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    For might I actually don’t use strat because the grim is a more consistent source of damage. However if you’d want to use the strat than the better option for extra ticks from what I could see came from fear gas. The strategist wasn’t getting enough ticks consistent enough to take up a slot over fear gas or taser pull. Same goes for prec.

    I yes, I was getting the procs from surprise attack even thou I was clipping. Something I should say thou is that when I recorded the st for prec I was not clipping correctly so for some of those attacks I didn’t connect since I was running late to do things. And I also didn’t want to push back the video any longer since my last 2 videos (mental and gadgets) were pushed back far to long lol. As you can see in the videos my parsers Im 30 seconds were very inconsistent. I would get some high 40s to 50k and other times I didn’t even break 30k. If I didn’t rush myself (my own fault) than I would’ve gotten more consistent numbers being in the high 40s. I think the 50k was a fluke. I run strat on prec because I don’t see any artifacts that can out perform it. Might I do. Also, I just didn’t want to cut that out of the video since I’m only human and I thought that it was a good idea for people to see the damage they’d get when rushing lol.

    As with all my videos I am missing a large chunk of might from my might set up since my base mods are prec and my elite mods are prec. Plus I don’t have might head augments for this dlc lol. So in total I’m missing about 6-8k might more or less?

    Edit: forgot to mention. You only need to let the beginning of the surprise attack animation to start to get it to register it’s damage. If you clip it with turret and then jump, the stealth breaking animation will clip the turret animation lol.
  2. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Also, since you also troll I am using a new troll set up that I’ve been enjoying lol.

    Arts are: strategist, bop, grimorium

    I know I know. It looks like a battle troll set up. But I don’t use it that way.

    The bop will make any type of attack I do cause a small power back to the group including yourself. This includes pets. So I added Turret to my loadout which gives me more attacks to fill the gaps when I’m not attacking. This way I keep my small ticks going. This in turn gives me reduced power regen. Which I use the grim to cover. The grim also adds another pet that also causes more small ticks. And because these small ticks can crit too, the strategist gets a lot of ticks to proc from and giving more power lol. My bop is only 160 and I’ve been having a blast with it lol. Once I get it to 200 it will be doing even more!!

    Also in my loadout I was using the bop ability, group power heal, turret/rsk, and my shield sc as my primary loadout. I added a shield and decoy. I am now HL so now I have 2 shields in my loadout but having decoy made it so amazing lol.

    This build is not for everyone. But thought I’d share this lol
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  3. Penryn The Gadgeteer

  4. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    My understanding is that you can’t clip it AT ALL and get the 4th tick making it an average middle-of-the-road ST damage option now.
  5. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    That is correct. I already found a work around for it thou but it is not as skill depending as jump clipping was. And it also does less damage. Which is unfortunate. Atm Im debating if I even want to return to the game lol. This is bring back far to many memories of gu36. Nerfing the skill aspect of the game for the sole purpose of people being upset that they get beat.

    Btw the trick is now to clip the final few seconds of the combo with an ability. For gadgets it would be fear gas, Taser, and possibly lasso or cryo.

    This also means that you can do the turret clip.

    Dart/turret jump clip fear > flurry/taser/stealth/surprise attack > flurry/dart/turret jump clip/fear > flurry/taser > repeat.

    Gadgets will always have a certain level of skill requirement compared to other powers which also comes with increased damage. However other powers are now brain dead easy.

    Flurry/lasso > furry/x > repeat.

    Combo powers will now find it very difficult and power hungry to do prec ST because of how powers work. For example HL.

    Flurry/grasping hand/power dump > flurry/snap trap/group power heal. If a HL prec doesn’t clip the grasping hand of snap trap with the group power heal than instead of going back into flurry you will go into a combo which lowers damage. They could replace one of those powers (snap) for lasso. But for lower damage.

    This is a strain nerf for prec while being a bigger nerf for some powers compared to others when before this change prec was an equalizer.
  6. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Btw I actually have a new troll set up. I forgot to post it but thought I’d share it here lol.

    BoP (160)
    Grimorium (200, it’s maxed because I use it for dpsing)
    Strategist (200, maxed for same reason as grim)

    BoP ability, group power heal, robot sidekick, decoy, shield, battle drone.

    I feel like I posted this somewhere but not to sure. So I’ll explain how this mess works lol.

    BoP gives the all allies (pets included) small ticks of power when ever I deal any form of damage. This includes my pets too.
    Robot sidekick attacks will also cause the BoP power ticks to proc. However this lowers my power regen.
    Grimorium negates my rsk power drain and also adds a second pet to trigger BoP power ticks.
    The BoP power ticks can crit. Since there are a lot of BoP ticks flying everywhere the strat will have a lot of chances to proc ending up in the group getting additional sources of power.

    For my weapon I use the brawling into shuriken. (We will come back to this later).

    For my skill point specs.

    I have superpowered specs since this is a full troll build. I have my crit power chance and crit power magnitude maxed out. I than have vit maxed out. I have my might/power at 100. (Will come back to this later).

    After that I actually maxed out crit damage chance and crit damage. But I have 0 in prec. I had 12 point (I think) left over so I put those in might to increase my power pool a little bit more.

    Now, I have 112 in might but the only might damage I do comes from the BoP. I only use this every 3 shuriken combos. But every shuriken combo I do ends with my group power dump.

    Now back to the brawling. Even thou I have 0 points in prec, because I have the crit chance maxed out I am getting plenty of crit ticks from my shuriken. This means that without trying to battle troll I am still getting 30k dps on 8 targets without actually trying to do damage haha.

    If they ever do open a 4th slot I’ll probably add the rao as a fourth just to get my pets to hit the right target lol.

    Btw, for my utility belt I use 2 different class of pets, supply drop, and orbital. I will try to always have 1 of my 2 utility pets up at all times so that I get 3 pets ticking my BoP at once. This is so that if I have to stop attacking to do a pick up my keys can keep supplying power to the group.

    This is my favorite troll set up I ever used. Now it does have a downside. The power out you do is dependent on you being able to hit the target to keep the BoP ticks going. So if you can’t hit the target for whatever reason than you power out will reduce.
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  7. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Thank you for sharing. That looks like a very solid build for a high SP player. Brawling's ranged attacks always parsed respectably for me, but you rarely see people mention them.

    Just curious, what pet trinkets do you use on that build? How often are you able to use Battle Drone with that build in typical raid gameplay?
  8. Stanktonia Dedicated Player

    This sounds like an extremely fun build, would be ashame if somebody stole it
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  9. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Honestly I don’t get battle drone as often as I would like considering that I don’t have my sc generator or soul cloak. So unlike the standard build I depend on my sc for Emergancy power. Instead I use it as an actual shield and only use it as needed. Because I don’t need to use it as often I can reply on my head sc mod to regain it fast enough to alternate when needed.

    As a ball park estimate I can use battle drone about 2-3x per battle. But typically I will only use it 1x per battle since power is never an issue.

    As for my pets. I will use my bat pet since it hits AoE. So if AI messes me up than it’s AoEs can still proc the BoP. And for my other pet I use the lex Corp henchmen but any henchman with a fast weapon will do. I like these because it can give me the pulse beam which ticks very fast. You can sub in the henchmen for HB sidekick since it can give you a shield and a little power. My power out can still get an increase in power by maxing out my BoP since it max tank it doubles the amount t of power it gives. I know 85 extra power doesn’t seem like a lot. But 85 per tick when I’m getting multiple ticks per second does add up pretty quickly.
  10. TheDark Devoted Player

    It’s your 3 Year Anniversary! Congratulations!
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  11. D3vi1 Dedicated Player

    How's it going everyone? Looks like everything has changed
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  12. TheDark Devoted Player

    Yea. We’re old now.

    I’d invite you guys over to CaveDark for tea but Bane destroyed it. My gadgets are outdated.
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  13. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Two questions:

    1: Did fear gas recently get changed? I suddenly can’t clip it with anything. It can only be jump cancelled and I’m pretty sure that wasn’t always the case.

    2. I’m pretty sure I know the answer to this but I’m hoping I’m wrong. Is there anything that is either burst and/or ST damage that has a similar dovetail to cryofoam other than tornado pull (I’m acro)?
  14. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    1. I'm seeing the same behavior. I can only jump cancel Fear Gas now. There was nothing about Fear Gas in the patch notes.

    2. Have you tried Mesmerizing Lasso?
  15. Fwames Well-Known Player

    Same. I tried using fear gas and couldn't clip it anymore. Jump cancelling it didn't really helped, instead of losing 2 ticks I am losing them all.
  16. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    You can get all the ticks if you don’t clip it too quickly. But still, it is now a very inconvenient power to use:
  17. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I do sub in lasso in pure ST scenarios when I know electrified or burning is already being applied, but that’s at the start of the sequence (clipping it with stealth). I’m looking to replace cryo-foam as the first power I hit once I’m in stealth that has a dovetail that then allows me to clip battle display, return to normal and then taser pull. I’m pretty sure I tried everything but was asking just in case I missed something.
  18. The Game Well-Known Player

    Fear gas got nerfed a couple of patches ago. I wanna say a few months now. I used to clip fg into neo in stealth but it has been a while now. FG has been bad for some time now. Not even worth using. THe bonus damage was taken away too.
  19. Fwames Well-Known Player

    Anyone using Vortex Canon?

    I'm still using my old loadouts for DPS as I've mainly used my gadgets toon as a troll and I've remember Vortex Canon exists. Cool looking power but outside of that the damage is pretty mediocre for 300 power and subpar range
  20. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I've tried making it work, but I always find the results to be inferior to the other 300 base cost powers in parser testing. It could use something to make it more interesting.