The devs gonna do anything?

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by TwoSan, Oct 6, 2022.

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  1. TwoSan New Player

    The Atlantean Pack was being sold for 1 DB Cash earlier today, a lot of players bought a lot, earning 15 Stabilizers and 100 Source Marks for each buy. I bet someone has over 100000 stabilizers, this is unacceptable, please do a rollback, it's better to lose a day of progress than have the game more broken than it is.

    Screenshots from a post on General Gameplay:
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  2. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    This situation is not great. As in similar situations, the tradeable nature of the rewards makes it difficult to undo all of the damage. We will do what we can, however.

    Many folks will have their accounts suspended (indefinitely) tonight while we assess possible next steps.
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  3. The_fair_1 Committed Player

    Exactly, but that’s just it when other businesses mess up they take accountability for messing up and try to fix it for everyone (not demonize and remove anyone that took part). But no way would DCUO be doing that. I know all of us love CashGrab Universe Online
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  4. Reigning_Kaos Level 30

    No because then that would suggest taking accountability for the mistake happening in the first place! You would think for all the hours spent down and this NOT being the first time it happened there would be some sort of QOL specialist going over things like this before bringing the server up to ensure nothing like this happened again. But no let's blame and punish those who caught on to ineptitude.
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  5. The Con Dedicated Player

    Yeah?..... Buuuuuut... it too late to buy any?? :rolleyes:

    I keed. o_O
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  6. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    We need a sticker of Otis from Superman pointing at broker prices saying “I Did That!”

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  7. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    You can't compare those apples to these oranges. Assuming you did find that situation, the supply of wine would be finite, especially what was on the shelf. The loss would be limited. So yeah, a mis-mark of items would get some very nice discounts for 10, 20 or 50 bottles....but I'd guess after the first guy rolled a cart up filled to the top with 1 dollar wine bottles, someone would shut the sale down. Heck, with the right to refuse service to anyone, that first guy would probably never get through the checkout. I'd also bet you might get banned from the store, but that would probably be after the scene you'd make when they told you you can't buy 50 bottles of $1 wine that was obviously mis-marked. Even if they let the entire shelf go for $1, they wouldn't restock and would limit their losses...I mean unless they were very VERY bad grocers.

    Should people be booted over it? Maybe not, but If I know you bought 500 of those boxes ($5 btw), and I saw you had in excess of 7500 stabilizers still around and 50K in source marks, yeah...I'd refund your $50 and pull 50,000 source off you and the 7500 stabilizers or whatever you had remaining....and you'd be on vacation till it got straightened out. If you had none of these...yeah, maybe the boot.

    Honestly I probably wouldn't refund the $50, as that what you would have spent for the box anyway. You can keep the 500 copies of Mera and Aquaman gear.;)

    As far as someone internally getting 'talked to'....yeah....I'd guess they got some 'splanin to do.
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  8. Reigning_Kaos Level 30

    Imagine punishing the customers for a mistake that you, as the business made. We are the ones who keep your game up and running, by spending money each day/month. Only punishment for this should
    be on the employee or employees who allowed this kind of mistake to happen in the first place. If you can ban the players for this kind of mistake on your end, then with that kind of logic, you mine as well double the salary of the person or persons who allowed this mistake to happen. There has not been an update in recent memory without somekind of screw up on daybreaks end, yet each time the punishment is on the players (customers). If you screw up, then its on you, not on us, plain and simple. A rollback of some kind when this issue first cropped up would have been 1 thing, but to wait 5 hours and then decide to ban the players (customers) for your mistake is just insane. Do y'all even think before you act. Is there any business sense in you as a company at all. I find it hard to believe you all still have jobs to be honest. The management team must enjoy collecting those paychecks and looking the other way, since something as easy as shutdown has you guys bamboozled lately.
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  9. Reigning_Kaos Level 30

    Here's the issue with your logic. It's been no secret over recent years that DCUO has been called out for being "very money hungry or cash grab heavy". That's one thing, but the lack of accountability for these type of mistakes are mind boggling. I would LOGICALLY think if I am heavily pushing microtransactions on my ftp game that with every update especially after the first mishap that the last thing I'd check or make sure someone checks before the servers go live is that my marketplace and subsequent vendors directly or indirectly linked to my marketplace are in tact and priced properly to avoid this scenario. It's not only healthy for us as a business to ensure we're not losing money, but we're also not banning PAYING PLAYERS from playing our game. There's a difference between being robbed and inviting someone to your wallet. This is definitely another case of the latter.
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