The official Amazonian Furry (DLC 10) Speculation Thread.

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by NCR RANGER, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. NCR RANGER New Player

    So I was grappling around South Gotham, the Southwest part specifically and I began to ponder about the real estate available for The Amazon war. Either as alert/duo instances, or Open world.

    On PS4 you can see much better through the Brainac bottle then you can on PS3 and that's essentially what piqued my interest.

    So here's my list.

    Gotham Museum of Natural History
    Chinese Cultural Center
    Vicefinkle Bridge
    Clock Tower (although it would be more suited for Batman/Birds of prey content with Wayne Enterprises and Iceberg Lounge)
    That big park under the huge square bottle

    That's all I have for now, but free to post any speculations you have. Armor, enemies, NPCs, Story.
  2. IDontNeedSP New Player

    Hopefully the dlc will have lots of yiff!
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  3. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    i think wonder woman will be focued on
  4. UltraElite Dedicated Player

    Though Cheetah, WW arch enemy , who is more ICONIC than Circe, needs some focus!!!!

    In the Injustice League comic series it is Cheetah, LL, and Joker who form it...

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  5. Little Sister New Player

    Since they didn't replace the bottles in the new Metro, I don't think they will in Gotham either. So I suspect it will take place in the Gotham University / Robinson Park area. That's my guess.

    But for actual content, I really hope to see more of Wonder Girl (Legends please !!!!!).
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  6. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    That's why l speculated new Weapon became DA KLOZZ!!!!!!!!!
    POUNCE is lunge (Hold Melee) for new Weapon - da Kloththe!!! l'll be pleased if that thread become greened by Spytle (now he posts).
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  7. Circe New Player

    More Cheetah. More Giganta. Circe. Ares. Silver Swan. Artemis. Wonder Girl. Donna Troy.

    Sound Manipulation power (to go with Silver Swan).

    Legends - Tala, Phantom Stranger, Wonder Girl, Giganta, Raven, Brother Blood, Zatanna, Eclipso, The Spectre, Etrigan.
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  8. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

    Green, please!!!
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  9. IDontNeedSP New Player

    Hopefully Ares is the main man not Circe.
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  10. NCR RANGER New Player

    Something tells me Batman will probably be at the command post with like 3 lines of dialogue similar to Alan Scott in the new Metropolis instance only because he's protective of his turf and very Adamant about how Gotham is "his" city. If not him then on of the birds of prey or a member of the bat family. Not black canary though because she's in war of the light.

    Ares would be so awesome! But who are the Amazons fighting in the war, Atlenteans, each other the Titans of Olympus?

    *still really want a Batman flex-suit though :p
  11. DaKrushmor Loyal Player

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  12. Meta Flare New Player

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  13. Bendmetal Dedicated Player

    Spytle said in a thread, that the thing in DLC 10 will be a skill point mechanic, not a weapon or movement
  14. Kid Sorbet New Player

    Amazon Furry? Look for this toon to be featured prominently:
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  15. IDontNeedSP New Player

    Woof woof! ;)
  16. Badname654 New Player

    Am I missing something? Why are so many people talking about an Amazonian dlc? Didn't the devs officially announce that the next two dlcs would be wol pt2 and 3?

    Can anyone direct direct me to anything recent, relevant , and official on this ?
  17. Jamos Well-Known Player

    Its amazing how one simple typo can change the entire complexion of a thread... and leave me mortified. :eek:
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  18. Poo New Player

    No. They never said that. Next DLC is Amazon pt.1. Then I believe Halls of Power pt.1
  19. Badname654 New Player

    Bro I was just looking at that gif in another thread . Who the hell is that guy lol and what's he dancing to?!?.

    Also I guess I misinterpreted what I heard from a video.
  20. Poo New Player