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    I've seen a few Samurai movies in my time, & I'm a huge fan of the genre. Here's a list of some of the ones I've seen:

    Afro Samurai (anime)

    Afro Samurai: Resurrection (anime)

    The Hidden Blade

    Twilight Samurai

    When the Last Sword is Drawn

    Hari Kiri (remake)

    Shiguri: Death Frenzy (Anime)


    Samurai 7 (anime)

    All 26 Katsu Zatoichi films, the 2003 remake from Beat, the "unofficial" sequal "Ichi" (blind swordswoman), & Zatoichi the last (which I didn't like)

    Seven Samurai

    Ninja Scroll (anime)

    13 Assassins (both versions)

    Lone Wolf & Cub (both the 6 movie series & the Shogun Assassin mashup) (not to mention the manga RULES! )


    & I'll give a honorable mention to both The Last Samurai & The 47 Ronin, neither as bad as they could have been.

    That's pretty much the ones I remember, & I'm sure I've forgotten a few.

    Open for polite disscussion!! :)

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    No samurai fans among us ? :(
  3. Zuse Loyal Player

    I love samurais

    more than ninjas...i like their honor

    wish there were people like them nowadays
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