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  1. TheDark Devoted Player

    Stealth does debuff your Controller bonuses (dom & vit). I haven't bumped into that bug because I don't use stealth. It's too bloody buggy for me. You should PM that to Spord.
  2. TheDark Devoted Player

    On my offensive controller build, I have 4225 might. my NG burst hits at a range of 430 to 613. My crits are about 1078 to 1260. That's with no 50% PI buff. What's your might at? You're buffing NG with frostbite/electrified effects right?
  3. NaumNML New Player

    That stinks. Really enjoyed stealth into darts. Was getting crits of 7k in full troll gear from stealth. Even saw a few 11ks when I went mixed gear.
  4. Troll Zama New Player

    How have you guys been dealing with Quantum dps's power bar lately? One second it's 25% full next second it's full, been making me go crazy. On a Gadget note I've noticed that C foam is rooting enemies behind me even though it hits in a cone in front of you. The enemies took no damage just were rooted.
  5. TheDark Devoted Player

    I acutally haven't ran with any Quantum dps since it was updated.

    How close were you to the NPCs when you rooted them? CryoFoam doesn't have a cone AoE anymore. It's like Quantum's Gravity Well. A 360 degree AoE. It's usually the closest NPCs that are rooted.
  6. Troll Zama New Player

    I was pretty close I guess that makes sense now.
  7. TheDark Devoted Player

    Did you hear anything after you reported it?

    I tried a hybrid build in Throne normal the other day. Ultimately, I didn't produce as much damage as I wanted. We have to have Defib & Battle Display in the loadout. 3 Pis then PDart for range & safety. I can't fit Intimidation for the DoT bonus & PROC & that's another good part of my damage. I'm better off going full DPS with a single target loadout for the bosses & a excellent Battery/Controller.
  8. Echephyle New Player

    Wassup my gadgets peeps?!?!?!
    Took a Destiny break, but Amazon Fury 2 looks good.

    What did I miss in the gadgets department? I left since wotl 2 began.
  9. TheDark Devoted Player

    Fear Gas is like that too.
  10. TheDark Devoted Player

    Hey. You missed some new stuff.

    Basically keep Battle Awareness from Battle Display up & everytime you hit PDart or EMP in your 3PI rotation, you'll get an Intimidation DoT (that's like Cryofield's damage & similar in duration) & still benefit from Intimidation's PROC.

    It's made Gadget's really balanced in the DoT & Burst departments.
  11. Troll Zama New Player

    Thanks for the heads up.
  12. Echephyle New Player

    Sounds awesome
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  13. Savage New Player

    Hey guys,

    looking for some PvP it crazy to run the three PIs/EMP in PvP? or are we better off just using WM (and adding Int/BD/second shield or finisher?) and then using distract into EMP...?

    Thanks for the help!
  14. TheDark Devoted Player

    In arenas? I don't Pvp as much as I used to in arenas. I don't like the broken breakouts/cc, the stupid lag and I don't like WM in PvP. I do more legends ever since the pvp update.
    When I do pvp, there's no way I touch the 3pi set up. Most of them are going to know what you're doing. I use distract to EmP. That you can sneak up on someone if they don't see you. Some will still lunge at you. Other than that I lost interest. Maybe someone else has more positive input.
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  15. Absolix Loyal Player

    The only time when you can use Gadget's AM in PvP is immediately after a counter and it only works with Distract>EMP.

    Stealth>Bunker Buster hits like a truck, but getting it off more than once is uncommon. You could also just use BB straight from a normal loadout.

    Gauss Grenade and Cryo Foam are a good pair to go with WM. You won't get much damage out of Cryo's DoT as DoTs as a whole are less useful in arenas, but it sets up GG as well as grounds for 3 sec, which is excellent when dealing with kiting. Cryo Field can replace it if you don't feel the need to have a tool for kiters.

    Vortex Cannon is another good option as it sets itself up. Stickiy Bomb is useful in matches with more players, because of the way it splits. Photon Blast can be useful, but is only safe to use after countering an enemy.

    Robot Sidekick can be useful as an extra target to split enemy damage more. Suppressor Turret can do the same thing, and usually provides more CC.

    Since crits are capped in arenas, WM crits won't be as high, making the weapon combos a greater part of your damage.

    Distract>EMP can become weaker as you get into 4v4s and up as it becomes more likely, with EMP's large AoE, that it will split damage. In PvP you want to be able to focus fire a target in order to give a healer as little time to respond as possible, but split damage gives healers more time to heal through the damage.

    Gadgets Dps is strongest in 1v1 and 2v2 where splitting of Distract>EMP is minimal, as it is Gadgets strongest counter punishment.
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  16. Predicament Well-Known Player

    Photon is still really viable in pvp
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  17. Savage New Player

    Got it! Thank you so much for the input.
  18. NaumNML New Player

    Haven't heard back yet. Will post when I do.

    I haven't tried throne with league yet, only pugs that didn't go far lol so haven't gotten to try hybrid.

    Whats been everyone's go to stun for these raids? Finding myself using darts a lot lately but tonight I plan on using vortex. Part of me dies a bit inside when I play ranged for too long
  19. TheDark Devoted Player

    I've been DPSing them mostly. A few runs I've tried PDart. It's that 8 man stun I always wanted. But also Decoy because when you first cast it, it delivers a brief stun then taunts. I read SpecEU's post & he mentioned triggering Decoy's explosion & juggle effects with Self Destruct. I haven't used that in like 2 years. First time I played with it was in south Gotham open world but back then you really couldn't get away with it in raids. Things would die too fast & it would interfere with my regen & PoT time.

    I totally forgot about it the juggle. It's definitely something Batman would do. Trick enemies into looking at something then gasing them to sleep. In this case we blow them up.

    You could probably get in close enough to use Vortex's push & stun. If you wanted to play with EMP because it looks cool, that'll stun 4 targets in Controller role. Most of our other abilities are far range now. NN also looks cool with its shield and stuns 3 targets.
  20. TheDark Devoted Player

    We beat the first day which was great. The vanishing bug happened & that sucked. After the bug was fixed we went at it again. It took us 2 hours after it because we were figuring out what NPCs do, where to position, & tell folks to be 100% prepared for a change in strategy in the middle of the Hades fight. We also had to make sure everyone except the tanks was focus firing the totem masters & Warring Shades that are really Bow Masters.

    With raids like that you have to run it for a long time & cycle in members that you know are aware of their surroundings, know their role's mechanics along with their powerset, be efficient, be good at call outs, know the raid mechanics or listen to directions when you deal with them. It's a bunch of stuff just to get the right group chemistry but once it's there you know what everyone is going to do or atleast try.

    I DPSd the normal one mainly with a single target loadout for bosses & I had Rokyn troll it.

    No Controller ever, aside from one guy who quit 2 years ago, was ever able to endure my high demands of what a great Controller should be doing in raids. He wasn't excellent but he did good. It's more than power out & power regen, more than knowing control effects & npcs, it's about calling out targets/downs/objectives for the team and then picking up people or shouting an order to a teammate to help everyone else. It's about be aware of most things going on. Alot of things go on in Throne's Hades fight so you need help leading something like that. Sometimes people get nervous so you have shout to remind them, or snap them back in the game so they can pop a group shield or pull a group of adds. I usually do all of that & I lead the raid by myself or with the tanks unless I'm trying something new. Then there's offensive stats I aim for but that's another subtopic on Gadget Controlling.

    Anyway, I needed a controller in there who could do that since we needed burn & I would have to dps. I tried doing it as DPS but I was more concerned with where everyone else was standing or getting hit by than 100% of my damage. It's definitely a good stress test, or awareness test, for a leader or leaders in charge of the raid I guess.

    We tried the Elite once so far that I streamed on Twitch. I think we got Ares down to like 35 or 25% then our add tank was overwhelmed or knocked back or something & we just could never replicate it for the night. A majority of our tanks can't play for too long at night & schedules conflict. We also took in a 106 cr mental dps who we forgot didn't have dps gear lol. We weren't going to exclude him since he was already in there. I shoud've DPSd but for raids like that I rather troll for the reasons I gave above.

    It's ok though, I know in another dimension we made the right choices that night & got up to Hades only :p. With the right set up next we should beat Ares & the Judges. Hades... not so sure yet.
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