In Progress The Daybreak Games Census API is Broken

Discussion in 'Arkham Asylum (Bug Reports)' started by NovaRandom, Feb 21, 2024.

  1. NovaRandom Well-Known Player

    Since the last awful game update yall peformed the Census has been down and doesnt work on any of the various dcuo sites that are connected to the census. The normal census, the zonexus, the dcuo community page all are effected and need to be working again. They are great tools for feat hunting and devastating when it isnt working.
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  2. Charter New Player

    I agree, API is indeed broken.
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  3. TheChaser New Player

    Yeah even the mobile app does not work. You can see league rankings but it won't show any characters or leagues when you click on it. [IMG]
  4. Warped Discord Moderator

    I reached out to someone from Daybreak that works on the API (I only happen to know them in dealing with an issue once before with the DCUOBot which is a player ran app that uses the census and is in the DCUO official discord server), and the answer I was given is that it may take some time for the issue to be resolved but they are aware of it now at least.

    The answer I was given is that it seems a new DB and Census is failing to connect. This in turn prevents the `/character` collection from being considered in a good state.

    They did state something like this will take time to fix so hopefully the issue will be looked at and resolved soon. They did not provide an ETA unfortunately.
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  5. Merk4days New Player

    If ya'll need help with this API, I have some extra time.. I'v been a software engineer for almost two decades and have a PhD in nuclear physics.. How can I help?!
  6. BugBreaker New Player

    Has there been any update on this? This is a very crucial tool for sp gaining
  7. AerynDC Developer

    There is a ticket in place for this and it is being worked on.
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  8. lamourboy001 Well-Known Player

    Why is it a useful tool for gaining sp? Can't see feats in-game?
    Or you just want to spying on others, huh? Geez..
  9. iLazy Well-Known Player

    Are you being afraid of getting caught? Hm? Jokes aside.

    There are sites that can track feats and they are a good way to keep an eye on your own or a mates feats.
    There is no ingame way to track them like a mission and every 4mins opening the feat tab - scrolling down to X - looking for the right feats...
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  10. lamourboy001 Well-Known Player

    The feats have already been categorized, and even the instance feats can be easily checked with a single button press. I'm sorry, but how can it be simpler than this? And why do you want to check your mate's feats? They can't? You gave the worst reasons.

    Or maybe you're one of those people who check everyone before inviting them to a group and that's why?
  11. iLazy Well-Known Player

    Sounds like some people didn't want to play with you because whatever they had as reason.
    Why should I check feats for someone else? Maybe it's a new player and has no idea about what to do or how to check wich feat is what. There are many feats outside of the instances that you can't check on the duty menue.
    Your so hard afraid of this api? Stuff like this is everywhere - any shooter like D2 to even here.
    Edit: Typoman was here
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  12. lamourboy001 Well-Known Player

    I don't really care if the api works or not. If you or your friends are not able to open or interpret the feat menu, then I recommend that you do not continue playing, this is not for you. Although even a preschooler can do it...
  13. iLazy Well-Known Player

    Aww sweet. Afraid of an API. They are everywhere. Dont lie and your okay - I play this game for a few years and never saw someone using it to blame others.
    Have a nice one and calm down. Your lies will not exposed soon - they can't e en fix the game. So the API is it a high priority o the too do list.
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  14. lamourboy001 Well-Known Player

    Why do you come saying I'm afraid of api or anyone else? This is total bs. o_O
    Let me simplify, either you are just lazy(as your name shows) and don't understand how to use the in-game feat menu or you want to snitching on others. No need for side talk. :rolleyes:
  15. vRad Active Player

    This doesn't make sense... snitching on others for what, exactly? Still needing to complete a feat?

    Feat checkers are incredibly useful, three examples of how I've used them:
    1. To coordinate content runs in my league that the participants will actually benefit from. Try asking 8 people to check which of a dozen feats they still need in one instance and track them all at once, or just use zonexus's group feat checker to know within seconds- AND not eat up other's limited gaming time to browse their menus.

    2. When someone in my league reaches our highest rank (prestige and tenure based), I use a feat checker to find the highest point emblems they don't have, buy one from the broker, and mail as a surprise thank you for their contributions to our community.

    3. I hold onto feat related base and R&D drops. If I'm helping someone level up and the feat checker shows they still need those feats, I know to ask which pieces they don't have yet so I can help them fill the gaps.
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  16. DuckyForever New Player

    TYVM DEVS might mistake this as u caring:oops: tytytytyo_O
  17. Illumin411 Loyal Player is a very useful tool for feat hunting. It's also a useful tool for when others solicit my advice regarding their own feat hunting.

    I'm gonna go ahead and assume that you not even considering the helping of others as a motivation was just a momentary slip of the mind. Otherwise it would be quite telling of your character.
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  18. Miranda31 Well-Known Player

    You know, I do use the in-game feat checker more since they reorganised it. But I still like my zonexus. Firstly, I can quickly check whether a league mate has an item feat, if I get a drop - similar to what vRad says, just a routine courtesy (my league being me, my OH, his mate and a bunch we haven't seen for months). Secondly, I sometimes make a spreadsheet to help me spam episodes for feats I haven't done, and it's still a hell of a lot easier to do it with a spreadsheet derived from the "missing feats" checker than laboriously going back and forth with the in-game version, especially with large counts. I do validate it against the in-game one.
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  19. NovaRandom Well-Known Player

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