets being torn up around them. Is it because they don't want the streets looking all torn up or something? Because that shouldn't be a big deal since the WotL and dlc10 take place after the Brainiac storyline so we should not expect the construction workers of Metropolis and Gotham would have had enough time to fix the areas surrounding the bottled buildings. The broken area around the buildings fit the story timeline.

    So they've said they can't remove the bottles. Well then why did they design the bottles to be hard to remove in the first place? If they never had the intention of removing them then why make the buildings in them so detailed looking? Why bother detailing the Daily Planet or the Iceberg Lounge at all. They could have made the bottles opaque and just say that the buildings were under them.

    It just doesn't make any sense. How are you going to have a game about DC Universe, feature Metropolis as one of the two major cities where around half of the content and storylines take place, and keep what is arguably the most recognized buildings in the DC universe under a bottle for over three years? I just don't get it.
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  11. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    PPA - is abbr from Player Package Addition
    l call that an unique thing, that requires DLC to get it. Usually 1 per DLC. Like Power, Weapons, basemods etc. & l prefer PPA's, those increase diversity of characters, but not their strength. Dontvont buy DLC just to be inline strength with legend players. Especially if it's girlish DLC.
  12. lDontNeedSP New Player

    The only good magic DLC was Hand of Fate because even for a hero, Dr. Fate is awesome. If they can make magic DLC that doesn't have to do with WW and Circle again, then I am for it. Here's some ideas:
    Captain Marvel
    Aquaman vs OceanMaster/BlackManta
    ..............................................................................I can't think of anyone else I'm not sick of seeing. : D
  13. Too Many Toons Dedicated Player

    Amazon Furry...they don't shave? :eek:
  14. helvetica New Player

    I've read a lot of your posts and they don't make sense. Sorry. :(

    I'm not sure if you don't understand what you read in the conversation or if you're just ignoring the stuff that you don't like, but I'll repeat it again; the DEVS have CONFIRMED that there is NO weapon OR movement mode in the next DLC. It is a NEW and different system that uses SPs.

    Source (posted last week):
  15. Circe New Player

    Forgot to mention: the magic DLCs have included characters other than those of Magic.

    Hand of Fate brought in Ra's Al Ghul and Swamp Thing, two characters who aren't exactly magic. Ra's is a villain of Batman, while Swamp Thing could be considered Meta. The hero side got Solomon Grundy as well who is a known opponent of Batman and Superman (and Green Lantern).

    Sons of Trigon had the Teen Titans, some of which aren't Magic based. It also introduced Superboy and the Fearsome Five, most of which are not magic based.

    I don't even consider Battle for Earth magic-based. It's mainly about Brainiac. Gates is just there because we hadn't fought the magic avatar yet. (Notice how tech and meta each got 3 raids involving Brainiac. Magic just got 1.)

    Who knows what Amazon Fury will bring, but I hope it introduces more Wonder Woman characters. I'm really excited for it!
  16. Circe New Player

    Hand of Fate was awful for PS3 players. I liked the story, I have to admit, but I don't think the content was worth all the freezes to the system. Once I got the gear I needed, I was done with those.

    So far only 1 DLC has been about Wonder Woman and Circe (Sons of Trigon). Sons of Trigon was (arguably) more about Trigon than it was Circe and Wonder Woman though. Amazon Fury is different from Sons of Trigon because it's about Trigon, and didn't involve the Amazons or any mythology.

    We have only gotten 1 raid related to Wonder Woman and Circe. Meanwhile, Batman has many. Superman has 3. Lex has many.

    I'm all for those characters having DLCs, but I'd much rather see a Phantom Stranger/Tala DLC. We really haven't seen much of them.
  17. Horrorshow New Player

    The Developers already said no new powers, weapons, and movement modes for the next DLC.
  18. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    They said nothing about powers, but Spytle said only SP consumer coming will be not new Weapon or Movement mode.
    Just don't do this, please!:confused: Only thing occurs after that - it's mass leaving free/premiums outta game.
  19. Valsmurf Loyal Player

    Well if i remember correctly, ps3 is the culprit. In the "from concept to game" (around minute 7-8) stream spytle and the art guy said they are restricted on what they can do because "it has to fit within memory". Now PCs have near unlimitted memory these days, ps4 is doing ok for itself, so only possible culprit is ps3. Devs have complained about ps3 memory's limitations for a long time, this is one of the reasons why. They said long term, the plan is to be able to present them unbottled, I speculate long term means the 4-5 years it will take for the majority of ps3 players to be on ps4 and they can drop support for ps3. So yeah, it'll be a while :p

    On topic though, I'm surprised no one has mentioned Circe's victory speech at the end of Trigon's Prison alert. I guess you all must be "filthy heroes" :p

    When we beat WW, Circe akes Trigon's power and cages him back in, she then says "Now I have enough power to start a war!!!!"
    This has got to be a hint as to the plot in Amazon Fury, no? The original Amazons attack story arc the whole thing is started by Circe.

    It's also interesting if they follow the Amazons attack story since Granny Goodness and others from Apokolips are involved, which could be a segway to Darkseid!!!!

    I do hope they change the original story to something more exiting, as wikipedia aptly points out "the level of displeasure from some fans led to some readers to mail their copies back DC editors"
  20. NCR RANGER New Player

    Can't they just create a new un-bottled instance?