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  1. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

  2. Judge Lore New Player

    Another great Thursday night of raids with the Justice Knights.
    Good group of heroes and very helpful with the game and the enjoyment of it.
    Come check us out!
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  3. Judge Lore New Player

    Are you a hero?
    Do you wake up a hero, brush your teeth a hero, go to school or work a hero?
    Do you seek other heroes to battle the evil within the DC Universe?
    Does your character like peanut butter sandwiches?
    Is your character original and not another flipping clone?
    Does your character have proper spelling of their name without the ridiculous misuse of letters and numbers like...

    If you answered...

    Yes/Where is he going with this
    Yes could be a good fit for The Justice Knights!
    We are a day one league and we are always open for new members.
    We care not if your Cr is low or you haven't hit 30 yet. We'll get you there before your hot pocket gets cold.
    Our league is like-minded first with a friendly atmosphere and helpful members.
    We assemble on Thursday and Sunday nights and run new and old content.

    If interested in being a Justice Knight, send me a PM or reply here.
    Please, only non-toxic and drama-free heroes may reply or be accepted into The Justice Knights.

    Thank you.
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  4. Counterblow New Player

    I’m interested in joining. I think I applied on the website though.
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  5. Krymtastic New Player

    I'm interested.
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  6. Judge Lore New Player

    PM sent to you both.
    Thank you for your interests.
  7. Judge Lore New Player

    Four or five moments.
    That's all it takes to be a Justice Knight.
    People think you wake up a Justice Knight, brush your teeth a Justice Knight or go to work or school a Justice Knight.
    But it only takes four or five moments to be a Justice Knight.
    Let this be one of those moments and become...a Justice Knight today.
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  8. MidNihtz New Player

    I applied via the website. Looks like you guys have a lot of fun.
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  9. Judge Lore New Player

    Greetings humans,

    Reset Thursday is just around the corner.
    Come join us as we run new content ever Thursday on our stream and run older content and go feat hunting ever Sunday.

    See you there!
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  10. Daddy Dangerous Active Player

  11. NolanMaddox New Player

    Ran into these guys the other day.
    Had lots of fun and very helpful and kind.
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  20. DemolitionBug New Player

    Greeting all!

    Demolition Bug here to tell you a bit about...The Justice Knights!

    We are a day one league.
    That means we've been around as long as the DCUO game.
    That's nine years for those who don't know.
    Nine years. Think about that for a moment.
    How many other leagues can you say have been around that long? *Rhetorical*

    On reset day (Thursday) we team-up to run and stream the new content and on Sunday nights, we run new content, old content and/or go feat hunting. Pretty much whatever is needed for our available members at that time.

    Unlike most leagues, we do not care what your Cr is or Skill Points.
    If you have a low Cr/Skill Points, the Justice Knights have many members who will help you in developing your character.
    If you are considering joining the Justice Knights, please know that our league is a toxic free and drama free zone.
    Mature, kind behavior and respect to one highly recommended.
    Know that unlike most leagues, we do not stand around Little Bo, The Watchtower or any other in-game location, talking trash about other players styles, nor take part in illogical conversations in the shout channel and wasting time.

    If you want to actually play the game, if you want to progress with your character and if you want to run content...then run with the Justice Knights.

    Thank you.
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