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    We are a human, cyborg, robot rogue military themed league. What does that mean exactly? It means we style our characters as military. There is no restriction on powers or weapons styles cause that is just silly. We don't accept aliens, gods/goddesses, Kings/Queens/Imperial types. If that's your thing, good for you.

    Rules of the league are simple. No rudeness toward members of any kind. We are team players not in competition with each other. No trash talk in shout insulting people based on race, gender, LGBT status, or religion. No playing loud music on our voice channels. Do not steal from, well anyone.

    We do not Carry players. We will back you up as a team though. We will explain Feats, mechanics of content so you are not clueless of what is happening and why, mods crafting.

    To us HELP is a dirty word. Help is for the helpless and no villain should be helpless . We will assist, back-up and support you. That not good enough then we are not the league for you.

    We run PVE and PVP content. Just tell whoever is on what you are looking to run. Sometimes setting up a day for certain content can be efficient.

    League Hall is available. Statues are purchased. I try to make sure everyone gets represented when I can. Honestly though, they are just cosmetic. We have earned our 1st League Boost and working toward our 2nd. Would have been 3rd but Daybreak didn't warn us about not being able to stack Proficiencies. Live n Learn.

    Mics are optional but very nice to have. If you do not have a mic then hopefully you can hear us. If you can't hear us...well we will be there for you but communications will be slower.

    Our league is smaller due to it being a Themed League. Well then it gives us more opportunity to have more quality vs quantity. If interested send me a message here or in game.

    IN GAME MEMBERS: Danielle Nem, Danielle Duncan, Tabitha Anastasia, Xander Duncan, Project TFM913, Project TFM914, Project TFM915. Jenny Weston, Agent Spears, Agent Annabelle, Emma Pierce, General Chenelle, Maria Sanchez, Mrs Fisher, Deimos Eros, Nemesis Rhamnous, Asmodeus Fury, B1ack Cheetah, Major Paynee, Vore Shadow, Misfit Stone, Aura Stone, Billy Redding, USSEALS PRIDE, BlackOpsxBunny, Sabaton Alpha, Sabaton Beta, Sabaton Delta, Lt Jamerson, Anthony Massacre, ..ect.
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    Been friends with Danielle for years on DCUO. Very cool person. I do not get on much anymore due to work and life. Wasn't sure about the military deal at first but I get it now. Have never heard anyone in the group say they were better than anyone else, except when talking about heroes. Mature and sometimes goofy this league is my home.
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    If you all ever need a crappy DPS to tag along feel free to invite to whatever you guy/gals are running I don't mind helping out my fellow villains :)

    Community Standard USPS4

    or if you need a healer I have a heal as well

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    Anytime. If you are a team player then you are not crap. Everyone has a role and nobody has god complex here. You are more than welcome to join in.

    Reply with Toon names or just shoot out an invite and let them know you met me on here.