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    Just want to add in that, as of right now, Implosion Mine will setup Burning PI on Electrified targets due to the Frostbite interaction, just like Cryo-Field and Cryo Foam. But using Freeze Breath on Electrified targets does not setup the Burning PI.

    This means in things like solos, duos and open-world, one can use Implosion Mine in conjuction with either Gauss Grenade or Taser Pull, and not have to bother with using an encasement breaker, since the targets will have a Burning PI.

    Should add that Implosion Mine on Electrified targets can setup Burning.
    Should add that Word of Power setups Electrified power interaction.
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  2. Penryn Loyal Player

    Thanks. I updated the description for Implosion Mine and uploaded a new PI chart.
  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    It has been a little while since I last posted. Real life has been keeping me very busy since the end of Survival Mode. Looking at the latest dev threads, we're slated for some large game changes in Episode 35:

    Weapon rebalancing, artifact rebalancing, and powerset fixes are slated for Episode 35's release. It is hard to tell how that will affect Gadgets gameplay, but I'll try it out when I get enough time in my schedule.

    On to guide related matters, I've been doing some testing lately related to Crowd Control and Breakout Profiles. So here is a small guide article with some of my findings:

    Inflicting Effective Crowd Control Using Knockdowns

    To briefly recap a couple of key points, crowd control refers to any ability that inhibits the capability of a target to fight. How a NPC responds to a control effect is known as a "breakout profile." When a NPC breaks out of a control effect, it will flash and become immune to control effects for a period of time. Usually a breakout is triggered because a certain stun or control effect threshold has been exceeded. Some NPCs have no breakout profile and can be stunned with impunity. Knowing how Breakout Profiles work is an important aspect of Controller gameplay.

    After doing a lot of testing on raid NPCs, I've discovered the way crowd control works in DCUO has a lot of quirks and can be very buggy at times. However, there are ways to work around the limitations of the system. I will explain one method that can be used to inflict effective crowd control and some of the pitfalls you will encounter using it.

    In raid level content, the most common breakout profile you will encounter is the "3 second" profile. With this profile, any effect that inflicts a "STUN" that lasts more than 3 seconds will trigger an automatic breakout after 3 seconds have elapsed. This will be followed by a 8 second immunity period. The Shogg Lord Daemon - the one you have to pull into the circles in Chaos Gotham - is an open world example of a raid-level NPC with a 3 second breakout profile.

    For Gadgets Controllers, powerset control effects can be broken down into the following categories: Knockdowns, 3 second stuns, 6 second stuns, 12 second stun, and abilities with no effects. For the categories highlighted above, here is how the Daemon will respond:
    • 12 Second Stun - The Daemon will breakout after 3 seconds. Example Ability: Cuff'em
    • 6 Second Stun - The Daemon will breakout after 3 seconds. Example Abilities: Cryo-Foam, EMP Pulse, and Paralyzing Dart among many others
    • 3 Second Stun - It is up to the whims of the server on whether the Daemon will breakout for any specific cast. I believe this has to do with several bugs on how stun timers are implemented in the game's server code. It is related to the timer bugs where you can sometimes get an extra damage tick out of a DoT. For this particular category, the Daemon may breakout after one cast or it may take up to 10 consecutive casts. Example Abilities: Gauss Grenade
    • Knockdowns - The Daemon will not breakout of a knockdown. With correct timing, it is possible to keep the Daemon knocked down indefinitely. Example Abilities: Gag Glove, Sticky Bomb, and Napalm Grenade
    Here is an example of a "chain knockdown" using Sticky Bomb on the Daemon:

    That is 30 seconds of a dangerous NPC being effectively locked down. Using a 6 second stun at any point would have generated a guaranteed breakout after 3 seconds with 8 seconds of follow-up immunity.

    Chain knockdowns are best used to keep a specific enemy out of action. It is possible to keep a large NPC group knocked down, but that can be very tricky to do. Gadgets knockdown powers tend to scatter NPCs.

    The knockdown method also well in Elite content and Survival Mode since NPCs commonly implement the 3 second breakout profile at those difficulties.

    One of the nice things about the chain knockdown method as it relates to Gadgets it that Stasis Field can be worked into a regular rotation too. As long as Stasis Field is detonated within 2 seconds of casting, the target will not breakout. It may look like the NPC is breaking out, but the NPC will not have an immunity. That means a Gadgets Controller can use their Supercharge Generator while keeping a NPC stunned. Here is a demonstration:

    In that video, I alternate using Sticky Bomb/Napalm Grenade to detonate the Stasis Field and keep the Daemon knocked down.

    Is this method fool-proof? No. There are several things that can cause the chain knockdown method to fail. A breakout will be triggered if the player casts knockdown abilities too quickly. Waiting two seconds in between casts has yielded good results for me. Also, things become more complicated when a tank is in the group. Most pulling powers will pull a NPC out of a knockdown and back into a fighting stance. Also, several tank abilities inflict their own crowd control effects. Overlapping control effects can trigger a breakout. Actively countering can cause a NPC to breakout. If you are trying to keep a specific NPC knocked down, talk to your tank ahead of time to coordinate crowd control. Sometimes you will encounter a NPC that is temporarily immune to control effects even when they aren't showing any signs of a breakout. I believe that to be a bug in the game's crowd control code.

    For anyone that is curious, the chain knockdown method can be used in conjunction with most consumables. Dazing Device has a 2 second stun which is below the 3 second threshold seen on most NPCs. Explosive Detonator has a 3 second knockdown. Chronometric Emitter is advertised as a 3.5 second stun when it reality it is a short stun followed by a knockdown.

    I hope that writeup helps someone out. The same method can be used by any Controller powerset that has an ability that inflicts a knockdown with a reasonable cooldown.
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  4. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    One more thing to add. Currently, Freezing Breath animation can also be cancelled by tap melee or tap range.
  5. Penryn Loyal Player

    Updated. Thanks for the information. Let me know if there is anything else.
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  6. Penryn Loyal Player

    Here are some thoughts from a week of testing Metal Part 1:

    Weapons Update
    I'll pass on commenting on this. Weapon balance is a giant mess right now.

    Supercharged Neo-Venom Boost Tactical Mod
    I know people have been waiting a long time for this:

    Level 200 Artifact Updates
    If you're playing Gadgets Controller, there isn't much here to be excited about. Most Controller artifacts are simply small percentage boosts to existing effects. As for the interesting stuff, Scrap of the Soul Cloak's Level 200 effect gives an innate 7% Supercharge recharge that can't be stacked with the Chest mod. Claw of Aeklund gives a 5% Crit Bonus and Magnitude buff to all Crit percentages. Amulet of Rao allows you to debuff up to 8 targets with one cast.

    I'm still playing around with Artifacts on the DPS side to see if there are any interesting combinations. Solar Amplifier gives Empowered Channeling to Amplified Heat Vision. Eye of Gemini provides a 5% Might/Precision/Vit Bonus while standing in the circle. Dead Kings Scepter gained a random single-target damage proc. Grimorium Verum drops the passive power regeneration penalty for pets like Suppressor Turret and Robot Sidekick. Philosopher's Stone doubles the duration the caster's damage buff and free power casting. Venom Wrist Dispenser received a heavy nerf.

    There isn't much to comment on here. Metal Part 1 features extensive asset and mechanic reuse. A lot of the content will feel very familiar to long-time players. As for the raid bosses, I found most of the bosses to be primarily AoE based. These bosses love summoning large numbers of adds.
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  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    In the latest PCTest Build, Battle Display's duration was updated to be 20 seconds. It retains the same power cost and cooldown. I think I've updated all of the references in the guide to account for that.

    As for Weapons testing, the current PCTest build is better balanced. There is nothing that is "extremely overpowered." There are a lot of weapon combos that underperform though. Still, I find there are at least a handful of choices for each specific situation. For single-target ranged, Dual Wield Flurry Shot is still good if you are able to jump cancel it consistently at the optimum point. If you aren't good at jump canceling Flurry Shot, Brawling Enhanced Shuriken works fairly well. For ranged AoE, there are a few options. Shield's hold range attacks perform very well. Several of Handblasters AoE moves also parse very well. For AoE melee, Brawling's longer combos parsed very well. I don't consider them to be viable in raid content though.
  8. Illumin411 Well-Known Player

    For ranged AOE, I'm pretty happy with the buff to Dual Wield explosive shot. :D
  9. Maya Fey Well-Known Player

    Would anyone be able to recommend a DPS loadout (ranged/melee) that would be formidable in the new content that doesn't include Stealth. I know it's a staple power for Gadgets, but I honestly after so many attempts keep screwing up my rotations because I always press something or get stunned.
  10. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    What is your melee loadout, range aoe loadout, single target loadout?

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