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  1. aceCase Well-Known Member

    Have a noobish question. In pvp does vortex canon also give a healing debuff? I noticed the icon when doing 1v1 lair.

    I was going against someone using t4 pve healer gear and of course they just kept healing themself nonstop. I was in dps mode, after losing a couple rounds i switched to troll stance but didn't have time to switch powers but I noticed the healing debuff icon up anyways.
  2. Trinidad James Well-Known Member

    In Controller Role any power that infects damage will Debuff a Healer Class, While ( Napalm Grenade/ Cyro Foam ) Reduces the targets ability to heal and removes power over time effects on "All Classes/ Npcs ". So Gauss Grenade (A Defense Debuff ) will also debuff a Healers healing out if used on them in controller role.
  3. TheDark Well-Known Member

    As a controller, any offensive power you throw, in your case vortex cannon, will cut a healers restoration by half. The heal debuff reduces heals IN to your target by 25%.

    Edit: what they guy above me said. PoT will be removed too. Keep an eye under your targets name tag. It'll let you know if they still have PoT.
  4. TheDark Well-Known Member

    I hate robin. Only thing is its easy to counter if the other guy understands the counter system. I'll try it out though. Thanks.
  5. TheDark Well-Known Member

    In my gear I go half. I've got rings/neck/extra gear for either though which I switch up depending on the tiered instance I run
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  6. Burning_Baron Well-Known Member

    Hello Gadget players. I am a Fire player who has simply gron tired of tanking and would like to explore other powers. I ahve cycled through Ice and Earth as well but I think I'm looking for a change of pace from the elemental powers. What in your opinions makes Gadgets a more fun choice than Mental or Hard Light?
  7. Splinter Cell Well-Known Member

    Personally, I love the visual effects for Gadgets. Always have, and especially with its revamp it feels more tech-based now. My current DPS loadout is: Napalm Grenade, Cryofield, Vortex Cannon, Bunker Buster, Photon Blast, and Intimidation.

    For controller I go with: Taser Pull, Sticky Bomb, Defibrillation, Word of Power (I justify it on a Gadgets loadout as a holographic image of a lightning bolt :p), Gauss Grenade, Energy Shield.
  8. FeelsGood Active Member

    I hated robin too. Until i forced myself to get beat up enough in legends where i understood how to play as him. now he one of my top choices
  9. TheDark Well-Known Member

    Strengths: Burst Damage. Damage Over Time powers. Fast animations which makes it perfect for the Damage Per Second play style. Powers that deal high damage which make it good for a Damage play style. Melee weapons are in now and Gadgets has great melee to mid range powers. Intimidation being a self buff to clip any power with which really allows for a flow (like Menace). Multiple target health debuff. Easy to set up Power Interactions. Independent as you don't need anyone to set up a PI for you. Multiple personal shields which increase survivability or powers that mitigate damage ( I almost never die). Self heal supercharge. Worth while damage supercharge. Pets for power or PI set up. Finally, Stealth in open world.

    Weakness: Can't blow up encasements;. I think it lacks AoE. No stationary Area of Effect damage over time power like Circle of Protection, Wintery Tempest, and Inferno. With the exception of GG/NG/SF, most of the powers are melee to mid range which can sometimes hold you back. Most of our powers can't put 6+ targets in a helplessness state. No group shields. The Power Interactions don't really get you worth while damage. We don't get extra damage from attacking targets that are in a helplessness state (stunned, rooted, knocked back). Single target. Can't defense debuff multiple targets.

    I've tried HL and I didn't really like the combos for it.
    I tried Mental briefly. Some of the powers are similar to Gadgets. Grandeur = Distract. Menace = Intimidation. Stasis Field = Thought Bubble. They're just not as fast.
    That's all that comes to mind.
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  10. Burning_Baron Well-Known Member

    THANK you dark and splinter cell. I am still deciding between HL and gadgets. Mental isn't aesthetically pleasing to me. This info definitely leans me towards the gadgets side. I will ask the HL players this question as well .
  11. Reboot Prime New Member

    Hey guys love the guide. Just wanted some advice from fellow gadgeteers.
    My DPS loadout is napalm grenade, cryofoam/fear-gas, sticky bomb, bunker buster, photon-blast and stasis field. Ive been doing some basic testing on my own but Im not too sure which does more damage out of cryo-foam and feargas. Im using rifle which means I can cancel straight out of cryo and doesnt seem to lose any damage ticks, whereas I lose the last few ticks if I jump cancel out of feargas. Anyone else have any idas on this one?
  12. Kaleb57 Active Member

    Fear gas does it's damage really quickly, and can be reapplied just as quickly for great burst damage, cryo does damage very slow, doesn't have that same burst damage as fear gas (not the initial bursts, those are the same, )
  13. TheDark Well-Known Member

    Like Kaleb said, Fear Gas applies quick ticks and can be easily canceled simply by jumping because its a channeling power. You'll just lose 3 ticks of damage. CryoFoam applies slow ticks but does nearly double the damage FG can do in total. Choosing one depends on whether you're taking the Damage Per Second approach or just Damage (slow but maximum) play style.

    Casting both by themselves will not give you explosive initial damage. If your target is electrified or burning, you'll likely see (through combat log or yellow numbers on the target) an explosive initial burst hit. the first hit/read will be a number double the maximum DoT tick you have. Both can deal explosive burst damage on electrified or burning targets.

    Both Foam and Fear Gas seem to have roughly the same explosive base damage. It might apply to CryoField itself too. If it does then it'll be similar to burning PI. It doesn't matter how you set it up, it'll have the same base damage.
  14. Black Jaq Well-Known Member

    I have Dom/Power in my blues because I had the plans for my tank.
  15. TheDark Well-Known Member

    Yea that works too. The ones i listed Just cane to mind at the time. I'd just take advantage of the crit bonuses.
  16. Gadget*Switch Active Member

    Yo Dark what can we do to add some life to this thread? I check this thread out daily and all I see are the same questions from new Gadget players. Where are all the expert players whom have tried any & everything in Gadgets? At this day & age we should have different Gadget classes. Like a Stealth Class, Str8 P.I. Class, a Shield/Decoy Class, & a Burst Class.

    Now I know this thread for the most part is to welcome players to the world of Gadgets but with so many Gadget Players there should be some Classes to help Players grow into their role. I see that everyone pretty much has the same loadout except me lol, which is cool but yet basic. I've been playing with this power set for 2 years and played with EVERYTHING and found a use for EVERYTHING thats Gadgets and when I come here and see Players who have not tried everything and call powers like Battle Drone & Mine a weak power I shake my head.

    So I'm asking how can we help get this thing going?
  17. TheDark Well-Known Member

    I don't mind new Gadget players asking questions as long as they read about the powers first. This way they can point out something they don't understand. As rude as it is if someone will come in and just ask for a load out I just prefer not to answer. Someone else can but I wont. I rather converse with someone who really wants to learn about the power set.

    Those classes can be fun but I think they're situational and often just blended together. Sometimes having a mix of each proves solid.

    As for the expert players, I don't mind them coming in to answer someone and/or discussing something. Just as long as they don't preach something as the ONLY way. They can talk about w/e they want as long as they recognize there are other approaches. I don't want to be the only one answering everything because it's just my point of view. People learn from looking at things from multiple views.

    And yes players do seem to aim and promote the same load out. I use the popular one myself but I don't force others to use it. I've constantly stated that the PI's are the same and damage is the same for some powers. Its a matter of preference. How far down the tree are you willing to spec? which tree has powers you want to play with? do you prefer slow or fast pace?

    lol, I also shake my head when I see players dismiss any power in our arsenal. Statman brought up something that silenced the crowd about Battle Drone. No one in the right mind is going to drop that when the team is at empty. It's something you cast to assist during the raid over time. The pace and group you play with can affect what you use. Players don't find a use for a power that fits there play style so they dismiss it and tell everyone to do it. I also noticed one vocal side of the game has a naive way of thinking. They just constantly look for one way. I rather keep my distance from them. You don't learn much from people like that.

    Although I have learned a lot about the power set myself in 2 years, I don't know everything. Maybe there's is still 15% out there hiding. Recently, I've been playing with stealth in open world which is really fun. I'll spend hours out there hitting players with sleep dart, mines, & bunker buster (then fleeing if I'm caught).

    To answer your question about how to get things going, we either need a buff that gives us a Encasement breaker/Circle of Protection AoE DoT or a really bad nerf to our speedy animations. That'll P.O. people and spark a movement to find doable solutions. Other than that things are pretty stable and well known to dedicated players. Its the new players who will converse in here.
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  18. KnightSolaire11 New Member

    Quick question. If my health is below 35%(which I believe is the trigger for Energy Shield), and I pop it...will it activate?? Or does it have to be activated BEFORE my health drops.
    Yes I do have Distract but I'm just really curious about this one...
  19. TheDark Well-Known Member

    I tried out ES in PBG briefly back in December. What I noticed was if you pop it and you're below 35% and you're health bar is depleting rapidly, it usually doesn't activate right away and you will die. It takes a few seconds for it to register be it lag or just the way it works. For me, it didn't work when I was really low so I always activated it when I was at 40 to 50% and in a situation where my health would decrease slowly. Not by a 1 or 2 shot. I'd pop it if i was at a distance from the group and fighting 2 NPC's.

    I'll revisit it tomorrow. Maybe you can use it if you're below 35% just as long as you're not taking in high amounts of rapid damage.
  20. Quagmire Active Member

    I have heard some gadget dps's that use all 3, cryofield, cryo foam, fear gas. Won't some of the PI's cancel each other out?

    Also I recently heard some dps's use F.G--> GG-->FG What is the benefit of casting fear gas before GG?

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