The New Collections (So Far)

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  1. El Guapo Well-Known Player

    Been Qued for several older instances for over 30 mins. Considering these new collections are a great way to make money considering how new & feat related they are, TODAY nobody cares about these new collections & going into old content for them. We'll see what the weekend does I guess, but its looking meh.
  2. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    I initially thought it was appealing, in a way that DCUO really needs the artificial content between episode releases. It's great that they're utilizing old content but I'm still looking at the bigger picture here. It's 11(?) content that you need to run for a chance (RNG) of the collection drop, and all of that.... for an aura, which is highly subjective in terms of player's taste/style.

    Again, it's a good way to fill in the void and recycle old content but the value of it could be better....?
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  3. Korlick Loyal Player

    Dont know what content or how are you queing into it (or what server youre on), but ive seen groups forming in LFG to spam raids or alerts all day since earlier in the morning.
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  4. El Guapo Well-Known Player

    All ppl are doing as of a lil after 5 pm are current dlc & maybe u will see occasional shock bounties. Nobody, and I mean nobody has shouted for older content since I've been on the entire time. I've seen some curious "need 2 to que and leave" shouts, which im gonna assume are the alerts we need to run for the collections. 2 players wanting 2 others to leave so they will have a better chance at getting the drop. But those have been sparse.
  5. FluffyCloud99 Committed Player

    On EU people are in LFG for them. Just make a group
  6. El Guapo Well-Known Player

    Im on US. Apparently US doesn't give af, TODAY lol
  7. Iconic Simulation YouTuber

    I warned that this would happen.

    We don't have a big enough population at this time, and even fewer want to rerun old content.

    This just wasn't a great idea, at least for this time. Maybe when the dlc first launched, but not now.

    The aura/feat isn't enough to gain interest from most players on the server and it shows. The broker prices last I checked, was around 150m-999m per piece.

    But what do I know? ;)

    P.S. I'm on the US server.
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  8. KidKretz Committed Player

    this is simply my 2 cents on the subject

    as with anything in DCUO, this content will be broken down into 3 groups, the ppl that run with alliances, ppl that form their own groups, and the puggers(who i am and whom you seem to be)

    without the info coming out, i doubt most puggers are going to randomly que for things and will probably wait until we know exactly what to que for.

    also, its double currency for new episode, the amount of "inv 52" today in lfg when i was on was certainly increased. so ppl are running that like mad, prob on alts too for the first day. so i think that explains another reason why ppl are not out hunting right now.

    lastly, the game is a marathon, not a sprint. most ppl know this, and without knowing the locations, i doubt the average player is going to spend too much time right now working on it. if they actually gave us the locations, i can almost guarantee there would have been an increased in all 3 groups running said content.

    enjoy and i hope you find them soon!
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  9. El Guapo Well-Known Player

    US server definitely knows about the locations. I was told in game about the list already being on forums and a vid on YouTube from several ppl. Yes I pugged but didn't start my own groups from seeming disinterest in lfg. The weekend should give us better results.....maybe lol. Good luck to you also if u choose to run these.
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  10. Dene Devoted Player

    People aren't doing it because, unlike us, they barely read updates etc but, in saying that, ive just pugged a couple of them and they popped pretty quick (US server)
  11. lllStrichcodelll ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    My two cents:

    I really enjoyed yesterdays hunt for the drop locations. I played roughly 10 Hours and didnt drop any collection myself in the first 8 Hours. By then I figured out 9/11 drop locations (with the help of others) and because I couldnt seem to find the last two I thought I might just join one of those farm groups. I then dropped 3 Collections in a row which was pretty nice.

    I definitely enjoyed the hunt more than the grind and wasnt even bothered I didnt drop any collection in the first 8 hours myself. Luckily thats where the broker will help me so I dont have to grind like crazy for some of those collections if the price is reasonable.

    Something i have to agree upon with those that were/are sceptical about this upate is that the timing wasnt perfect (but not bad). However, not because of total activity but pairing it with current episode bonus currency week which made players start quite slowly. I saw many players prioritizing dailys and weeklys over the hunt, which shifted after around 2 hours once we confirmed 2-3 drop locations officially.

    So as lesseons learned I'd say maybe pair such a thing next time with a bonus week thats less desired like an episode spotlight (which ideally doesnt include any of the instances needed for the associated treasure hunt).

    Sidenote: Please don't take cropped screenshots of posts that would otherwise have important information. While trying to confirm all the assumed drop locations I made yesterday before this went live, I had numerous players tell me where some drops must be with a reference to my own post but with a cropped screenshot which didnt show my very important disclaimer that some of those locations are assumptions. This made it a bit frustrating towards the end when trying to figure out the final two drop locations, which I still have no official confirmation of by the time of writing this. So, the Hunt isn't over yet. ;)
  12. Owlman 2 Well-Known Player

    So where are the collections located? Which content do you get them from?
  13. TI99Kitty Dedicated Player
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