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Discussion in 'Oracle’s Database (Guides)' started by TheDark, Feb 15, 2013.

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  1. GalaxySoul1 New Player

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  2. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    Double post ftw
  3. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    I don't want to sound nasty or like a female dog but what's the point of the videos? The guide already explains how to do the AM, it's the same exact rotation that everyone uses minus the duel wield hold ranged clip, and you're outdated in using EMP and distract. It's distract then EMP. If you're just advertising your channel or just showing off than can I ask you nicely to not do that? Now if you were actually helping people or making a tutorial or showing a test build then sure go ahead show off your videos.
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  4. Schimaera Devoted Player

    Did anybody noticed a recent change to Bunker Buster/Buster+Stealth?

    I tried to make a video today for a befriended league and the Bunker Buster out of stealth didn't hit for more than 1,2k damage per hit even though every hit was a critical hit due to WM+Skill+c/w Stealth+Bunker Buster shenanigans.
  5. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    What about the big hit
  6. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    huh, that's... odd. My might is right around 5500+, couple of prec mods. my EMP non crits are still the same even before the update which is 7000-9000. Crits were 15-18k on single target, 20+k on split.
  7. Heartsbane Committed Player

    Yeah, I talked with Dark last night about it. We're starting to think there might be a bug that isn't affecting everyone. I've contacted the devs with information in hopes of getting it looked at. Not real sure what is going on yet.
  8. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    I'm still not convince that it's a bug that only affect certain players and not everyone.

    Those that think they are effected, best way to prove it is by listing exactly what method they using to do EMP then do it over and over till they get a list of non and crit emps. Post it here with their might and we can see.

    Additionally, they should have the SP to invest into all crit damage and crit chance. If they dont' have enough points, they should also make note of that. And don't use any buffs.
  9. Heartsbane Committed Player

    My intentions areto record a video. Sadly, real life isn't allowing me much time in game.
  10. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    You dont' have to record. I've been wanting to record but its occasionaly is a timely process.

    I just want to see actual numbers posted. Like a list of 3xpi EMP 6 non crit hits and 6 crit hits. Then distract then out of stealth. To see exactly what are people hitting.

    A person who said they was experiencing the same thing, posted on here. Later talk to me in game, when I ask them to do further test they told me that its actually the same.

    In order for us as a community to figure this out, its best that those that experience these problems post their results. when we as a community get these results properly posted, we can narrow it down the problem better and get appropriate eyes looking at this.

    Dark has been doing this for awhile. Both myself and Penryn also utilize our resources after we get appropriate results in order to get these problems awareness and try to get it fix.
  11. Heartsbane Committed Player

    I can do that. I'll try to get those numbers posted Monday afternoon.
  12. Philosophicles Well-Known Player

    Friends, Romans, Gadgetrymen,

    How is everyone faring with GU 42? I hope you all have been able to adjust well. If you feel like you might be struggling drop me a line and Ill post a video to help show its just as powerful as before the update.

    Good luck and Godspeed brothers (and sisters =] )!!!!!
  13. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    There wasn't much changes that would effect someone drastically.

    Lately folks been complaining about their base numbers on emp being nerf. I've been getting them to post their results.
    Mine is still the same
  14. Philosophicles Well-Known Player

    Mine has still been the same too. However they appeared smaller at 1st on sparring targets but in the raids im still getting the same numbers.

    Are they havin problems in instances or at the dummies?
  15. Echephyle New Player

    Took a break from dc to play destiny, but with wotl2, i'll be back for a while.

    What did i miss aboit gadgets? I hear emp-> distract is being nerfed?

    Is that true?
  16. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    Not sure, no one is being very clear with their results.
  17. Rokyn Dedicated Player

    No...none of that is true...whoever told you this please ask them nicely to stop spreading rumors without testing out the base numbers for him/herself. There's no damage reduction or anything...just simply that you can't do EMP>Distract anymore and now you are required to do Distract>EMP. That's all.

    Now if there is people having trouble please speak up and post whatever info D3vi1 needs of you. He knows exactly what to look for and he knows his stuff well.
  18. Arwen Skywalker Loyal Player

    okay my last and sure number observation D3v.
    I'm not seeing 40k crits anymore. (or is that what the "hitting twice" fix?)
  19. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    What are you doing before to get 40k crits?
  20. Heartsbane Committed Player

    That's a good question. My might is at 5909 and the highest crit I've ever seen was 32k.
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