The Future of DCUO?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (Gameplay Discussion)' started by WR Strike, May 24, 2013.

  1. WR Strike Member

    DC has a WIDE universe of stories to tell...villains that could play key roles in DLC, in DCUO and powers that they breath life into. But how long does it have left?

    Okay, here is my main concern with the game as a whole. Right now, it has a very thin story going for it self! Basically we are still cleaning up the mess Brainiac made, and dealing with results of his intrusion on planet earth and dealing with Lex Luthor who's plans rotate on what Brainiac has done. That's all fine and dandy but will this game evolve from this scenario? How would it be possible?

    With news about The Justice League movie coming to light slowly but surely, we have been told that Darkseid will be the antagonist of the film! That would be the perfect "BIG BAD" for a new scenario for the game, and new path to go down. It could be played out fairly simple, have him get his hands on the "War World" and promise to to conquer Earth and rule over its in-inhabitants

    New Worlds and Cities Added?

    A new world to explore...tricky, very, very tricky! I honestly would like an expansion on Oa, Central City, and addition of Star City. With the World Apokolips added into the game, a small portion atleast, where we will incounter Darkseid's Elite solider's as bounties we will again incounter them in Alerts and new level 30 quest
    Improve Mentors!
    ...Well mentors at the moment really don't mean a THING! Your not cut off from gear, Tech, Meta, and Magic Villains all have the same tier. You can enter mentor only missions very easily to get feats, and briefings. That's fine, but in the near future please...PLEASE make them mean something, a new addition of MENTOR only quest for those who choose that MENTOR! To follow either different story around that mentor, or follow that mentor in his quest to survive who and who, or fight who and who to continue the main story and objective of the game. Just...they need something more.

    Re-do Lower level CONTENT!
    ...not sure how they would actually do this, and I know it would take time but it should, and could be done?

    Expansion...Rather then DLC?
    This could be possible, with them announcing the ps4 I'm not sure if they are going to have a playable DCUO on that console. So would that be a perfect time to make a true, buy in the store (or online) expansion for the game to go into other stories, cleaner combat, better graphics and everything else that comes with an expansion? Raise level cap, have it able to import already created toons in the previous game. I would say...if they want to keep this game mainly about the Big Brain, then this could be possible. 50/50 Chance at the most

    I will post more,when more comes to mind on what I feel will further the game, and advance it. But until then discuss in the comments below on what you feel they should do next to make this game into a possible juggernaut!

    P.S I understand that Brainiac isn't probably gone...GONE! But...he could come back after Dark Seid for one last attempt and we finish him off kick his *** out into outer space!
  2. Meta Flare Well-Known Member

    I'm only going to address one thing darkseid. I'm pretty sure the devs said that if darkseid is Putin the game it will be to end the game. S as much as I want him I hope he doesn't get put in cuz I want the game to continue as long as possible.
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  3. BlackWingBeyond Well-Known Member

    I believe in adding to the lower level content, not necessarily redoing it, i.e. the tutorial teaches players the rock-paper-scissors of combat mechanics. It should do the same for role specialization. By level 30, I believe every player should know their role.
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  4. WR Strike Member

    Why exactly would it be the end of the game? Would they be going the Final Crisis route if they did? They wouldn't need too, the JLA have fought him before and it wasn't the end..
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  5. WR Strike Member

    You missed my point....I mean re-do all of level 1-30 mechanic not the tutorial level
  6. Statman Well-Known Member

    I fail to see the point of re-doing all the levelling content, considering the least amount of game time is spent actually levelling.
  7. shaun10656 Well-Known Member

    im really tired of a couple things people suggesting shadow powers water powers sand darkseid choose someone else
  8. Statman Well-Known Member

    Ahhh but I really want Shadow powers (I didn't realise that it had been suggested so often, in comparison to water, wind, atomic, etc). Water and Darkseid I don't really care about.
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  9. Midnight Strike Active Member

    They have stated a few times, on the old forums, that Darkseid will be the final boss of the final DLC. So unless they change their minds, which they can, don't expect to see him until the game is on it's last leg
  10. Badname8293 Active Member

    Half this games population will be.gone to ps4 by end of year, though the servers will be up for this game for probably 10 years, 8 years left, enjoy
  11. Valsmurf Well-Known Member

    They've said they feel that what Darkseid would be perfect for leaving the game on a spectacular note. Kinda hard to argue that point, he's the most requested villain by far( yeah, not the first his name's been suggested ;)) and the possibilties for something huge are greater than with almost any other villain. I know there are stronger or more dangerous beings in DC, but few are as well know as Darkseid, so the WOW factor is on his side also.

    It would also be a bit difficult to top a darkseid DLC as far as popularity, so they don't want to risk raising the bar so high they can't reach it again after, and if they don't go all out on Darkseid, people would be very dissapointed also. So it's kinda of a rough place and I understand why they would want to "save the best for last".
  12. willflynne Well-Known Member

    Just as an observation WR Strike, I find it a little interesting (and maybe a little odd too) that you start out your post by saying that DC has a wide universe of stories to tell, but then immediately jump to Darkseid (pretty much THE big bad of big bad guys in the DC universe) as a story idea.

    Even without the previously mentioned thought that Darkseid would most likely be used for ending the game, there's plenty to work with before we even have to touch New Genesis/Apokolips content. The first one that jumps to mind (especially with the time travel aspects that have been brought up) would be the Legion of Super-Heroes. After that, you've got areas like Skartaris (which is mentioned in one of the open world investigations/briefings) and even the possibility of DCUO versions of some of the recent story arcs.

    We've got plenty to work with before we need to go to Darkseid.
  13. Statman Well-Known Member

    And here I present to you a completely unfounded, unlikely, and total BS fact!
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  14. willflynne Well-Known Member

    Ok, a little off topic, but is this going to be the new "this will kill DCUO" meme that's going to be going around for a while? :D They haven't even announced the price for the new system, let alone what will happen to this game in relation to the new system, for goodness sake.

    Call me crazy (go ahead, been called worse lol) but it seems like it might be a good idea to maybe wait for some official word from those who actually know before making any kind of definitive statements about what will happen. ;)
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  15. Midnight Strike Active Member

    Yes because all of us PC players will just throw our computers away when a PS4 comes out
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  16. MARK2099 Well-Known Member

    The problem with make expansion is players may rush the content and wait too long for the next one, besides devs team is small, make an expansion over dlcs is probably not viable, dlcs every 3-4 months encourage players to come back faster if they take a break of the game over expansions every year like other games.
  17. Valsmurf Well-Known Member

    on ep7 of FNL Mepps said they were releasing some "very exciting" news at E3....Sony will most likely talk alot more about ps4 at E3.... let the speculation begin!
  18. Meta Flare Well-Known Member

    That's just what they said. I don't know why.
  19. Badname8293 Active Member

    my response is for ps3... This game has been dead on PC, lol
  20. willflynne Well-Known Member

    See, that's what I get for missing an episode. LOL

    I tend to shudder a bit when people speculate, though. Leads to all sorts of unrealistic expectations and unnecessary forum rage when the facts don't match up to what people thought was going to happen. I'm a patient little camper and can wait for official word. :D

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