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    As a semi-regular on the forums, I wish to dive a bit deep into the meta in DCUO that I've been passionate about since when character customization has been a "thing" in games (for example, Phantasy Star Online and Ever Quest).

    Joy of Designing is a character designing series featuring that exact meta, utilizing style items to concoct some cool designs.

    On lieu to Mr. Colonel Twerkinz amazing "Build-A-Toon" series, my creations are based on whatever comes to mind, from such video game characters like Lenneth from "Valkyrie Profile", Warlock from "Destiny", to inspired recreations of comic characters like Starfire, Godfall Superman, and even female iterations of.....Mr. Majestic and Spartan from "Jim Lee's WILDC.A.T.S". I do, however, have my very own designs I've done on my own and that's something I will upload very soon to the series.

    The purpose here is to draw an audience that re seeking for a good guide on character designing while maintaining a creative perspective on how you can get the most out of your meta.

    For now, I mainly utilize my female avatar due to creative interests. However, I will expand upon the meta with my male avatar soon though YouTuber Mr. Colonel Twerkinz does an amazing job with his "Build-A-Toon" series and his use of his male avatar to curate some fantastic styles for his male toon.

    For me, though, this is just an outlet for me to showcase my talents as I've done in the past with other game/social outlets (one being Playstation Home).

    Check out my Playlist here and if it catches your attention, definitely hit the Subscribe button to catch up on my JoD content and stay in the know on what's to come.

    Be blessed and happy designing!

    DCUO Network: The Joy of Designing (Character Style series):
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    Bruce Timm's Supergirl
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