the mob is dead, why does it take me 5 seconds to move normally?

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  1. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    i have never quite gotten why we are speed crippled in most games during a real fight, you can move as fast as you ever have been able to...maybe even faster with the adrenaline. a lot of people don't fight, they run away...if they had to run away at half speed...well, it wouldn't be good. i know a game isn't reality...i'm not able to fly or blast people with bolts of energy in real life, unfortunately...
    but once the mob is dead, why does it take another 5 seconds for me to be able to move normally? i'm not in combat with anything...
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  2. Heliotropix Well-Known Player

    hi there, i don't go away, i keep coming back to things until i at least get a response about, why can a lvl 7 mob pull my lvl 276 character out of fast movement f i fly too close to the roof it's standing on? a level 7 mob should be cowering in terror if i fly by, hoping that i don't decide to crush it like an ant...there's no way a mob 270 levels lower than my character should even be able to hit my character, much less pull it out of fast movement mode.....
    and while we're at it, if i accidentally hit shift, i'm in combat and can't move for 5 seconds? in combat with what? my clumsy thumb?
    come on guys, you've had since 2011 and this is the best you've got?
  3. lllStrichcodelll Committed Player

    Dude thats not how this Forum works...

    If you post something remotely interesting gameplay wise you wont get a Response. You have to brag about new Npc reworks to get this community going... lol

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