The Joy of Designing (Character Design series)

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    I created a style design series titled "Joy of Designing", which highlights some of my creative talents to put together character styles with the use of my female avatar (primarily). Though Colonel Twerkins has the male department down in terms of his "Build-A-Toon" series, mine simply focuses on styles I come up with, contrasting the common super hero designs you find in the server.

    Check out my Playlist and if you enjoy the videos or if you have any requests I'll be much obliged to take them up.

    Much love.

    DCUO Network: The Joy of Designing (Character Style series):
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    I wish you many views.
    From one fellow YouTuber to another
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    Thanks buddy.

    For me to catch Mepps' attention with my playlist just really made my night, however. o.o
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    Lady Shazam video

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    Looking good :) I also did this before though I've been in the bat mood when it comes to styles now.When I created Snow owls style I did it out of my head and not inspired by anyone or anything. keep it up:)I love spending hours just making up new styles.