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    Every few years I'll make a thread about hopes, dreams, wishes for things in the game. Some eventually come about (like Iconic emblems, powerset auras or Thanagarian content), some do not. It's been almost three years since the last one and since work is a bit slow today I figured why not waste everyone's time with another list compiled from leftovers from years gone by.

    I'll break it down into sections to make it a little easier to digest.

    1. Customizable base layouts - Give us the option to purchase a big, empty box and allow us to place where rooms go and adjust the sizes of those rooms as we see fit. These could be excluded from base PVP if the Devs feel it could be used for exploiting.
    2. Customizable textures - Allow us to choose the wall/post, floor and ceiling textures independently of one another as long as we own that style already.
    3. Being able to pay our base mods (orbital, henchmen, etc) in advance - that we can't is not just ridiculous bit it makes absolutely no sense in any sort of real world nor gameplay context.
    4. Being able to put furniture on top of other furniture - cups, pizza boxes, etc... this would, of course, either remove those items from the lair in a PVP Lair battle or exclude that Lair from the available ones in the PVP Lair list.

    Base Items:
    1. Owned - when highlighting a base item (whether in the Auction House, loot window, Inventory, etc) it should tell you if you already own it and if so then how many.
    2. Usability - Some items should have a sensible use. A punching bag, for example, should have a clickable use emote that has the character punching it (with the camera NOT LOCKED) until you move the character.
    3. Scalability - Being able to grow or shrink an item would alleviate having to make separate large and normal items as different drops (unless the Unreal 3 doesn't allow scaling... more on that in a bit) as well as give players more flexibility in decorating their bases.

    Auction House/Broker:
    1. Allow us to search by Styles we do not own per slot
    2. Allow us to search by Style Name
    3. Adjustable text field lengths so we can expand them to see longer item names

    1. Ragdolling - While it can sometimes be a bit overboard, the extra random factor it adds brings a special bit of fun and depth to a game that you simply aren't going to find with the same 2 or 3 fall-upon-defeat emotes running for a straight decade. CoX was doing this in 2004, here we are over fifteen years later and DCUO is still doing the same, boring falls. Stahp.
    2. Content Scaling For Queued Content - The scaling would have separate sliders to impact the amount of enemies, their damage out, their health and their defenses. The results of these would impact the level and rarity of the content's loot. This scaling could therefore (at least theoretically) encompass everything from the solo newb to an elite raid group.
    3. /EnhancedIgnore - At least for Members allow us to ignore spammers by ignoring their entire account. Sure, they can just create another account but that takes more time than just spinning up another character (which is what they do most often).
    4. Powerset movement trails - We saw a little of this with the smoke and light trails. I'm guessing they didn't sell all that well since we didn't see any more of them but the recent tweaking of the light trails to last longer seems to have not only caught some eyes but to have grabbed more interest as I am seeing more and more of them now. I would urge The Powers That Be to look at doing similar ones for at least Fire and Electricity (the most obvious and flashiest of the powersets to do movement trails with) as well as maybe add a Blur (see... well... any episode of the Flash or Smallville where they move at super speed).
    5. Stop locking our cameras when we interact with something. It's annoying and serves no discernable purpose.
    ------NOTE: This is not for cut-scenes, this is just for doing interactives like opening doors and such
    6. For content where Iconics fight alongside you, the ability to toggle their tauntings. Mister Miracle in the first fight in Relics or Wonder Woman in the GoM\E arena are great examples of not only having to fight enemies but having to fight the allies "helping" you as well. Give us some means of controlling them so we aren't having to fight them as well.
    7. Customizable Sidekicks - This one has been discussed for a long time. Ideally it would be top-to-bottom (looks, weapons, powersets, role) but that's probably a loooooooong way off (if ever).
    8. A method to increase powers and/or duration of henchmen/sidekicks
    9. A method to increase movement speed beyond what we already have
    10. Give us difficulty that's FUN - Instead of focusing on difficulty for trash mobs being simply N amount of NPCS with X Health, Y Damage and Z Defense, make N an obscenely large number with the others being fairly low (think "death by a thousand cuts"). Give me something so that I (or I and my group) have to rampage like a coked-out Hulk against just to keep our damage in from getting above our natural regen to handle.
    11. Also in the Fun category, content where choices made have an impact on the outcome of the event. Maybe in some alternate world I have to make a choice between letting Bruce's parents die or letting Krypton explode? Or maybe the choice is letting Hitler be born or Diana's mother never be born? In the Iceberg Lounge solo the placer could be given a choice to help Harley and Ivy or to refuse. A refusal would cause them to attack the player, after defeating them the player would continue as normal but now has to just break the door instead of waiting for Harley to pick the lock. After defeating Catwoman and Penguin the player would then have to defeat Harley and Ivy again (without any rest between fights). This would also mean extra and better loot (maybe a unique loot table?).
    12. Feats which build upon other Feats to unlock stat boosts, emotes or other features.
    13. VR - No, it doesn't have to play in full VR but being able to play it while in your VR home on your giant VR HDTV would be nice, especially for those living in tiny apartments or who just want to play on bigger screens.
    14. Still waiting on my DCUO version of Rikti Invasions (no, Jackster, the bounties aren't anywhere close enough to count :p ).

    Fixing PVP:
    1. Bring back RPS in its original form - This made your decision in Role vs DPS matter. It also made having a balanced team in Arenas extremely important and tactics mattered.
    2. PVP queues are in two varieties: All-In or Old-School. The player/group-leader would have the choice to pick one or both when queuing. A player could choose to auto-decline challenges which are All-In, Old-School or both.
    ------a. All-In means everything counts. Augments, SP, Artifacts, etc. If we have WM in the game, it's there too. If ultra laser alligators are in the game, it's there too. Open world would be All-In.
    ------b. Old-School means you have your powers, weapons, Soders, utility belts, base mods, SP and only PVP gear. That's it. No artifacts, no augments, no OP gear, nada. This also means the combat mechanics with the original bonuses and penalties.
    ------c. From there I would let b. be the focus for PVP balance and let a. fall where it may.
    ------d. I don't know if it's still the case since I've seen only two others in the PVP side of the open world and they were both < 30; but if not then give rewards for defeating players in the open world PVP zones again (with the level discriminator in effect, of course, no one deserves a reward for beating down someone 50CR lower than they are).

    I know, I know... it's already been stated there are no plans to migrate to U4 (much less 5) but I'm including it anyway because the automated dungeon builder in U4 alone makes it worthwhile (see also the furniture scalability wish from earlier in this post). Load your meshes and in just minutes you have an entire dungeon as large or as small as you want. That doesn't even begin to get into things like ray tracing or... dare I say... voxels! *swoon!* The Unreal migration needs to happen and you guys are Daybreak's (and now EG's) cash cow so there's no reason not to do it. It takes money to keep making money and that would be a smart investment to keep this ball a-rolling for another good decade of super-hero-ing.

    Odds & Ends:
    1. Prometheum Boxes: It's time to revisit the loot tables on these. Maybe re-add the latest currency? Give us an option for an older Reknown?
    2. Seasonals: Add a new mission (solo, Alert, Duo, Raid, whatever) to each Seasonal each year or every other year. We've been doing some of these same missions for almost a decade now with little to no change.
    3. Allow us to change stances. I don't know what the original idea for stances were but they do nothing and have done nothing for a decade now. Allow us to change them with something like /changestance:flirty
    4. More emotes! I know this has been acknowledged recently but since it's not actually in the game yet I'm putting it here (at the very least it will be low-hanging fruit for you guys to pick off later in the year ;) ).
    5. Mid-season Seasonals: Bonus weeks have been a good idea but I've been of the idea for a long time now that something was needed to bridge the gap between the end of one Seasonal and the beginning of the next (thus: "Mid-season Seasonal"). You can never go wrong with giving your players more fun things to do.
    6. Dev-run events: I would love to see random things like Larfleez and a horde of his constructs appearing in the WT or the JSA and a bunch of cops showing up in the HoD maybe once a month at some random time. Nothing planned or scripted, just for gits and shiggles. Maybe a giant robot in Metropolis or Gotham. Players LOVE these kinds of interactions and it's always bewildered me why companies don't do more of it. Maybe even drop some super-cool OP item for two or three random players to earn (maybe it's SUPER OP but lasts only a month?)
    7. Cross-overs - Right now it's a bit of a lull in cinema but for a while there the DCUO gang was On. The. Freaking. BALL! with crossover tie-ins with Wonder Woman, BvS, Aquaman, Shazam, JL, etc. It was a shame DC/WB didn't reciprocate but whatchagonnado, eh? I still would love to have a purchasable Green Arrow Legends pack with not only the TV show skin but also Stephen Amell v/o's (especially "You have failed this city!"). However, there are still opportunities out there with Star Girl's new season coming, Doom Patrol, Titans, the eventual Black Adam movie, etc.
    8. Iconic Sidekicks/Pets/Henchmen/Whatever - We got a Batman one of these, would like to see others but have them as very powerful items that are difficult to obtain.
    9. The ability to remove missions from your Journal.
    10. A 2nd Aura slot - Even if it's only on Test just to show us it's a horribly bad idea that we only thought we wanted. At least then we'll shut up about it and when someone new brings it up we'll all have the screenshots to point back to and say "this is why we don't want that". Kind of like looking back at pictures of leisure suits from the 1970's.
    11. As always, more content per DLC - People end up getting bored doing the same things over and over for 3 months at a time. Riddled With Crime set the bar, at least for me, with the amount of content for a DLC: 4 dailies (three dailies with 2 different missions each, the third daily was a bounty with multiple rotating targets), 2 weeklies, 2 duos, 1 Operation and 1 Raid with an Elite version.

    Ghosts of Christmas Past:
    While many post to ask for things or complain (and I've done both in this post), few give credit where it's due. In this section I'll post some of the ideas I've offered on the forums that have actually made it into the game. I'm not taking credit for these things being here but just noting that I was one of the many voices asking for them (because I happened to notice it in my old posts as I was looking through them today) and they did eventually make it into the game.

    1. Iconic emblems. (this one is HUGE as we were told for years that DC was adamant they were not going to allow this. Ever. Never, ever, ever, never, ever)
    2. Thanagar content.
    3. Themyscira content.
    4. Legion content.
    5. Powerset-based auras.
    6. Powerset-based movement trails (in the game in only a very limited fashion thus far, but it counts)
    7. More old styles added to vendors (this has come about via both the Booster and Quark vendors)
    8. We've had a little more JSA content
    9. Base items themed drops align with content (when base items first began dropping there was no real rhyme nor reason as to what was dropping where, like why were Funhouse drops from FOS 2 instead of the Robin Challenge mission? Why did Prime drop a "lean garbage bag"?)

    (things others asked for)
    10. Atlantis content
    11. Teen Titans content
    12. Constantine
    13. Underwater content / swimming

    If you've made it this far... you have far too much time on your hands. Thanks for reading.

    And now, in the words of a certain, famous philosopher...

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  2. Eve Creator League, YouTuber

    upvoting for everything that supports making the base system more epic.
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  3. Dragon Power Well-Known Player

    No. Just No. I don't support any feat system changes that makes the feats more complex in any way if it involves stat and skill point or changes of any other kind that involves character progression. The feat system's link to Skill Point progression needs to be removed/retired and the SP progression moved into it's own separate system where you gain SP points through a more traditional RPG XP leveling system. The Nth metal system (and Nth metal detectors for monetization) can be used for the XP drops, either by expanding Nth metal to also include SP XP or by creating a new SP XP item that drops off every enemy. The feat system can than be converted to a cosmetic-only system that rewards titles and styles. Players would still keep their current allotment of earned SP, just that moving forward the SP progression would be, IMHO, a more fair XP system for everyone that doesn't require a second life-time and a half to progress your stats, and there would not be such a huge gap in the player pool the size of Mt. Everest between new or alt characters and older players.

    I like these and also searching by a collection group's title needs to be added to the broker, not just by the title of an individual collection piece that belongs to the group.
  4. Heywiar Committed Player

    Biiiiiiiig thumbs-up for powerset movement styles! I keep thinking they're going to do this for the next Resurgence but keep getting let down. :(
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  5. Magnificent Loyal Player

    We will agree to disagree on this.

    Many of the feats are fairly low-hanging fruit, meaning most players can get them by just playing and exploring the game. Some are ridiculously time-consuming (like the 5k Reapers in Central City) while others just taking the few minutes to do them (Explorations, Hard Knocks, etc) and some you can just power yourself through by using solo entrances to available zones (Prime, the FOS raids, Batcave, etc). In any RPG part of the game is for the player to take the time to develop their character's skills, this is no different. Along with that, the amount and quality of the time you put into the game is going to determine your progress.

    Outside of a few bugs and the Elite content, this game is easy enough as it is, the last thing it needs is to be made easier simply because some players want to take even less time in working on their character(s).


    I knew there was something I was forgetting on the Auction/Broker! Thanks!
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    I can't believe I forgot this one...

    Test Server:
    The test server has improved leaps and bounds over the last decade but it still has many leaps and bounds to go. My biggest ongoing issue with Test has been the inability to adequately Test apples to apples versus Live.

    -Allow us to copy over our characters from Live. This doesn't need to be everything in our bases, just our Vault, inventory and current build (which would include Augments, Artifacts, SP, etc). Bases can be repurchased on Test (for orbitals, mods,etc) and leagues can be recreated. City of Heroes had this within something like their 2nd or 3rd year of operation.

    -Another option would be to allow for a single base to be copied over (to allow for multiple builds to be copied at once).

    I understand there could be an issue with names conflicting. In such cases just use the same protocol from the PC/PS server merge.

    -Provide a vendor which sells, weapon and movement respecs. The Store sells this but there's no reason to give Store access for just this (and that might get too messy).
  7. Magnificent Loyal Player

    12. A timer for our buffs (Soders, seasonals, Omegas, etc) so we can see how long we have left on them
    14. When a mission sent you to a targeted area on the mini-map instead of a specific spot, the directional arrow was tethered to a corner of the area instead of the center of it (thus it could take longer to get to the area than necessary because you were going more parallel than to the area than directly to it). This was fixed in the JLD episode.
  8. Magnificent Loyal Player

    15. Freeze the revive timer during cutscenes or auto-grant a revive to any player who is in a KO'd state during a cut scene. Having your tank or healer's revive timer expire because of a cut scene is not what I would consider a cutting-edge, game-immersive feature.