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  1. Massah Committed Player

    Thank you kindly for the reply.

    Yeah, it looks like B.O.P. and Death Metal Batman Energy Steal pool are the only ways to grant Pet power as a Controller(DPS ... like Parasite's Power Harness B.O.P will register as DPS or Bird's Blitz from Stealth, but with no actual Debuffs applied on targets. Not sure if it because of coding Stealth/Invisibility which sort-of like a limbo states of not really still controller role)*

    Elite duo Daboom and Turtledove work fine. Ebon's grab not so much.
    Also have had Ebon glitch and be immune to damage of countered consecutively early in the fight. (Very annoying)*

    I was potentially thinking I might run Blossom trinket and Clarion replacing strategist card (will need enough skill points to at least have all critical damage/healing/power and 100 for each bottom node for the 10% stat).

    To see if that will assist in no-tank group survivability.

    I have had 1 MTCE run with no tank & no healer where a DPS had Clarion & I assume some other healing ability or artifact. (We did wipe in a Hallway as we were doing all add House cleaning feat for one of the group members ... extra adds to build SC up)

    If we had fourth artifact slot I would be very tempted to run Clarion with Transformation card in addition to B.O.P. & Rao, as my default non-buff troll build. (I'm all for more precision)

    On your "One Man Army" build what weapon are you normally using?

    I switched back to Handblaster with Hybrid focus: handblaster can melee or range to exit stealth.

    I didn't like that Brawling could only melee to exit stealth and rifle would attack cancel: animation played but damage would not appear...even for the static Grenades throw. (Dud)
  2. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Depending on how you play Lernaea's Amulet, you don't even need a healer. As long as you don't let your stack size get too large, you can stay topped off on health fairly easily.

    If group survivability is an issue, I swap to my Healing Controller build that is based on Transformation Card, Clarion, and Strategist Card. As long there isn't a giant damage spike, I keep the group healed well with my constant weapon attacks. Clarion's shield also gives you a nice level of damage protection. Holographic Decoy works well on that build to help draw enemy aggro. If there is a particularly dangerous enemy I need to keep on lockdown, I will utilize the knockdown strategy with Sticky Bomb. If you want to take a slight hit to your healing abilities, you can swap Transformation Card with Amulet of Rao.

    "One Man Army" basically allows you to solo anything in the game. You don't need a tank since you have Decoy and and can transfer aggro to your pets. You don't need a healer since Amulet allows you to heal yourself from near-death to full health every few seconds.

    I mostly play the build as pure Might relying on Amplified Heat Vision, Taser Pull, Photon Blast, and my Stealth loadout to do damage. It can also be played with Dual Wield.
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  3. TheDark Devoted Player

    Hi Massah. Long time no chat.

    Yea I locked the old guide and linked this one when my time was up. Hope that’s how you got here. Penryn is the go to guy now :D
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  4. TheDark Devoted Player

    Hi Penryn-man

    You know it’s your 6th year anniversary now.
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  5. Massah Committed Player

    Was just testing to see about adding a damage oriented SC on Controller Stealth Loadput bar

    Stealth Loadput: Cuff'em, Battle Display, Surprise Attack, EMP, (Need Damage SC)*, Battle Drone for Shield/Power

    Was comparing Asphyxiation Gas vs Neo Venom Boost and noticed that Neo Venom Boost does not grant damage boost to artifact damage from Amulet of Rao, B.O.P. Commlink, nor Brand Of Hecate.

    The debuff D.o.T damage to ka from Rao do not get boosted from NVB
    Bird's Blitz does not get boosted from NVB

    Brand Of Hecate Blood Moon Brand and Cull will boost the above until at full Moon Stacks, but these attacks do not have their damage boosted by NVB either.

    Loadout: Blood Moon Brand, Defibrillator, Bird's Blitz, Holographic Decoy, Distract, Stealth

    Stealth Loadout ^above

    Should this be reported as a bug?
    Or do the non-crit damage abilities from Artifacts (Clarion, Demon's Fang, Gem Of Horus, etcetera) just not benefit from Neo Venom Boost?

    *Since their damage composition is not simply just might and instead is usually 2 combined stats (which was the reason given for not being critical eligible)

    Edit: Added comment from SC thread...
    Supercharge revamp when
  6. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    You shouldn't consider this a bug.

    The D.O.T from Rao, B.O.P Commlink, and Brand of Hectate do not benefit from Neo Venom Boost. Rather, their damage output is calculated based purely on the player's stats and ignore "damage boost" modifiers. You'll see the same behavior if you try boosting their damage output with Supply Drop.
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  7. Massah Committed Player

    Thanks for quick reply.

    I noticed it was behaving with Supply Drop on Test.

    Wondering how the 'damage' aspect of these Artifacts are supposed to play out with no critical scaling.

    Initial test variant of Brand of Hecate and Cull felt stronger and without the ability to boost damage it probably would have performed just fine on live without the lower damage it received.

    -Guess I'll have to be more vigilant next time.
  8. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    The three abilities you named are composite abilities that use multiple stats to calculate damage and are unable to do critical damage due to system limitations. Usually such abilities receive a moderate boost to their base damage because of the crit issue.

    Brand of Hectate went through multiple permutations before it was pushed to Live. The final version ended up being the weakest one. I think I've only ever seen two people use Brand of Hectate on Live.