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Discussion in 'League Recruitment Center' started by Justice Knights, Oct 1, 2016.

  1. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    Hi Shah Lon! Thanks for looking into us. I know our league leader reached out to you recently, but didn't get a response. Perhaps you were AFK?

    Anyhoo, if you're still interested, feel free to apply at the website. You're also more than welcome to look me up in game too.
  2. DeadDuck New Player

    Pretty friendly league. They put up with my questions as a returning player and my many, many, many mains. Just make sure to give Daddy Dangerous precise instructions, since he gets confused easily. (We told him to meet us at Neptune's Ball and he ended up at Neptune's Balls somehow. I don't even want to know how. There is not enough Dawn Brainwashing solution to remove that image from my mind.)
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  3. Virgo New Player

    Absolutely this. I recently came back to DCUO and am enjoying it now more than ever, thanks to Justice Knights. As a matter of fact, I even made it to their League Hall's "Heroes' Gallery" this month!

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  4. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    Uh, no confusion here, sir. I chose to hang with Neptune's Balls.

    See what I did there...?
  5. MantaMan New Player

    Well, shoot.

    I'd like to join you all, or at least apply to join you all, but for some reason enjin isn't letting me submit my application.
    Or it is, and it's not letting me view my application after I've sent which case I've sent two and I'm hesitant to introduce myself by spamming you with applications.

    I'll give it one more shot...and if that doesn't work I'll sit back and just trust that the gears are turning somewhere outta' my ken. =)

    MantaMan (aka Aristedes on enjin)

    (Sent another one. Apologies if you've gotten three. Hopefully third time's the charm. ;) )
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  6. Knife Edge Level 30

    I sent you a PM. Feel free to friend me in game. -Knife Edge
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  7. Justice Knights Well-Known Player

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  8. Drew67 New Player

    I applied on your site hope to hear from you soon - DrewCas
  9. RedLed New Player

    I joined Justice Knights just over a year ago. This has been a great league for me; there is enough organized activity for my kind of playing, and everyone has been a great help getting me feats. New members, feel free to hit me up for anything at any level you want to run.

    Red Lead
    Helen Wheels
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  10. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

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  11. Shacks New Player

    I'm looking for a league that does a lot of dailies and stuff. Helps get styles. I'm looking to play mostly on Tuesday nights for streaming. ALthough I play here and there other times. I have toons on hero and villain side.

    Also, do you have a Discord?
  12. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    Hi Shacks! Most our members do tend to run their dailies... daily. We occasionally run older content for feats and such. Our busiest days are typically Thursday and Sunday nights, but that doesn't mean we be opposed to running stuff on Tuesdays provided there's enough of us online. We do have a Discord channel as well.

    If you're interested, feel free to apply at
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  13. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

  14. Justice Knights Well-Known Player

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  15. Justice Knights Well-Known Player

  16. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    In case you missed it, here's the replay for Thursday's livestream...

  17. Justice Knights Well-Known Player

  18. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    The Justice Knights were out saving the world on Thursday. You can watch the replay of it here!

  19. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    Couldn't catch our DCUO stream THURSDAY NIGHT KNIGHTS live? Don't worry, you can watch the replay here!

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  20. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

    Missed our DCUO livestream THURSDAY NIGHT KNIGHTS? It's okay, you can watch the replay here is many times as you would like!

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