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  1. o7okriso7o New Player

    Now I can't speak for all the servers but the Xbox EU servers on the heroes side is like a ghost town lately, there's hardly enough people to run raids with anymore and they messed up big time by making the time capsules drop so often imo because the collections and feats got completed in a couple of days. The game is dying so they either need to release new things to keep players interested or risk losing a lot of members.
  2. xoHLxDPSox Steadfast Player

    well Im not on xb1 on this game, but I do know that with no new content its a given the community will thin out til new content is released. Its always been this way.

    But to clarify it doesn't mean the game is dying, just slowing down til more content comes along.
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  3. zZzTorrOzZz Committed Player

    Well I play on PC in US but the observation concerning Time Cap's is pretty much incorrect except the drop rate.

    I agree that should be reduced a bit.

    I have gotten around 150 TC's since release of Update 63 and opened 2 through earned frag's in the event duo.

    These people that blaze through/buy through content are the same players constantly whining for new content in

    the forums now bored with nothing to do a week after new content is released. I ask in duo's alerts, raids, every single

    day "wtf is the rush?" and never get a reply. There's is no TOP, there is no Best in an open end game. That is all

    purely for a moment and like aura's and emblems it has no real value either.
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  4. bmce84 Loyal Player

    There won't be any content until late 2016, and they know players will leave until then so you can either follow, or take some time off, the other solution is change your region but that could make you lag a lot more.
  5. UltraVillain Committed Player

    Daybreak's strategy is a short term money grab entirely at the expense of the game's long term health...we have systems that escalate repetition and rail-road players into a tiny subsection of what the game could otherwise offer, we have one item elevated in importance to the expense of everything content is notable for its bias toward easy repetition actually working to exclude players from the larger game and drive them into instances that end up isolating them from everyone else. The story is barely on the agenda as they ignore and contradict factional identity and theme integrity because its just too much effort.

    We actually have an awesome game with lots of content but the blinkered and dogmatic design philosophy is happy to sell it all down the river for a few quick bucks, as a result premature burn out and disillusionment is rife.....welcome to DCUO a potentially great game crippled by its developers greed and an overbearing short sighted ignorance.
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  6. mtanasas Well-Known Player

    its not gonna die, subscription is already paid for lol.
  7. Saami Loyal Player

    It isnt actually dying, but changing to "pay-to-get-everything-faster" MMO.
    Unfortunately that makes playerbase bit smaller than it could be.
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  8. DarkAya Dedicated Player

    Time capsule drop rate is terrible, I get Iike 15 a day even though I don't play much, they should reduce it at least by half.
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  9. Physique Dedicated Player

    I would disagree but only because, having been playing this game since 2011 when it first launched, the cycle is just doing what it does. Summer meant a huge increase of seasonal players who didn't have anything else to do so populations were inflated and the servers seemed busy all the time.

    Now that schools are back in session, businesses have ramped up for the Fall, and new fall release games are coming out, there will be a precipitous drop in population. It will spike mildly around October for the Halloween content, drop off, and then spike again for the month surrounding the Christmas / New Year holiday period and remain artificially high once the new content and power set drops. It will then drop off through the spring season until summer rolls around again....

    Only the truly dedicated and consistent players will be on throughout.
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  10. Vrseven New Player

    Well said. I really dont get these "This game is dying" threads. I guess everyone wants to be a "Nostradamus" even in the virtual Universe. lol
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  11. Slade Wilson Devoted Player

    Xbox and especially Xbox EU does have additional sorts of trouble though PLUS Daybreak's recent strategy really pi... freaked a lot of players out. First of all it's easier on Xbox to leave the "pre-set" servers and change from EU to US (which is a pain involving a "fake" account on PS3/4). PC had the same thing happening - most people speaking English left the EU servers in a matter of clicks once they realized that US is on any platform the server with the bigger population.

    The there was the rushed Xbox release that was welcomed with a lot of hype and a lot of disappointment in turn, since the servers were overrun for some time (to the point of hurting game experience with incredible login queues), a lot of bugs had been ported into the Xbox version, a lot of Xbox players complaining that the "F2P is not really F2P (or not the F2P they expected) etc.

    Add the fact that Xbox players just know the rush for max CR in monthly content from their start, the ones who stayed through that troublesome launch period were obviously in majority the ones enjoying that rush, so it's clear that they are even more disappointed when Daybreak failed to keep monthly content up and then announced to opt out of that schedule.

    Remember that Xbox population peaked during a time where population usually drops on PC and PS. On top of that, there is the "potential population" that is an issue for itself. Numbers from Europe say that there are 10 million more PS4 sold to the European market than Xbones. Xbone does also sell worse than PS4 in the US, and on top of that the current crossplay servers do not only server the PS4, but also PC and PS3 while the XB360 has no access to the game. PS was always a somewhat healthy population on their own, so setting crossplay up for PS and PC was maybe the wrong decision and PC and XB should have been combined instead - however, at that time EUPC was also close to dead already and PC players in general were on the leave due to long queue times, so it's understandable that Daybreak went for the trade-off at that time plus: when the first preparations for cross-play were made, Xbox release wasn't even planned.

    In total however a number of lost opportunities due to rushing things; and I'm pretty sure EUXB will not recover in population.
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  12. iClip Committed Player

    Then how can you say the game is dying if you don't know about the other servers?
  13. Lord Jareth Steadfast Player

    bah humbug this ain't the first time i've seen this.
  14. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    The game isn't dying, population is taking a hit due to school starting again.

    This happens year after year, nothing to be worried about.

    There's always a "Game is dying thread out there" this probably won't be the last of them.
  15. Gimpy Loyal Player

  16. Redman_x Well-Known Player

    Lol! Game just came out on XBOX and it's already dying.
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  17. Karas2016 Dedicated Player

    To each it's own I guess, but to me the game's been dead since Ams came about so lol.
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  18. streetsleeper Level 30

    got to say it has got quite, schools havnt gone back in the UK yet theres still at least 2 weeks left. I would like to see daybreaks states of player log on since launch.

    so back in june i kinda mentioned this on this link.

    so at the time there were about 400 i think at level 164 or above with >0 SP.
    now that has increased to 800, with 362 at 170 or above with >0 SP.

    Now considering that is Europe and ocenaia thats low. I know our League has suffered some lose, however i remember it getting like this when game launched people blitzed through the content and SP and then had nothing to do, i was one of them. so this time round i have slowed down still at 174CR but just working on skill points that i can do when i can. The rest i might have to wait till Amazon Fury and people come back or maybe halloween but we will see.

    Also auction house is dead, im out farming evry day for exobits and collections and sell some for silly money alien technology all of them i have managed to sell for at least 50-60k each, even the street signs go for 10k min. Gear wise there is barely any at the moment
  19. Elite DamageX Well-Known Player

    I have seen the population go up and down over the years but in the last 6 months it has been on the decline non stop.
    It is due to the choices the dev's have made and the direction the game has gone.
    PvP is almost dead....Just try an Q for an 8v8
    USPS server
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  20. pitbullb3 Devoted Player

    The devs choose to bleed the community instead of getting people back. To get keys you have to buy them or run 1 instance to earn. How is that suppose to get players back?
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