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    Omg, could you PM me too? I switched to gadget recently and been trying to find a decent loadout, especially for range, that works well. <3
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    Your reply to MaroonKnight77 implied Gadgets isn't worth considering switching to without the Turret clip. If YOU can't figure out a way to do good damage without it then that's YOUR dps.
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  5. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I'm seeing the cooldown as being 1.5s on PCTest at the moment - which is what I'd expect it to be. PCTest was last updated on February 18th with some seasonal adjustments.

    I'm hoping we get a chance to test the change before it makes it to Live.
  6. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    From today's patch notes:

    • Suppressor Turret cooldown increased to 3 seconds.
  7. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    From the new Developer Discussion thread:

    So Suppressor Turret is getting some love. It will no longer self-destruct out of combat and it looks like it will be doing a respectable amount of damage if you have the proper PIs setup.

    Robot Sidekick is also receiving some adjustments.

    I believe this is all for GU 103.
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    This will mean that suppressor turret will be the best dps pet. It would need to be tested obviously because one thing remain uncertain. Are each PI damages being increased by 40% or is it a 40% increase in damage when all PIs need are set up? I know it doesn’t sound that important of a question but it will determine how much of a buff it get. As it stands turret can benefit from burned/electrified, and frost bitten/dazed (thought there was a 3rd PI but can’t remember. So if each Set of PI is buffed than you could reach about an 80% buff. If you get buffed for a total of 40% than you will see a 20% or 40% buff depending of you set up 1 or 2 PIs or if there are other dps setting up the PI for you. This is very interesting (at least to me)
  9. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    Quick Recap of Suppressor Turret:
    Suppressor Turret has two "special" attacks: Frost Grenade and Flamethrower. Frost Grenade does additional damage when Electrified or Burning is setup. Flamethrower does additional damage when Dazed or Frostbitten is setup. The special attack that Suppressor Turret will use in any given situation is randomized. So if you want to make sure your Suppressor Turret is always going to do enhanced damaged, you need to setup at least two of the appropriate power interactions.

    To answer the question:
    The way I'm reading the patch notes, it will do 40% increased damage when Turret uses an attack for which a power interaction has been setup. Meaning if you want to get the large damage bonus on Flamethrower, you need to setup Dazed or Frostbitten. That means you won't get a 80% buff by setting up the PIs for both attacks. Rather, you'll always have the 40% buff.

    We'll know for sure whenever this update hits PCTest.
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  10. TheDark Devoted Player

    I really don’t like Stasis Field as the supercharge generator power. Looking at the design of those types of encasements is such a turn off :/
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  11. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I agree that Stasis Field could use a visual effects update. The Gadgets bubble encasement gets recycled far too much for certain mechanics and NPC attacks.

    The one nice thing about Stasis Field is that it is fairly easy to stay below the key 2.5 second threshold to prevent NPC breakouts.
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    Yea I guess. I don’t remember what we spoke about in regards to CC in the game now I just remember when I left I didn’t like what they did. Also, I would’ve preferred if they made supercharge builder Sticky Bomb. I always liked that power and they even reduced the knock backs on it. So it’s not so bad at sending npcs all over the place.
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  13. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    I did a write-up on Gadgets crowd control a few pages back:

    Just using Sticky Bomb, you can keep a target controlled barring external factors. You can also work in Stasis Field to build SC and using Sticky Bomb to detonate the encasements. Napalm Grenade also works really well for keeping an enemy controlled and detonating Stasis Field encasements.
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    In troll role, I mostly only use it in boss battles at times when adds aren’t present or are out of range and in between boss battles when adds have just a sliver of health left. I very rarely purposely encase.
  15. Penryn The Gadgeteer

    In preparation for tomorrow's update, I updated the description for Suppressor Turret to remove the "blows up out of combat" section.

    Some Random Notes from the Update
    Bastion - I know this isn't a Gadgets power, but the group shield for Mental has been reduced to 30 seconds. That is a huge quality of life improvement and makes it easier to coordinate group shielding.

    Suppressor Turret - This pet received some huge buffs in GU 103. The pet always remains out now. No more blowing up while out of combat. Its base attack and special attacks were all increased too. Depending on your build, you can make this a central part of your playstyle and get good results. However, you really need to keep up both sets of power interactions for the special attacks to get its maximum damage potential.

    B.O.P. Commlink - This is the Controller artifact for the next episode. At level 200, it reduces the duration of all of your debuffs to 6 seconds. In exchange though, you get a new tray ability called Bird Blitz. Bird Blitz is a 300 base power cost that inflicts all 3 debuffs on the target. If all 3 debuffs are setup on a target, any player attacking it will earn back some small ticks of power. In theory, this is supposed to have the advantage of freeing up two loadout slots since you only need one debuff power. It is worth mentioning that Bird Blitz does not have any crowd control associated with it.

    I tried using this in several PCTest alert and raid runs. It was nice to have, but I wouldn't consider it to be "essential." The 6 second debuff duration means you need to recast Bird Blitz fairly often. That 300 base power cost can add up fairly quickly if you're recasting Bird Blitz and clipping it with Power Dump every few seconds. Also, the artifact wasn't too great on its own. It really needs to be paired with Amulet of Rao to inflict group debuffs. Also, Supercharge generation was an issue with B.O.P. Commlink since Bird Blitz is not a S.C. Generator.

    Source Shard - This is another artifact for the next episode. It gives you a new tray ability called Godhand Wave. Godhand Wave is a 200 base power cost power that grants a 200% damage increase to 3 pets (excluding turret trinkets) for 5 seconds. It has an 18 second cooldown. That might seem like a long cooldown, but you can randomly reset the cooldown by casting tray abilities. So you might be able to rest the cooldown within a couple of seconds of using Godhand Wave.

    I had the opportunity to try this out in the open world and some raid content. This artifact is very powerful if used correctly. Suppressor Turret+Grimoire+Shadow Bat trinket made for a decent combination. It also did really good damage when paired with the Boo-tility Belt. For anyone that is wondering, Damage Role Battle Drone is still bad even with this artifact. If you want to make your pets the central focus of your Damage loadout, this is good artifact to use. The long cooldown and random proc reset does make it awkward to use sometimes. I found that Godhand Wave worked better as part of a pre-planned rotation.
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  16. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I know that turret cancelling has been a good thing in the past. But now that it’s a viable pet, it’s really annoying how easily the cast is interrupted and cancelled. Is there any trick to getting the Turret back if it goes down in combat that doesn’t involve standing perfectly still for three seconds and hoping nothing hits you?
  17. AV Loyal Player

    Only press it once (pressing it multiple times can cause it to insta-unsummon similar to how some combo powers can lock you out of combo if you press more than once), and try as best as possible to only re-summon when both clipping something else and while clipping Suppressor with soder, stat buff, neo, supply drop (I forget if you can clip it with Stealth),
  18. Illumin411 Loyal Player

    I tried clipping Suppressor Turret with all of those and more. Every one cancelled the summon. :(
  19. AV Loyal Player

    I'll have a look I thought they changed that behaviour.
  20. AV Loyal Player

    Yeah that's my bad, sorry. Looks like they didn't change it. Guess that's the price we pay for the strongest pet =/ For some fights though that might make Robot Sidekick a better pick since it resummons so easily.