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  1. Penryn Loyal Player

    Do you know how to enable the in-game damage parser? The game has a built-in function for summarizing damage over a set period. It is very helpful and works on PS.

    Paralyzing Dart is AoE.

    I can try out Zip Tie Attack later on PCTest and see how it compares against the Flight version.

    The Boo Belt + 4 Boos does amazing AoE damage.

    For your utility belt, drop the Backup. Backup does horrible damage compared to what you would be getting from LexCorp Automated Sidekick or really any other pet trinket. Try summoning both of them one a a time. Compare the damage output. It is a night and day difference.

    Pet trinkets in this game do not all do the same damage. Some are much better than others.
  2. Caesar's Lion Committed Player

    I don't really know how to enable it Pen but I'll look it up & figure it out. I was under the mistaken impression PS users didn't have access.

    I didn't know that re PD either.

    I sound very noob for someone who has played for about 4 years, & always mained gadgets.

    Every day's a school day.

    I'll have to focus on getting all 4 boos next year. I have 100+ Spooky Bites on about 10 toons so just a shame they're not account bound. I got a couple of drops from the Trick or Treats things but I think duplicates so not sure how that goes.

    There goes my Box of Thugs! I think you mention using the LexCorp pet trinket on single target. Would this still be the best way to go multi target or is backup or another option better in that situation?
  3. Penryn Loyal Player

    Here is a quick demonstration of how to setup the Damage parser:

    You'll see the parser summary appear in the chat box at 37 seconds.

    I set the parser to 10 seconds to it would be easier to demonstrate.

    Here is an example of the damage output for the Boo-tility Belt at CR 255:

    Damage output of Henchmen:

    versus just one Boo:

    No contest. Also the Boo has 50% uptime versus a very long cooldown on Henchmen.

    What types of trinkets do you have available on your main?
  4. Penryn Loyal Player

    Damage Range on Zip-Tie Attack looks pretty good. So try:

    1. Stealth
    2. Zip-Tie Attack
    3. Heat Vision
    4. Taser Pull
    5. Robot Sidekick
    6. Your choice

    For your Stealth loadout, you will want:
    Cuff'em, Surprise Attack, Hard Light Shield, Neo-Venom Boost, Robot Sidekick, and Return to Normal.

    Here is the rotation:
    1. Summon Robot Sidekick
    2. Power Rotation: Zip-Tie Attack-> Heat Vision -> Zip-Tie Attack-> 3x Taser Pulls
    3. Whenever Stealth is off cooldown, clip the first Taser Pull in the 3x Taser Pull sequence. When you clip Taser Pull, use Cuff'em, jump cancel, and use Surprise Attack. Depending on transformation lag, you may only need to do one Taser Pull after doing a Stealth Clip before it is time to restart the rotation. You may find it isn't worth using the Cuff'em clip at all depending on your lag.
  5. Caesar's Lion Committed Player

    Hello Pen.

    Couldn't get on game last night due to it being down & forums down too.

    Parser video is awesome, tyvm. I'll try a few things tonight in preparation for tomorrow taking all advice into account.

    I'll check my trinkets, I'm not sure as up til now I've mainly just used the standard trinket, backup, orbital & supply drop. I'll check for boo belt & how many boos I got too, but seems even 1 is better than backup.

    Thanks again.
  6. Caesar's Lion Committed Player

    Pen, I have a bootility & 4 boo juniors! No other boos.

    Do 4 boo juniors work the same as 4 different boos? Also, to have use of supply, orbital, etc, am I using the boo juniors on a separate armoury, summoning them & then switching?

    Edit, nvm. Just tried summoning & only 1 appeared :)
  7. Penryn Loyal Player

    All of the Boos have to be of different types. If you slot 4 Boos and only have 2 different types, only 2 Boos will be spawned.

    Some people like to summon them all and then switch armories. I just update my Utility Belt before the fight starts based on what I expect to happen. If I'm expecting an AoE heavy fight, I'll stick with just the Boos. If it is going to be a single-target fight, I'll swap in Lexcorp Sidekick, Supply Drop, Orbital Strike, and whatever else seems helpful.
  8. Caesar's Lion Committed Player

    Well thanks to you Pen I did actual parsars for the first time!

    The single target loadout you suggested (with some help from CM) was significantly better. Interestingly I then tried it out with Crits, just out of curiosity, & whereas it was still higher than I had been getting in my previous primative testing (with the old loadout), the Crit % was all over the place. I'm not sure what was going on there but it was occasionally down in the mid teens. I checked & my Critical Attack chance in stats page was sitting at 26% as normal.

    Re melee AoE, everything I tried was pulling pretty similar nos. I'm therefore inclined to think I'll stick with my tried & tested or use your melee AoE rotation (dropping cryo-field & adding FG) as that feels quite smooth. Sticky Bomb played out quite well on sparring targets, but it felt clunky, & you pointed out tge obvious flaw, & I didn't really feel PD was doing much over GG for the increased power cost.
  9. Penryn Loyal Player

    For the single-target loadout, you'll find that crits play a very important part in your damage output. Getting a lucky couple of crits on Stealth->Surprise Attack will do a lot to boost your average damage for that time period. That is why you have to collect large numbers of samples. Also, that is one reason why you set the parser to 30 or 60 seconds. It helps to smooth out the variance in crit damage.

    For the AoE loadout, that sounds very similar to what I was getting. You're operating at the margins of what you can expect to get out of that base rotation. At this point, you're looking for something that parses a 500 dps higher than something else. That takes a lot of parsing to get a good read on though. You also want something that is easy to play and does damage reliably.
  10. Penryn Loyal Player

    Since the final adjustments have hopefully been implemented, here are my thoughts on each one:

    Orb of Arion: No reason for a Gadgets player to use this one.

    Dead King's Scepter: This artifact is the most bland and easiest to use. The Orbital Strike Cooldown isn't high enough that it will encourage you to use Orbital Strike at suboptimal times. Rather it just makes it easier to use Orbital Strike when it matters in a single fight. The main perk was the 10% cooldown reduction to Backup, Stat Trinkets, Pet Trinkets, and Supply Drops. Having greater than 50% uptime on Boos or LexCorp Sidekick is useful. I found this artifact was most useful in Controller role. This artifact doesn't have any particular synergies with any other artifact.

    Manacles of Force: The 10% shield cooldown is "ok" for a Gadgets player. Unfortunately, the cooldown isn't compatible with Battle Drone or Stealth. It does work with Neural Neuralizer, Distract, Hard Light Shield, and Amazonian Deflection. The proc on Manacles works best when you are going into a fight where you know you'll be receiving greater than 30% damage ticks and living. If you are in a fight with OHKOs or lots of damage ticks below the health threshold, Manacles isn't that useful. This artifact is more useful for tanks - Ice in particular. Shielding powers can absorb the DoT ticks from the Manacles proc.

    Eye of Gemini: The tank/healer version is very strong when used in conjunction with Scrap of the Soul Cloak. That combo allows tanks and healers to spam 2500 SC or lower cost supercharges with impunity. The heal is also pretty good. In contrast, the usefulness of the Damage/Controller version will vary. The Damage version works best if there are a lot of people in the group using the Eye of Gemini. That way you can rotate getting the 20% damage bonus. It also depends a lot on the fight. Using the Damage version of the Eye of Gemini in certain fights can be problematic since everyone is packed into a small space. If you are just running it solo, think of it as a 20% boost to any Supercharge damage plus whatever else you can into the proc window. Some supercharges like Vacuum Bubble with quick burst ticks don't correctly register their damage for the 20% damage proc if used to initiate the Circle. Bunker Buster and Asphyxiation Gas work though. Pet damages contributes to the 20% damage proc, but Orbital Strike does not. I found that Controllers don't get much out of running the Eye of Gemini. Battle Controllers may get some use out of it though.
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  11. Illumin411 Well-Known Player

    I get pretty nasty single target damage from MA Uppercut. I'm topping boss damage 80%-90% of the time and my SP is only in the mid 200's. I have a DW loadout for when I need to be ranged but even with 1000 more precision, the DW Flurry shot still can't touch my MA uppercut loadout. That's even doing the jump clip trick.
  12. Penryn Loyal Player

    MA Uppercut is one of the best single-target Weapon Mastery attacks. You just don't see it used much compared to the other more popular Weapon Mastery combos. You can also do some interesting things with MA AoE attacks.

    Can you share the rotation you are using with MA Uppercut? I've seen a couple of loadouts built around that attack.
  13. Caesar's Lion Committed Player

    This is excellent Pen, ty.

    None of them really seem to be must have right away. I think I'll finish getting my Solar Amp to 160 & go from there.

    Maybe get a couple of them up to 80 after that.
  14. Crimson Mayhem Loyal Player

    Yeah, I know MA Uppercut is really strong too. Are you using it in elite? In regular raids it's definitely a great choice, just not one I'd bother with since I just use my regular melee armory for those. In elite melee is usually riskier than it's worth for me.
  15. loupblanc Dedicated Player

    Obsidian Chill has done the work on trinket testing and new artifacts testing.

    Backup trinkets in general are not worth it.

  16. Akumakazama Level 30

    Was told to post this here. Looking for a Ranged loadout for Superpowers. I don't last very long in Melee range.
    Posted in its own thread....
    Have this Gadgets character whom I've had since DCUO launched. I've been playing on and off. I was wondering if I should leave Gadgets for a more easier power. All the guides have you going into stealth as part of the Powers rotation. My only problem with this, for what I have now....soon as I try to go into stealth...boss or the battle knocks me out of it, so its bothersome for me.
    She's modeled after Hit-Girl, I have about 140 sp and I am at 182CR. I am not looking for a FoM. Something I can enjoy playing or grinding as a get to CR250+. Something I can enjoy the grind with, or feel like I am doing damage. A lot of SP require content no one does anymore so if I need help ie Raids/Alerts etc I can't seem to do them. Please, any advice or help will do.
    Mindy Mack PCNA
  17. Penryn Loyal Player

    Just some questions:
    Are you looking for Ranged AoE or Single-Target? Are you wanting to play Gadgets at maximum range or something a bit closer than maximum range?

    What is your preferred playing style: powers-only, weapons-only, or a mix?

    What is your movement mode? Flight? Acrobatics? Superspeed?
  18. Penryn Loyal Player

    Small Update:
    I found out today that Eye of Gemini won't activate if you cast a supercharge from Stealth. So that is something else to keep in mind while using it.
  19. Caesar's Lion Committed Player

    Thanks Pen.

    Typically I don't use my SC's from Stealth so probably not a deal breaker for me but I'm still undecided re levelling these up.
  20. Akumakazama Level 30

    Sorry for the delay. Yeah, I am not sure about AoE or Single target.

    I mean I don't want to focus on ST and all the alerts and Raids have lots of mobs at one time, or the reverse since AoE isn't really good when you have just one Mob to fight. All I do know is I want something where I don't have to hug the boss to do damage, so mid to Max range.

    I love the Powers-Only playstyle, but with power issues, I do use my weapon (Dual Pistols) Not that I want to but when powers run out of juice what is there left.

    I skimming as a movement style.

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