The evolution of dps - burst vs DoT

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  1. mgkaenzo New Player

    HL single target ? Are you ******* serious
    HL high dps for single target since nerf of stacking snaptrap DoT is FFF with WD -> ram : AoE WT : AoE Fan : AoE WD : AoE ST : single

    So is it AoE or single target HL is the only power with elec who don't have a good <35% power.
    The only thing where HL is the best on prime is for healing drones but in elec I just do WD/VB/elec consummable and OH no drones ^^ so I will say HL is AoE but AoE power don't mean they are bad in single target.
  2. Ogat New Player

    HL is the best PvE all rounder it has both great Single and aoe dmg. The raid it excells at is actually GoT not prime, many powersets have the capability to come close in prime as it's a short single target raid with few adds and mostly burning the bosses(Dots finish ticking ect...) but Prime is the only raid of this kind except Fos3 but FoS3 is a 4-5 minute 3 dps setup instance anyway.
  3. Liightmare New Player

    shame on you for calling some1 out on their bullish and expecting them to actually man up and take the challenge. dont you know this is the forums where people can say w/e they want and dont have to back it up. jokes aside flint if you dont accept his challenge you should just delete your account and stop wasting space on the forums
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  4. OMAAR New Player

    As it stands now, HL is PBAOE damage. I will say that it is not the best single target powerset or the best ranged powerset but it can hold it's own.

    I fully support Dump Truck. He has every right to defend his powerset by initiating challenges. The other party should accept as this is not the dark ages where we throw losers in a volcano.

    The loser will just post: " you were correct and I sincerely apologize "
    Winner posts: " No problem, it's all good "
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  5. Neptune New Player

    I hope Fire Burst can clip with FieryWeapon. And mass Det can jump to cancel animation. It will fix a lot. i was also hoping nature more like lightning power. 1time hit hard followed by few poison tic. No more spreading poison. IMO spreading poison will not be efficient when T5 gear coming out. HL&gadget will wipe the mob faster when u still spreading poison.
  6. Neptune New Player

    so cruel.:(
  7. Liightmare New Player

    slight correction. hl has a garbage 35% finisher, electric has none :( im all for fixing hl finisher and giving electric one right now!!
  8. Neptune New Player

    lightning no need finishes moves. because lightning has heavy damage skill tho+ big area.
  9. Nemacdeus New Player

    I'll put my 2 cents in on the whole Gadget/HL DPS debate. Gadgets at the moment on PS3 has the highest DPS potentital due to it's quick burst AOE power and its 2 power with PI dot rotation that sets up 4 ticks. Once the dots are set in its all about how fast you can clip your weapon attacks. HL on the other hand has the same high clip playstyle, but it is limited due to its rotation that doesn't focus on your primary weapon attack but its own dynamic combo. I do know there is a nice trick with HL combos that integrates a weapon attack into the combo and if done correctly and quickly enough it competes with gadgets damage. Gadgets is just a little easier to use so it allows you to concentrate more on your weapon combo clipping, which in my opinion has the highest damage per second numbers over any powers (mainly speaking of one melee AOE weapon combo that every high end DPS is likely using). Now PC on the other hand processes animation data faster than the PS3 so HL players on the PC side might benefits from that which would make the animation clipping easier much easier.

  10. Liightmare New Player

    regardless of what you think electric needs a finisher. i could say the other powersets don't need a finisher but they all have one and electric doesn't. so to bring balance to the powersets electric needs a finisher if you decide to use it or not thats your problem
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  11. mgkaenzo New Player

    Yes I know but I tell not a good finisher because it has bad dmg and the damage is split with other ennemies around but the ennemies are not all at <35% so you lose dps.

    HL need a good finisher because atm you can use it in white damage and a final ruin in white damage with 700+ precision will be so amazing.
  12. Potent New Player

    This is definitely a large part of it as well.

    If you loot at Shiny Mackerel's Clipped Time's for Spin Chop vs Downward Smash(he is on PC), it shows a clear indication that clipping Spin Chop will give a higher damage yield(on PC you can get 3 Chops during 1 Smash).

    However if you look at Omaar's numbers for a clipped Spin Chop, its about .24 seconds slower, which significantly reduces the clipped DPS value when compared to Downward Smash. Making DS the better option for PS3.

    The clipped time for Staff does not change from PS3 to PC, as the window for clipping is extremely large and easy to catch.
  13. Joker New Player

    Dump truck as a fire Dps i have recently gone into a slump and i feel with my present know how of how i use fire i will never keep up on a serious level do you have any tips that would be helpful to me to increase my output perhaps a loadout or a rotation of powers that are effective?
  14. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    What kind of loadout, weapon, rotation are you currently using?
  15. Joker New Player

    Currently i am running your ranger loadout but it is not hitting the numbers i am looking for. Maybe i am doing it wrong or something, i have 2106 might and am using a rifle with it as suggested it is better than where i was before but still i know i am not maximizing my potential. i want to eliminate using charge time moves as my main sort of Damage.

    Edit: I am Flight
  16. Soulburn32 Loyal Player

    Go to the bottom of my guide in the community loadouts section, try my Tap Triangle Madness loadout and setup and see if you like it better than the traditional ranger setup
  17. Joker New Player

    i am thinking more of a melee build rifle is not exactly my strongsuit
  18. FrostyMagma New Player

    OMG every one all ways saying that the gadgets or hard light is best, its good but those are the easiest and most used powers...wait.... cause it is the easiest. im currently ice and their isnt a power that can run from me.. i have out dps very good gadget and hard light powers.Be that said, i have tried every power and have been at the top of the dps board allmost every time reguarding power. burst damage from ice is very hard to beat. but it is the most diffacult power to master so i understand the hate. so i say. THEIR IS NO OP POWER ALL THE POWERS CAN BE OP, YOU JUST NEED TO INTERACT THE POWERS PROPPERLY AND ALL THE POWER ARE dig
  19. Neptune New Player

    Hope fire burst & massDet & same skill like it can produce damage when the adds disturb their channeling . It will fix everything.
  20. Helios Xenon New Player

    I can't relate.. I've been a melee burst dps for as long as I can remember. The only thing I did before burst dps was fiery and arrow storm to use little power and get high damage lol. then "happy learned how to clip"

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