The New 52 Promethium Lockbox Styles

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  1. iLLusion Well-Known Member


    In case some of you are not familiar with the recent changes, thanks to the GU26 and Promethium Lockbox Update, not only did we get some brand new inspired by styles, but every item we get from the Lockbox is fully tradeable as well! There's a lot of cool styles to be found, and better yet, we can combine them together in order to make some truly interestesting characters. Huge kudos to the Dev team, and to everyone else involved in bringing these styles into our game. Your hard work is more than appreciated, thank you!

    But, enough talk, I'm sure everyone is excited and can't wait to see The New 52 styles in all their glory. Enjoy!

    Noble Wariror


    Stalwart Defender

    Daring Vigilante

    Lethal Zealot

    Master Mercenary

    Thanks for watching. And ofcourse, good luck with your quest in collecting some (if not all) of those The New 52 styles. Happy hunting!
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  2. Nekron 99 Well-Known Member

    These look great. Thanks for the post.
  3. Shadowdragon Well-Known Member

    Nice shots! Thanks for sharing.
  4. Mr AFK Well-Known Member

    first one look like Jesus. :eek:

    Cybernetic and Owl man looks good ;)
  5. Powerman Active Member

  6. BroadSt Bully Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the post, I've been trying to find pictures of the full sets. They all look great
  7. WonderValkyrie Well-Known Member

    deathstroke set looks nice
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  8. iLLusion Well-Known Member

    I agree, Deathstroke style is easily my favorite of them all. My only gripe is the Daring Vigilante cowl, looks nothing like the real deal.Oh well, can't have it all, right?

    And you're welcome guys, glad I could help out.
  9. Senshirou Well-Known Member

  10. ZEUSofGODS Well-Known Member

    Congrats on ur 1.5 skill points... That's must have been some crazy wheeling and dealing!!! Great job on the pics! Ty! +1
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  11. WhiteW0lf Well-Known Member

    Thank god you used the colors to make them look right! All the other pics I've seen were with terrible color choices and made tbem look terrible lol.
  12. MIA Philly Active Member

    these look soooooo much better than a ton of other outfits in the game. SOE you need to make more of these. LOTS more. and make them tier gear.
  13. Triumph or Die Active Member

    I absolutely hate the "Batgirl" cowl! Seriously, Devs? That's the best you could do? Looks closer to Wildcat's mask than Batgirl! And, there should have been a cape with the Superman themed set too! Deathstroke is easily the best looking set!
  14. Volaron Well-Known Member

    First off awesome that you got all of them, and thanks for showing! I love the new Zealot/Deathstroke styles, but this new "Stalwart defender(Superman)" style had great potential and was cut short, and shorter. This is the most basic style I have ever seen. It's a common flex suit with boots that resemble paramilitary (I believe.) If you're not gonna add the S to the chest there's no point in adding it at all.

    Yes I am complaining about something given to me for free because I feel little if any work was put into it.
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  15. iLLusion Well-Known Member

    No problem, and thanks!

    Since these are meant to be "inspired by" and not the exact same as the original, I can see why we have some of the pieces that are clearly nothing like the real deal (yes, I'm looking at you Daring Vigilante cowl). Still, even with that being said, there's a lots and lots of cool stuff to be collected.
  16. States Member

    can we see these on a female model please?
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  17. GunnerAU New Member

    Now all we need is a Superman crest... :p
  18. Cold Fuzion Well-Known Member

    Lol, if you want to give him the styles or the money to do so, i'm sure he will be happy to oblige :p
  19. iLLusion Well-Known Member

    I'm affraid you are out of luck. I'm not able to provide pictures you've requested as that would mean collecting The New 52 styles from scratch, on a characther I rarely play, if ever.

    Your best bet is to wait for someone else to post it in the near future, or worse case scenario, preview them on the broker. Sorry.
  20. Captain Just Well-Known Member

    Thanks for posting these Illusion. Now lets see the picture of your character using a mix of these armors! :D the one in your sig looks cool but too small.

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