The Cutting Edge Gadgets Guide

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  1. JLazeZ New Player

    Hey, thanks for keeping this all updated.

    I found this guide not only useful for learning gadgets, but for learning DCUO's mechanics in general. The way it's formatted also made it very clear to read.
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  2. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    Indeed. Nothing against the other guides and their creators but this one is second to none when it comes to clarity, organization, and ease-of-use. It’s as thorough and comprehensive as it gets. Even being someone that a lot of people come to for questions on gadgets and the finer details of the game, I still reference this guide fairly regularly.
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  3. American Marksman Active Player


    My main will always be munitions (switched from gadgets to munitions when munitions came out) but I decided to make one of my alts a gadgets controller because I like gadgets and it reminds me of the good ole days when I first started DCUO. I have found gadgets is somewhat different than I remember but I am still pretty familiar with it. Right now in an attempt to create a battle 'troller I am running a full might build with stasis, defib, napalm, p-dart, distract, and drone SC. Its not a bad rotation but feel like it could be better. After I throw stasis clipped with defib and throw napalm and p-dart I am having to wait a little before stasis & defib come off of cool down so it feels a little weird. Do you have any suggestions or am I totally doing this wrong?
  4. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    That particular build sounds like it leans closer to being a traditional Controller versus a "Battle Controller." The only thing you can really spam on that loadout is Napalm Grenade.

    When it comes to being a Gadgets Battle Controller, I find players focus more heavily on a weapons build versus trying to use a play-from-the-tray build. In a Precision Battle Controller build, you use attacks like Dual Wield Flurry Shot for single-target damage and Explosive Shot for AoE. Building around your weapon as your primary damage output, you want to keep your weapon buffs (Battle Display/Defib) active while maintaining debuffs. Whenever I'm playing Precision Battle Controller, I will usually swap the healing debuff out for Battle Display.

    It is possible to do a Might-based Battle Controller build. I've utilized a Might-based build in some of my speed feat runs. The primary issue you run into is a lack of loadout space. You have to think very carefully about what you want to use as your primary offensive superpowers versus what you are willing to drop from your traditional Controller loadout. For Might-based Battle Controller, I've found it best to initially look at it from the perspective of a Damage role player. If you were building a 3 or 4 power Damage role rotation, what would you pick for a given situation? You then adapt it to incorporate a Defense debuff. By using a 4 power rotation, that gives you enough room to add Defib and one more Controller power to your loadout. It is hard to give specific advice on the Might-based build since I found it to be even more situational than the Precision build. It is a delicate balancing act of trying to do max damage versus what the team needs you to be doing.

    What artifacts do you have access to on your Gadgets alt? If you are using the Source Shard and Grimorium Verium, you may find it easier to do a Pet Battle Controller build. Godhand Wave + Suppressor Turret/Pet Trinket/Grimoire does good damage and only requires three loadout slots: Turret, Godhand Wave, and Gauss Grenade (to maintain both PIs for Turret). Gauss Grenade also works as your Defense Debuff. With that particular build, you can run Defib, Battle Drone, and Neural Neutralizer.
  5. American Marksman Active Player

    So right now my two artifacts are Tetrahedron & Amulet of Rao. However, I haven't really built them up that much as this character is really a reclamation project of sorts. I like your suggestion of going with a Pet controller build and the new artifact (God hand) that enhances pet damage would be interesting to try out. Did you say that I can use Battle Drone and Suppressor Turret? Did not know you could do that. Also, you think GG would be better than Stasis Field? I have to admit I am really interested in this unorthodox style of approach that you are suggesting!
  6. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Suppressor Turret and Robot Sidekick both received massive buffs with the launch of Birds of Prey. You can see the overview topic here:

    Keep in mind that Suppressor Attack has two special attacks. One benefits from Burning or Electricifed. The other benefits from Frostbite or Dazed. The special attack Turret uses is random. So, you need to keep two of those power interactions going if you want your Turret to do boosted damage at all times. If you are using Grimorium Verium, it will keep Dazed applied for you. So that means you just need to keep Burning or Electrified going. Gauss Grenade works since it applies Electrified and is a Defense debuff.

    So that is one potential build.

    Battle Drone and Suppressor Turret can both be out at the same time. Godhand Wave won't do anything to buff the Controller version of Battle Drone though.

    I'd suggest trying out the build on PCTest before fully committing to it.
  7. American Marksman Active Player

    So I’m thinking (based on your feedback) gauss grenade, Defib, neural neutralizer, suppressor turret, and drone. Which leaves me one more power left. I’m thinking foam or fear gas to set up the pi off of gg. However, I’m open to suggestions. I ended up getting the soul chard artifact that increases the pet damage. I will probably use the grimorium artifact. Im trying to figure out if I want to use soul cloak, amulet of Rao, tetrahedron, or BOP com link as my last artifact.
  8. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    If it was me, I'd take Amulet of Rao. Being able to inflict group debuffs would be a good complement to the pet build.

    Without Scrap of the Soul Cloak, you won't be Battle Drone as often. So that is something to consider when constructing your loadout.

    For that final loadout slot, you might want to try out Paralyzing Dart too.
  9. Superfreq New Player

    As someone just coming back to DCUO (I left during the Sony hack on PS3), I’m looking for some guidance. I’ve played around with a couple of powers, Nature, Electric and Earth so far. I'm interested in Gadgets but for playstyle I prefer Might PFTT and from range if possible. I’m starting from scratch here and mainly solo and pug alerts leveling up. Is the ranged loadout on page one still viable? With the buffs to the turret would you add it in now? I’m an older gamer so while I understand clipping I’m not the best at it. I’ve gone with Acro for movement and DW for weapon but realize it’s not needed much past speccing for superpowers. Not looking to top leaderboards, just want to have fun, solo safely and not be a deterrent to a group when I join one. Thanks so much.
  10. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    The sample loadouts on the frontpage are more demonstrations of the thought process behind putting together a loadout rather than being the best possible loadouts.

    Just some questions before making any recommendations:
    1. Are you looking for an AoE or single-target loadout? Do you want recommendations for both?
    2. Have you leveled up any Artifacts or do you plan on leveling any?
    3. Would you have any problems using Iconic powers on your loadout or would you prefer them all to be Gadgets/Acro?
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  11. Superfreq New Player

    1. I guess I’d take recommendations for both please. Guessing soloing I’d use the AoE for leveling but I do try to get in the 4 man alerts as they become level available and ST is good for bossing.
    2. Literally just starting a fresh character. So no artifacts yet but will plan on leveling some. I do try to start the boosted BoP quests as soon as they become available, level 13 I believe. This way I can get a free early artifact just to start collecting Nth metal early.
    3. No issues using Iconics, used Sonic cry on my Nature DPS and I know Heat Vision / Solar Amp are mentioned a lot for ST damage rotations.
  12. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    I am working on my gadgets video which I am falling behind on recording lol. But I personally like using for aoe:

    Heat vision, feat gas, paralyzing dart, freezing breath, turret, and stealth

    In stealth I have:
    Sticky bomb, neo venom boost, emp, thermite mine, turret, and surprise attack

    I’ve been getting a little push back for the amount of iconics I’ve been using so I’ll understand if this loadout is not for you. Heat vision even thou originally thought to be only good for ST actually does a good amount of damage for AoE. AV actually has a whole guide series with it. Should check it out. And one of my personal favorite AoE abilities freezing breath is one of the strongest AoE abilities in the entire game (imo). When used correctly you get 2 ticks of damage in the time it takes to use 1.2 abilities. Basically you want to cancel the ability out right before the 2nd tick of freezing breath and you get still get the tick of damage. But not everyone likes that I use it I guess lol. I recommend trying it before automatically disregarding that ability. I have turret in both regular tray and stealth so that it doesn’t break and in stealth I have everything I use for all situations lol. When I can get close I will use emp, when I need to be max range I use sticky bomb. When it’s one add remaining I use surprise attack. When it’s a cutscene I will set up mines lol. And I have my sc that can clip other powers if you’re fast with clipping.

    For ST I’m using:
    Heat vision, the finisher, taser pull, stealth, turret, sc

    Stealth loadout is the same as above. Technically you can use RSK instead of turret and use it to jump clip abilities. I just personally haven’t seen any noticeable difference in damage.
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  13. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    For single-target, I've been using a loadout very similar to what DeitySupreme described:
    Stealth, Amplified Heat Vision, Taser Pull, Photon Blast, Neural Neutralizer, Suppressor Turret

    Neural Neutralizer is useful as a shield and can be used to break certain types of crowd control.

    Basic rotation is:
    1. Taser Pull clipped with Stealth->Surprise Attack,
    2. Amplified Heat Vision, Photon Blast, Taser Pull, Taser Pull, Amplified Heat Vision, Photon Blast, Taser Pull clipped with Stealth->Surprise Attack
    3. Repeat #2

    If the fight won't allow you to get into Surprise Attack range, swap Surprise Attack with Cryo-Foam.

    On my Stealth loadout, I typically keep Surprise Attack, Cuff'em, Cryo-Foam, Hard Light Shield, Suppressor Turret, and some supercharges.

    There are some things you can do to eke out a little more damage out of all of that, but I tend to skip them in a prolonged playing session.

    For Artifacts, I use Grimoire Verium, Transformation Card, and Solar Amplifier.

    For Ranged AoE, I've been trying out:
    Amplified Heat Vision, Paralyzing Dart, Cryo-Foam, Freeze Breath, Suppressor Turret.

    For the last slot, I alternate between using Stealth and Neural Neutralizer depending on the situation.

    Basic Rotation is:
    1. Amplified Heat Vision, Paralyzing Dart, Cryo-Foam, Cryo-Foam, Freeze Breath
    2. Repeat #1

    If you are doing a min-max rotation, you are supposed to jump cancel Freeze Breath right before the second damage tick. For extended gameplay, I typically just let the animation play out. I find jump canceling Freeze Breath to be awkward.

    For artifacts, I use Solar Amplifier and Transformation Card. For the third slot, I will either use Tetrahedron of Urgrund, Strategist Card, or Grimorium Verium. It just depends on the group makeup and number of targets. Strategist Card is best used when there are a lot of adds. I use Tetrahedron when no one else in the group has it equipped. Otherwise, I use Grimorium Verium.
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  14. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Oh wow you have nearly the same set ups as me with almost the same rotations!! It actually nice to have confirmation that I did something right lol. I do the exact same rotation on ST. Also, the reason I have my stealth set up the way it is, well it’s out of pure laziness haha. I could probably min max it more but I just have it laid out for any situation lol. If boss summons adds and I can get close I use emp instead of surprise attack. If boss doesn’t summon adds and I can be close I use surprise attack. If I have to be max range than I use sticky bomb.

    Also, I’ve found that with the strategist card fear does more damage than cryo. Idk if you have tested it out recently but would like your thoughts. Fear gas has 7 ticks if I remember correctly within 3 seconds per target. While the cryo does I think 5? Yes cryo damage is definitely better but in my testings fear came out on top.

    My aoe rotation is:

    HV > fear gas > P. Dart > FB > Fear gas > P. Dart > HV

    And I just keep repeating. The timing with fear gas and p dart between hv and freezing breath makes it so the cooldowns line up nicely. And I clip p dart with stealth into emp or sticky bomb depending on my range to target.

    I also use the exact same artifacts as you for ST and aoe. Thou for aoe I always use strat since I don’t always plan ahead into planing how many adds there will be lol.
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  15. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I'm still experimenting with my Ranged AoE loadout. I'm usually either using Single-Target or a Melee AoE loadout. It is rare that I find a situation where I need to sit at max range the entire time spamming the AoE rotation. I'll try swapping Cryo-Foam with Fear Gas and see what that does for the loadout timing. I wasn't particularly happy with the way Cryo-Foam was lining with a couple of the cooldowns. Still, I did like the mobility advantage it gave over using Fear Gas in a couple of situations.
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  16. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    That is true about the mobility. My loadout barely has any wiggle room for moving lol.

    I’ll be honest. I’m struggling to find a none movement oriented melee loadout. Right now I am missing about 6-8k might since I’m primarily a prec dps. So my generator mods are prec and so are my elite mods. My head augments are also not leveled so I’m missing a lot of might. But on aoe range I can easily hit 80k+ dps at range.

    When I’m melee I know I can push my damage a lore more by using whirling dervish. And tornado pull clipped with turret into fear gas.

    However my videos are none movement since not everyone is speed lol. So with that restriction in mind all my melee builds have come up to being the same damage to my damage build lol
  17. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Btw for melee I have a couple builds but all center around speed movement.

    Tornado pull, turret, fear gas, whirling dervish, paralyzing dart, stealth


    Heat vision (empowered channeling for when no tanks), fear gas, paralyzing dart, whirling dervish, turret, stealth

    But for none movement I’m coming up blank lol
  18. Superfreq New Player

    I appreciate you both taking some time for your answers. This gives me some direction to head in and start getting SA, Trans Card & Grim leveled up along with my character.
  19. DeitySupreme Steadfast Player

    Here is my dps video for gadgets. As always I didn’t include movement variants (let’s be serious, I mean superspeed lol). If you want those variants it’s not to hard to adjust loadouts.

    For variants. Zip tie and tornado will increase ST damage for both might and prec. While whirling dervish and tornado will help with might melee.
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  20. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    In ST (or any of them I suppose) did you test gause grenade against taser pull or any of the powers you used in the other loadouts? I ask because I feel like over time the strategist damage from GG’s extra DoT ticks over a long enough period of time would outweigh the upfront damage of some of those harder hitting powers. Granted, that will depend on the level of the strategist. But it also adds ST/AOE versatility for boss fight’s where you have to do both at different times and can’t be flip-floppin armory’s all willy nilly. Also, for those running the venom wrist instead of the Grim and need to set up that PI on adds for the suppressor turret, GG would take care of that as well.

    Another question, are you actually making contact with your surprise attack? It looked to me like you’re clipping it way too fast and it’s one of those powers where the animation has to play out to a certain point or it won’t connect (I’m drawing a blank on the common nomenclature for that)