The free Batsuit launched me all the way up to CR 108

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Jason Martin, Jan 15, 2018.

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  1. velvetsanity Loyal Player

    That open world access only lasts until the event access ends. Same as it did for Riddled With Crime.
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  2. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    So..... why is it an issue then to buy just one more DLC so you can earn MoV???

    I strongly doubt you spend more then me... but that does not matter.... it is not a contest of who spends the most.

    If spending to support the game is not an issue.... why not just buy the DLC you need???

    It would solve your problem....
    and it would allow us to say congrats for supporting the game.

    So it would be a win/win. ;)
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  3. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club


    But by then.....people will have access to the next DLC that will go Live. ;)
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  4. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Lol. And think of what else you can do with those $300+ per year. Buy a PS4? Go out to restaurants with friends? Take a trip somewhere new?

    I never minded paying for legendary myself, because it was the only way for me personally to enjoy the game. And if you feel the same way, great.

    What bugs me is you telling other players that if they don't want to pay a sub they're somehow not welcome or shouldn't be playing. Have you ever considered that some people just don't care about spending that much time here and feel that $25 a year (what purchasing all the DLC in the entire year costs) is a much better deal? That way they still have $300 left over to use for things that really matter.
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  5. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    Oh my god, again someone saying I have some kind of problem about me buying one more DLC.

    Not going to bother as you didn't actually read the whole thread.

    I'm still amazing how big this thread has become just because I made a simple question.
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  6. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    People play the game the way they want to and the way the devs offer. It amuses me how people like to talk about "supporting" the game. Same way with people who like to wear their favorite beverage's T-shirt, basically turning themselves into walking propaganda boards, for free. Companies love that, lol.

    I'll use the same argument that people use when players are dissatisfied with Time Capsules that have feats. "They're a business, they have to make money somehow." This game is a business. By definition it's a sponge of money. "Supporting" it has no impact other than to make the year-end paychecks of the executives larger.

    The company (some of the devs are nice, not saying they're not) is just that, a bottom line. They feel no loyalty to customers, and yes, will do whatever it takes to increase their bottom line. If it were ever more economically feasible to shut down the game, they would do it in a heartbeat. So, if they feel no loyalty to us, why do we somehow need to be lectured about our "duty" to support the game. It's a business, we play by the rules provided.
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  7. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Some of these guys sound like they're on the company payroll, lol. I have no idea why they're trying to force spending down your throat. Instead, they could just go out and by another $20 of time capsules to cover your share if they're so worried about supporting the company, lol.
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  8. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    so i only play 1-2 hours a day and I still sub... why? simply because I like this game.. sorry, but i personally think, if you love this game like TC obviously does, you should sub and the sub is not expensive.. I even show it that by just a dollar a day, you can get 6 months sub within 3 months with extra..

    and yes, i do think that if you cant afford to sub even with the plan i put out, you have bigger thing to worry and shouldnt play video game of any kind, not just DCUO.. you should like.. get a job or work to get a better job.. no reason for anyone who play this game but cant put away a dollar a day for this game... as i said, a little saving, go a long way..
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  9. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    You're still missing the point. Some people don't sub, BECAUSE THEY DON'T WANT TO SUB. Is that impossible to understand or something? Are they breaking the law?
  10. MaverickRaven657 Well-Known Player

    Fine I will say it. No he's not breaking the law. He's just being a cheapskate. He's allowed to be as much as a cheapskate as he wants, but we are also allowed to judge him for being the aforementioned cheapskatedness.
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  11. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    "Spent more than 300 dollars on this game", never paid for membership = dont love or care about the game.

    Nice logic.
  12. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    People are free not to sub.

    That is fine.

    But the OP did start a thread asking what he could do now that his CR has gone up.
    "What do I do now besides buying a new DLC/Ep?"

    People told him the answer.... "subscribe/go Legendary".

    Somehow..... that is not good enough an answer.

    Sadly there is only 2 options to his dilema..... buy the DLC or Subscribe.

    He does not want to "subscribe" because "Legendary is not worth for me".

    That is fine if he does not want to subscribe..... but he did ask people what his options were... and people answered his question.
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  13. Jason Martin Dedicated Player

    And I already said that I'll buy the DLC I need, but somehow this thread is already 4 pages long and becamr a flamewar.
  14. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    People can play the game anyway they want.

    But when someone asks what the options are besides buying DLCs..... there is only one real answer.....


    No one is forcing anyone to do so.

    But the question was asked....

    No we do not owe the game/Devs anything.

    But if we like playing the game..... why not supporting it??

    Some can support it a LOT by buying 300 TC each month....

    Others buying an aura once a month.....

    Others buying a DLC once a year.

    Today we have someone who can either

    A) Subscribe
    B) Buy a DLC
    C) not buy anything and keep on playing

    If the OP does not buy anything.... that is fine.
    But he did say "But since this free gear put me all the way up to cr 109 (almost 110) I can't enjoy farming my Tier 5 DLC cuz of no rewards, and getting 1 MoV per boss on Raids only is a big no no for me."

    If that is the case...... he will need to
    A) Subscribe
    B) Buy a DLC

    No one is forcing him to do anything.
    But he did ask.
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  15. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    The Forums are very tense right now.

    So it does not take much right now to create some BURN BABY BURN!!!

    ;) ;)
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  16. calvin_0 Dedicated Player

    next time maybe you should read before quoting....

    also spend 300 bucks but not sub.. that is just dumb..
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  17. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    TL;DR: He got pushed out of relevancy, his only options are to spend some money (Episode or Sub) or not earn MoV, while playing Earth 3 free. No one is forcing him to do anything...his options were laid out.

    Here's the quick rundown: The OP opened the free gift which knocked him out of relevancy, so now he can't earn full marks of victory from the Episodes he currently owns. He asked what his options where to continue getting marks without buying or subbing up. He was given the only 3 options available to him: Sub up...Buy the next Episode that is relevant to him...or buy nothing and continue playing the free Earth 3 content till the next Episode drops. All of this on the first page.

    He then expressed he didn't have much time or interest in PvE, PvE held no value for him anymore, he preferred PvP. Yet he still wanted to earn Marks of victory. I pointed out that inconsistency in his statements (wants to earn full PvE currency, but has not interest in PvEo_O). Others pointed out the same thing that was said on page one...which is legit info. If he wants to earn FULL Marks of Victory he needs to move up to the next DLC or Sub up for at least a month. That means buying Amazon Fury 2 (which I mentioned somewhere on page 3).

    In between all of that, he took offense because he felt he was being called out for being a cheapskate (which I think happened by page three). He's gotten confused with the information, even though all he needed to know was on page one.
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  18. MAGNETOxxFirstClass 15000 Post Club

    Perfectly recapped.

    Good job.

    1000 Thumbs up. :) :)
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  19. Attackfrog Active Player

    He could also make another character and start over. Just another option to throw out there.

    I agree though. The game is a business. For the $300 he already spent, he could have subbed and be experiencing all dlc as well as those other powers (as well as a few other "perks" and probably not be in this predicament.
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  20. Shark Dental Devoted Player

    Better call the devs then and tell them to cancel their premium service. Let's make subscription mandatory to play.
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