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  1. MrChamploo New Player

    How do you post pictures?
  2. QwertyBeyond New Player

    (IMG) image url .jpg (/IMG)
    Replace the ( with [ and ) with ]

    For having ur image url u can post ur picture on, copy and paste here.

    Or you can just search the internet if u dont understand me -.-
  3. Goxi019 New Player

    Here are few more cosplays.
    Angel and
    Devil best palls lol.
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  4. MrChamploo New Player


    Thanks QB! This is my speedster gadget hero Quiikliight in troll mode.
  5. MrChamploo New Player

  6. MrChamploo New Player[\IMG]

    Let's try this again.
  7. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

  8. MrChamploo New Player

    So is it done the same way? This is my first time on a forum. I'm on my phone, would that have anything to do with it?
  9. Rhinosus13 Loyal Player

    It could do, you need to log in with either facebook or twitter first, upload the pic and then click on the IMG link, post it here :)
  10. G-PRYME Active Player

  11. QwertyBeyond New Player

    U forgot to put .jpg behind the link
  12. LordMarvel New Player

    Haven't got a proper costume on right now, but here's my character dressed in a business suit.

  13. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    you'll get a costume eventually. There's a lot of nice styles to get by the time you get to top tier.
  14. LordMarvel New Player

    I will. Still haven't settled on a proper style yet.

    I usually just use this costume style for free-roam or sometimes I use Avatar Bombardier. :) Trying to go for a new 52 Zauriel look.
  15. whatsinaname4 New Player

    Hello all,

    I do not yet have a character to share as I had some questions about styles to make a character.

    I have been searching for days for what drops the "Visage of the Demon". It is a face style and there is discrepancies as to where it drops. DCUO Wiki has it one place, people have said another, and most sites that mention it do not mention where it drops at all.

    If anyone knows I would be grateful for the information.

    Thanks in advance,

  16. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

  17. Cursed Khagan Well-Known Player

    Warstar and her patron god, Ares. :)

    When your squad ready to take over world:
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  18. whatsinaname4 New Player

    I miss spoke before, thank you though for the reply.

    The one I'm looking for is this one:

    Wiki cites it as league of assassins while some threads around here mention its off Atrocious (but fail to mention if they mean the duo or the alert.) Its all rather confusing so hopefully someone can provide some clarity.

    Thanks in advance.
  19. Dcon34DCUO Loyal Player

    The League of Assassins face style drops in both the LoA alert and off of Atrocitus in the Coast City Alert, when you face him the first time.
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  20. Laz523 Well-Known Player

    I would like to know if some of you costume creators can help me with one of these two looks. The first is of Battlestone from image
    and Diehard