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  1. IXxBossxXI New Player

    could someone suggest a starter loadout? its my first time using the power so i wanna get used to it during the leveling process so i can be ready for endgame
  2. Sgt Forge New Player

  3. Montiblanc New Player

    dam all this reading, mah head cant hold on to any of it T_T

    at this point it just stops being fun so screw it il just do casual play & eventually quit anyway
  4. TheDark Loyal Player

    Lol. Honestly, I don't expect casual players to read everything. I don't see anything wrong with playing just for fun. I do that with a electric healer alt. I just know the basics. I don't feel like stripping the power set and mechanics down with him.

    My target audience are players who want to understand the power set and controlling. Casual play questions are ok too.
  5. Montiblanc New Player

    well you have put a lot of effort into this so i thank you sir, i will try coming back here from time to time just to check things since i cant remember most of it

    edit: i would like to ask that in addition to having the suppressor turret & battle drone, can i also have robot sidekick? those 3 out at the same time?
  6. TheDark Loyal Player

    Turret, decoy, battle drone and trinket pet you can have out at the same time. Its the Pokemon Method.

    I'm pretty sure you can't have turret and robot sidekick out at the same time. Both are power cast pets that last until they die or you banish them.
  7. Montiblanc New Player

    ah thanks good to know altho i wonder if 3 damage pets can even be viable in the first place
  8. OmegaWarlord New Player

    Ok so I've manage to acquire half of my t1 gear and I'm ready to start modding. I have might III power III vit III vit & might health precision III so I'm wondering should I be looking at precision next or sticking to a recipe of might vit and power. Also I've found a loadout I'm gonna stick with to grasp clipping better. TP>Cryo foam>FG>PB>Defib>Wop for control and I sub intim and SB for TP and Defib for damage. And while I'm thinking about it would anyone be able tell me how Unlawful Enforcement works? I could really use the 50 MoT
  9. Blaze New Player

    So I have been a Gadgets DPS for awhile now but want to try out trolling. Been playing around with the powers a lot lately but don't know which could make me a great troll, other than having Sticky Bomb and Gauss Grenade. Can anyone recommend some loadouts/other moves for me?
  10. Sgt Forge New Player

    Umm at the top of this very page is a link I posted, and one page back there are several people posting their loadouts...
  11. TheDark Loyal Player

    By great troll you mean a good battery? Or versatile controller?

    You can read the controller guide in here that gets into detail on the mechanics. I see it as second only to battery's guide. It's a combination of input by myself, shady, DP and co. Understand the mechanics and your foundation is set. You'll just know what else to put in.

    Really it requires you to be attentive. Keep the bolt (PoT) up at all times and take utilize the bonus tick. Use your weapon to generate power to yourself and clip your weapon combos and debuffs with defib.

    PoT cast
    Defib power transfer
    WoP needed these days
    Defense debuff if you understand what it does you can see it as a group buff.

    I could go on. There's probably something i missed but its late.
  12. TheDark Loyal Player

    The pets were recently nerfed so I doubt they'll put up worth while numbers. You can go ahead and experiment and discuss what you find.
  13. TheDark Loyal Player

    I dont remember what unlawful enforment is.

    Are you planning on modding t1 with level 3 mods? I wouldn't do that. You should save the extra bits for t4 or 3. If you're going mod mod controller gear you can go Vit & might. I go Vit & precision only because I use my weapon to generate power. It just makes sense for me to increase it if that's what I'm going to be doing. I'm not knocking down using might in there. But you might get carried away focusing on damage than your other duties. If you can balance your duties go for it.

    I don't want to critique your troll load out too much. I just recommend trying to fit in a defense debuff.
  14. OmegaWarlord New Player

    Actually yes I was got quite a bit to learn I guess. I was just pretty much tired of losing pvp matches so in an effort to give myself any advantage I decided I should use the best mods available to me. From my understanding of the guide my primary duties are a) power my healers and tanks b) kill opposing healers asap c) intensify tanks damage through my use of power interactions via my loadout .... maybe not in that order but somewhere along those lines I hope. And by all means critique my loadout id personally like it if you could show me the pros and cons since I'm all about being a better gadgeteer. I think what I'm gonna do next is record myself in a 1 player instance and let you view my style of play along with my numbers so you can point out any flaws or kinks I could work on. Honestly this thread has helped me quite a bit so in a sense you are my Yoda for example when you said lose the A-gas for BB I did and it works great. Only reason its not in my loadout is because I recall you wisely advising against 2 supercharges. And with a game that is so vast the kinda info I pickup here is priceless
  15. TheDark Loyal Player

    Just wanted to be sure, your load out and modding is referring to PvP only?

    Yes in PvP you want to focus on the healer. Any offensive power will cut their restoration in half. The heal debuff reduces their heals in by 25% and strips Power Over Time. The heal debuff works the same against other players. If you're in a PvP group chances are they'll focus fire the healer (sometimes the controller is taken out first so you have to watch your six). Stress them out until they blow their power bar. Assuming their soda is on cool down, as well as the HT perks, you can just finish them off.

    In PvP it's important to supply the entire team with power. Depending on what you're doing and if there is a tank, power will be limited. In PvE, healers and tanks are priority but if the Damage players (I'm mostly taking about DPS play style) are providing a great burn and the group pace is quick, then it's just logical to focus a bit more on power transfers. If everyone is in a hurry you don't want to slow them down. Basicly adapt to the majority.

    Its not just tanks but everyone in the group. Pay attention to who you have in there. Most of our powers grant PI's that can set up or add extra damage or heals. PI consumables do them as well. If you have a sorcery healer, karmic hex works. From what I was told, spreading bad karma helps increase heals. Someone will correct me or I'll find out later. Electrifying targets can add damage or heals for an Electric player. Just don't go over board and blow your power bar setting them up. Atleast not until you or I find out how much of an increase that is. Apply it casually. This goes for PvE or PvP.

    Explaining your rotation or recording yourself so I can see what you do is fine. You can do that.

    Before I say anything about your load out I just want to make sure if it's one or both roles in PvE or PvP? Or both PvP/E?

    Glad to hear you're seeing improvements. Let me know if I missed something. Right now I'm excited we're getting a new Controller power set.
  16. Kyd Kupa New Player

    I had a quick question. I am gadgets and my current loadout is the norm, gg, fear gas, intim, cyro field, bunker buster and whatever he final ruin like power is. Can gadgets be played competitvely with a more precision based style kina like what Deadpool used to do back in the day, is might the way to go? I have played earth and HL and both of those were precision and i liked that. Can gadgets be the same?
  17. TheDark Loyal Player

    Any power set can be precision based. Gadgets can go either way and yes gadget can be used to compete competitively. Take the damage per second approach. Clip attacks and use powers that deal the most damage in a second. The goal is to keep moving and remove powers from your load out that slow you down.

    Also, it doesn't have to be one or the other. You can have a balance of both or lean slightly towards one. When you clip power attacks that's might damage still registering. Might and precision in red sockets benefits both stats and every damage play style.
  18. Kyd Kupa New Player

    I like doing the intem to cyro field, then going in with the spin chop combo and clip with gg then fg. But then I'm lost. Do I just keep recycling the same combo or is there a better way to go? I don't have a problem putting out the DMG in my current tier which is t3 but I feel like I was doing better as HL.
  19. aceCase Committed Player

    Not sure if this is known but if you use MA then the cryofoam animation can be clipped. I'm not in game at the moment so I can't tell you exactly when cause it seems like there's a small window when you can clip it. Too early or too late then you have to wait for the whole animation. I want to say it's when you start seeing the foamy stuff come out. So you do have to wait a split second for the animation to start. Tried it with other weapons and it doesn't work though.
  20. TheDark Loyal Player

    I'm not sure how Light plays. As in does one size fit all? One load out/rotation/combo work for both melee and range? If that's the case it isn't necessarily the same with Gadgets.

    At tier 3 you're going to have to put in some work to get those numbers. Gadgets is not an over powered power set. You won't see any significant increase or damage comparison until you're full t4 and modded. That's when burst damage and damage dealing in general becomes easy. I'm talking about really comparing damage between experienced damagers and not PUGs. We didnt spark until we became t4 and had enough power to sustain burst damage.

    As for your load out, I wouldn't apply FG on trash mobs as much as I would focus on clipping flurry/spin chop with gauss grenade.
    For the most damage dealt in a second with your load out FG jump then Field then intimidation into flurry/spin chop/staffs downward smash is what you can try. That's if your in t4 content. I wouldn't use staff in lower content. I find it slow. DoTs on bosses works be it FG or foam. A PI consumable will clip intimidation or foam, if you decide on that, to get you back to combos fast.

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