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Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Black-Zero, Feb 15, 2013.

  1. G-PRYME Active Player

    What Chest Style Is That
  2. Zuse Loyal Player

  3. ElectricPhoton New Player

    One of my deleted toons got glitched in the middle of East End Hotel and this is what happened, everyone in the game had this metallic style, along with Two-Face.
  4. ElectricPhoton New Player

    FlashClaw's look[IMG]
  5. ElectricPhoton New Player

    [IMG]I GOT MY GREEN AURA!!!11111
  6. ElectricPhoton New Player

    [IMG]Another Deleted toon I had before, some way some how, Strength of the Ram was in the Chest style selection in the Creation screen, it was pretty cool, but the character really didn't work out for me.
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  7. ElectricPhoton New Player

    Tank had a mic: WTF ARE YOU DOING FLASHCLAW?!?!
    [IMG]IT'S a suit and tie.
    [IMG]Just something I did after beating the Heroes in Diamond Heist
    [IMG]I screwed around with the camera and this is what happened
    [IMG]I spotted Larfleeze!

    Ok, those are all of my images.
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  8. Shapiro Well-Known Player

    Shapiro, Nytefalcon, Ezarin Cales

    Mr Voltaic, Arcarius, Traxium, Needles Kane


    Protium, Tigris McCoy, Count Cagliostro

    Just a few of my 16 characters.
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  9. Captain Domino Committed Player

    An updated look from before :)


    A more evil looking style

  10. Shapiro Well-Known Player

    links are broken.
  11. Captain Domino Committed Player

  12. DamageControl Committed Player

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  13. Shapiro Well-Known Player

    are you using the direct link of the pics?
  14. Shapiro Well-Known Player

    Since it's close to Halloween I thought I'd share some inspired by costumes from last year.


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  15. kawe Loyal Player

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  16. Yefged Active Player

    Saphiro's leg style? And feet? I NEED THEM !! xD
  17. Baryon Boy New Player

    What is the hand style on Shapiro? I really dig it.
  18. Brother Cimorelli New Player

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  19. Captain Domino Committed Player

    Yes I am, don't get why they're broken. I posted a few pages back and those were fine...Hm...
  20. Shapiro Well-Known Player

    Legs are Bulwark of Madness sold by Heat Wave in the tech wing. Boots are Mercenaries Malice.

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