The Flash Spoiler Thread.

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  1. Vella Well-Known Player

    The most important scene in the entire film was Nicolas Cage Superman. I'm pretty sure the Villain is supposed to be a mix of Savitar and Red Death. Was a bit predictable, but still cool to see. Was hoping to at least see Reverse Flash, or even just yellow lighting. WB might be saving that for a sequel. Barry didn't pull a COIE, sooo not sure what's gunna happened with Ezra being The Flash. Kinda figured they'd pull a COIE, and the post credit scene would show us Wally West. I sure someone should have given Evil Barry that damn teacup analogy. Also a bit disappointed Grant didn't make a cameo, and complete the crossover.
  2. Emoney Dedicated Player

    They took my very favorite Flash storyline, gutted it, and made it a hot mess. It seriously lacked all important parts of the original story.

    The Flashpoint story teaches Barry he cannot change the past. He learns that him and Eobard are connected by a paradox. Thomas Wayne, and his letter to Bruce, is an amazing part of the story. All of it, left out for member berries. Don't get me wrong, I love Micheal Keatons Batman, but it wasn't the right approach. Jeffery D Morgan could have been a fabulous Thomas Wayne.

    I absolutely hated this movie. They could have done so many different approaches that wasn't this. Especially with the end and George, like what the..... made zero sense, and basically made the whole movie a joke.
  3. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    In a way, this film is everything wrong with comic book movies, in both a creative sense, and a business sense. They cost hundreds of millions to make, so to make money they have to appeal to an audience wider than just comic book readers. But, in order to create the buzz, they need to have enough inside lore to appeal to the comic book fans. A successful comic book movie needs to dance that fine line between the two. This film tried to dance that line, 'lets's bring back Michael Keaton'! "Okay, then let's do the flashpoint storyline" 'wait, our starring actor has gone weirdo on us' 'We had gut the flashpoint storyline so Joe Public could understand it'

    In a nutshell, in trying to make everyone happy, they've made everyone mad.
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  4. Controller Devoted Player

    I personally lost interest in this film with Brunette Supergirl...........

    "IF" you wanted to replace Henry Cavill's Superman with his famous younger cousin AT LEAST GO WITH THE TRADITIONAL BLOND Supergirl..........



    I mean....who is driving the bus nowadays, lol?

    And don't say that "Blond" isn't the issue because supposedly Aquaman is going TRADITIONAL BLOND in his new movie later this long as they keep JASON MOMOA as Aquaman then this is a FABULOUS move............

    Little stuff like this matters.
  5. Quantum Edge Steadfast Player

    The Supergirl thing didn't bother me, but interestingly, it proves my point. You're aware of precedent, and not adhering to it is important to you. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. You're turned off the movie because a creative decision made for story purposes bothers you. Personally I was sort of hoping for a weakened Kal El, not Clark Kent emerging emaciated from a red sun prison where he was being observed by the government. I think that would have been a compelling story, but it would have taken the average viewer out of the story wondering what the heck was wrong with Superman.

    There are a bunch of ancillary things happening, no talk shows means the publicity machine is hobbled. Keeping Ezra Miller under wraps for the most part doesn't help, and a current environment in which his crimes have an especially sinister motivation doesn't help. On Twitter there were several threads accusing people of pardoning people for terrible crimes simply paying for admission. The weird conversation that bad CGI was intentional and a creative choice by the director.

    Hindsight is always 20/20 and looking now, I don't think this movie was ever going to do that well. apparently 85 different writers worked on this movie. I'm sure that's an exaggeration, but it gives you an idea of an erratic creative process leading up to the movie.

    Personally, I'm excited to see Oppenheimer this summer.
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  6. Emoney Dedicated Player

    So true.
    But I can't help but think, we comic book readers fell in love with the characters and stories for a reason. I really dont get why they have to change anything. I think the studios really underestimate the intelligence of the wider audience.

    It's like the average movie based on a book. They usually keep it pretty close. But for some reason comic book movies need a whole bunch of changes.
  7. Emoney Dedicated Player

    This is one change that really didn't bother me too much in the overall changes. I mean honestly, it always seemed weird she was pretty much the only kryptonian that was blonde lol. Back in the day, when she was created, I think it was an attempt to lure male readers since guys seem to like blonds better in general. But, when ya look at her Dad, her uncle, her cousin, Zod etc....they all have dark hair.
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  8. Controller Devoted Player

    Hmmm...interesting. Did not know that.

    Still, though - to me it's quite odd to deviate from what I'm used to seeing - as well as I'm sure many others.
  9. Controller Devoted Player

    DC Cinematic Universe:

    Just give me ONE GOOD / GREAT DC Movie!! Just one............


    I personally don't care at this point if the main character is AMBUSH BUG, looooooooool...

    Just give me / US DC fans ONE VERY GOOD / GREAT DC Movie and BUILD OFF OF IT.............
  10. Super Summoner New Player

    Well, at least they can stop blaming Black folks for every movie that flops. I seen a Youtuber blame Indiana Jones flopping for being "Woke" aka Black......


    Maybe Harrison is albino....I don't know.....

    Woke is the new "Anti;" everything is woke, so nothing is woke.

    Anyway, the budgets for these movies are insane. It makes them DOA. Spidey was a success, because it did not cost 200+ milli to make....despite being "Woke" or Black....
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  11. Emoney Dedicated Player

    I don't see "woke" as only a race thing and specifically African Americans. Woke to me means making superficial changes to pander to a minority audience. So in the case of Indiana Jones, it's downgrading Indy as the hero, and replacing him with a female who is the main protagonist who can do everything better than her male counterpart.

    Same thing with She Hulk vs Hulk....

    Same thing with Hawkeye...

    Same thing with Thor Love and Thunder...

    Iron Heart, Black Panther, etc

    It's not always about race, it can be gender and sexual orientation....any minority group.
  12. Controller Devoted Player

    A "GREAT STORY" can negate any "Woke" criticisms nowadays....

    A couple of IMO classics that I can recall off the top of my head:

    Mad Max: Fury Road -


    No Mel Gibson? No problem! Write a GREAT story....follow the HISTORY of previous movies....get CAPABLE actors and actresses....and there you go.

    Charlize Theron and Tom Hardy were OUTSTANDING in this movie. They worked WELL together and each clearly needed one another. The Heroine, Ms. Theron - clearly earned her stripes in this movie.

    Another sleeper hit? Annihilation -


    Another sleeper CLASSIC - with an ALL-WOMAN cast and an engaging storyline. IMO a GREAT SCI-FI Classic that is slept on too much...

    SCI-FI Horror AT IT'S BEST......a hauntingly beautiful and scary movie. One that could seemingly happen in Real Life.

    The hotshot pilot dude (Oscar Issac) from the recent Star Wars movies plays an excellent support role in this movie but is clearly not a driver of it's success.


    A compelling story first....capable actors/actresses second....and THEN throw in Racial / ethnic diversity / gender considerations but don't shove it down our throats.

    And do NOT sleep on ORIGINAL characters as well.

    Don't be afraid of dusting off unknown characters and bringing THEM to the forefront.

    "THIS", IMO - is how you can EASILY combat "Woke" angst. It is a nuanced term that isn't nearly spoken about enough in its entirety but bandied about as political fodder by ignorants running for office nowadays.
  13. Eve YouTuber

    I watched The Flash a few weeks back with my brother. We actually had a lot of fun, though the ending was just not it. I pretty much disliked the ending. Yes it was funny, but at the same time this is not a good ending to the DCEU or Ezra's Flash. He didn't freaking learn his lesson. >_>
  14. Controller Devoted Player

    Just saw this movie and was pleasantly surprised at how good it was.

    Just goes to show you - "Don't listen to word of mouth reviews - see it for yourself!"

    I loved the cameos as well.

    If this trend keeps up then I'm cautiously optimistic for the DCEU's future.

    I personally think Ezra redeemed himself. I'm hoping that he returns as The Flash.
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  15. Super Summoner New Player

    Like everything else, it was hijacked......or remixed.

    Anyway, only one thing can save DC...Cast Obama as President Superman. Can he act? He acted like he cared about Black folk for about nine years.....I say that movie can pull over 1 billion because Obama is a celebrity president, like Reagan.

    ...Im not joking btw.
  16. Controller Devoted Player

    I'd hope that DC wouldn't take such a path, to be honest.....especially with Icon and other characters of Milestone Media (DC) to bring to the Big Screen.

    Why go with used labels as Superman?

    Why not go with an ORIGINAL....


    Augustus Freeman as Icon on the Big Screen - done properly - would be the MOST UNIQUE Comic book character EVER brought to Cinema, especially considering his BEGINNINGS as a Slave in the Deep South in 1839...........

    Let Obama appear in an Icon movie and perhaps TALK to Icon but please God no "Obama as President Superman".

    I love Obama but I'd hate such a movie.

    Such a movie would be utter and shameless pandering to KNOWN BRANDS - such as The Little Mermaid. It would imply - to ME at least - that we as Blacks have to love OTHER LABELS and simply colorize them rather than PROUDLY claiming something meant to be ORIGINAL....

    Dwayne McDuffie, Dennis Cowan and Co. GREW Milestone Media in the early 1990s.....with Superheroes, Villains and other characters representing Black and Ethnic and of course Caucasian rehashed labels with Flash, Superman or Batman present.


    I grow tired of colorizing known brands just to pander to some folks.

    It is time for Milestone Media (DC) to bring its characters into the fray.
  17. Controller Devoted Player

    And PLEASE don't use the excuse of "Well Milestone Media (DC) characters don't exist in the DC Cinematic universe.

    I beg to differ.

    You mean our Hero of this thread - THE FLASH - hasn't somehow gained access to a universe with both Traditional DC and MILESTONE (DC) Characters in it? During his Time Traveling / Time Warping / Reality changing events?

    You have Milestone Media (DC) characters on the RIGHT, such as Iota (Lady in Pink, with Atom-like shrinking powers), Hardware (Milestone's Tony Stark but cruder), Donner (Think of a German Steve Rogers but WAAY stronger), Icon, and the Bang Baby Payback.

    You have Justice League on the left.



    Lol no excuses anyone can shove down my throat at this point.

    This series spanned several epic issues and ended with both squads teaming up to fight the Cosmic Vampire Star Breaker


    AGAIN - BOTH Milestone and traditional DC characters HAVE existed together - even in the Young Justice cartoon series


    Make. This. Happen.

    No. More. Excuses.

    Introduce. Original. Superheroes.

    Just blame such a universe existing on Flash's Time manipulation. I mean even GEORGE CLOONEY lives again as Batman in the Flash movie, lol.

    Whose next? Adam West?

    C'mon now.
  18. Super Summoner New Player

    What is an original in comics/media? Captain Marvel is not "Original" perse....because Monica was before her & a guy iirc.

    Miles is not Original perse, but may be more popular than the original lol.....Spideyverse is the 1st summer Block Buster.

    As for Mermaids? Well.....Mermaids origins are Ancient Syrian. Ancient Syria was a Afro-Asiatic Nation; or Semitic. Thus, a Black Mermaid anint really that far off lol.....I mean, The Little mermaid is not orginal because Mermaids origins are not Danish.....

    Aquaman was swapped...did 1B.

    Nick Fury isn't Black.....Avengers still does numbers.

    Shuri is not the "original" BP, but the movie surpassed The Batman & did nearly 900m.

    The Lanterns? Who is original?

    No such thing as "Original" in comics. There are many Supermen, Spidermen, Lanterns, Captain America, etc......These monikers are not a person, but a identity. I mean....Dr Doom was iron Man.......
  19. Super Summoner New Player

    More on Shuri.....

    ....Challa wasn't even the "Original" BP, Bashenga was before him lol, iirc.....
  20. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    I think it might make more sense if you look at "original" as "classic" and then look at "classic" as "most classic" with "most classic" leaning towards "most popular". There isn't a single character that hasn't been altered, revamped, updated or re-envisioned in some way and when that runs it's course things revert back to the aforementioned "original" with "original" having ambiguous origins. Original characters aren't born overnight and rarely intentional. They create themselves over time until they reach a point where that one version is most shared in the public conscious.

    Messing with that is foolish.