The Current State of Elite Raids from a Honest Player

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  1. Aqua Surge Loyal Player

    I saw this in the new test server update:

    I'm going to be honest here. I don't like reading this especially since USE is still brokenly stupid hard and unbeatable in terms of Ultimate Victory Elite feat. Then we have Zoo Elite which never been adjusted after all the reports were made about how strong the 2nd bosses were and a few issues with the last boss. People cheat to defeat these bosses and make it to the last boss. If someone says they did it legit, they're lying.

    Now, I'm not sure about Elite Earth 3 Raids or what feats they currently have. But based on USE and ZooE I am not looking forward to encountering something that shouldn't be too overpowered. Impossible to kill bosses aren't challenging at all. It's unfair and not fun.

    There are only a few Elite raids done right and the only one that I can really name right now is JFAE. The feats in there are possible to obtain with a good group. USE and ZooE????


    I cannot even compare the feats for Amazon Fury III since nobody wants to do them or que the raids up ever since I returned back to the game for Stat Revamp. I have seen reports that some feat run groups made had issues in those raids and I believe them.

    Just my two cents on the current state of Elite raids. I used to like them, I used to get all my elite gear styles completed and now no longer wish to do them that much anymore. I'm becoming that guy who only gets the feat completed and will never run it again afterwards. :(
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  2. High Troller Loyal Player

    just wanna throw in my few cents on how i feel about elite raids. i never bothered with them since finishing the Fallen God Elite set. I did full elite on 3 toons. I did it for any edge I could get in Survival Mode. since there has been no new SM since AF3, getting full elite has not been worthwhile with the decrease of elite renown given and no discounted non-elite gear.

    most of these concerns have been addressed in the upcoming episode. there is hope. and they're dumping ps3..... even more hope in this game.

    upcoming episode, i want to say there should be more elite content activity.
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  3. EconoKnight XIII Legion

    I think it's pretty clear by their often sarcastic comments that the dev team is tired of hearing the "it's too easy" comments from the same group over and over. The elite content is no longer being designed to play; it's designed to punish. The devs have actually outright said that's the goal - punishment.
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  4. Proxystar #Perception

    Are you saying you can't beat NPC's with a million health when 10 mechanics are going off at once, there's 10 terminals to press but only 8 players and over 9000 random one shots occur every 10 seconds :p
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  5. lukelucky Devoted Player

    To be fair who is these bosses to hard for? Vets? Elite is lack luster and just was not fun. Only elite was so sad. Players struggled but not because it was hard bit because the games been dumbed down u don't need to know how to play. Just pew pew pew from a safe corner

    The game is FINALLY respecting the fact some end gamers know their roles and powers and have gotten to be very good. Vets deserve content just like everyone else so yea some content should be hard

    The community talent level is low because there was no challenge forcing players to develop skill. There seems to be now and the devs seems to finally be considering all players. A lot of players need to learn how to play. That's not a shot I mean as I said the games baby mode made it so players did not need to learn
  6. Zneeak Devoted Player

    And players have been tired of halfassed content-design for elite content. Should players just say "thank you" in regards of the elite-content that's been almost as easy as the normal raids? Put some effort into mechanics to deliver a challenge and voila, the whole punishing-concept goes out the window. That's what a lot of players have been asking for when it comes to elite content, an instance with mechanics different to the normal version, not just basically the same instance with more one-shots thrown in there with a revive-limit.
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  7. Mike EUPC Active Player

    Totally agree, i always play in elite for style and get the bonus of the elite gear, but now is totally impossible finish the elites without hack or bugging the boss with a some of glitch. Now i only can see players play the elite only first boss and then defeated leave, this occurs in ZOOE first boss and USE only grundy.

    The elite is really complicated so that in each hotfix the difficulty is increased even more by adding more attacks or increasing the life. With a full armor group, all the mods to the maximum and even then it is impossible to do it

    I'm sorry, but for me the elites ran out until the difficulty went down, I liked to play the elite every week I waited for them with hope, until I reset them, I had a group and several of my league that we did, but now it's over

    A gruoup with last armor,omnipotence gear,full mods and can not pass the bosses :(
  8. stärnbock Devoted Player

    i dont like the restriction to only one ressurection in elite contend.
    i mean, sure: they are making it so that all need to be on theyr toes.
    on the other hand, considering how fast one can die, it is pure luck sometimes.

    sometimes you die because you get hit from multiple attacks at once,
    sometimes you die because you try to save someone else, making you vulnerable.
    sometimes you get attacked right after you ressurect and die again right away...

    it is only my oppinion maybe, but it is NOT making elite more fun to play that way.
    i like elite to be harder with stronger enemies. but the restricted ressurects annoy...
    what do ppl think, would elite be better or worse with unlimited resses?
  9. Harlequin Devoted Player

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  10. Gale Reaper Dedicated Player

    That's why Survival Mode has been the only real and actual "elite" content for challenge-hungry and ready players to test themselves.

    Not the current series of garbage stat bumps and luck mechanics that - quoting Mepps: "Is not intended to be cleared until the next DLC/episode's new gear"
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  11. MastaMind Dedicated Player

    Without a doubt the Zoo Elite is the stupidest thing I have seen in my run of this game. I have been on teams stacked full of players that had no way to progress or strengthen their character, and I watched them fall one by one within 20 seconds. I only know a select few who have even managed to kill a single boss in there, and even with that there were still two more bats to rip the team apart. My only thought is that maybe a team of battle tanks with a couple healers and a troll could pull it off. Even then I don't know. I have watched tanks die just as quick in there. So no doubt that the Zoo is insane.

    Stuff like Olympus and GOM Elite are very doable. The big issue with these raids are the same ones that occur with any end-game elite content. People want to build the same DPS stacked team that they use in regular. Then when they die a few times they will throw a fit and run off. Even with the Zoo Elite I have seen people who try to build the same team that they would in a regular raid. 1 of each support role and the rest are DPS players who at best can halfway play their support role if stuff goes bad. With a smart team they are challenging but still possible. These raids may not be popping a ton anymore but you can bet that there are plenty out there who still need those feats. You may have to be the one who builds the group, but you might be surprised what will happen if you try. I just recently answered someone who was shouting for an Olympus Elite run. It was definitely a good run.

    No doubt that there will be less people running them. Had you came back a week before the revamp you wouldn't have had an issue. I cleared every single GOM Elite feat, and all but one from DWF. Most people were smart enough to target the hardest feats while we were still strong. Just from looking at how LFG was on that last week I had initially had high hopes for the revamp. Since it was feat group after feat group. Once people saw that the only advantage SP gives is a 40% buff to bragging rights with a chance that every 10 seconds ego inflation could occur, they went back to what they were already doing.

    The problem is that people are so accustomed to steamrolling regular content that when faced with a true challenge it is never good. People will quit after a few wipes. The biggest problem with USE is that people overlook the mechanics. GG will throw up a shield that reflects all damage back at the team. This is the #1 thing that people just cannot seem to figure out. Truthfully it is extremely hard to spot in the heat of battle. Developers SHOULD fix this, but I doubt that will ever happen. I don't even know if that would help with anything. I have heard plenty of players call it out, and there is usually always that one DPS that will still neglect it and trigger the deaths of half the team. I've had several extremely good runs in USE, and if you fight the bosses 1 by 1 it is very possible to beat. As for the other things required for that feat. Yeah, they are definitely insane. Four bosses, super-ads, and a ton of one shot kill things like the bombs and explosions.

    The main thing to remember here is that we are only going forward as far as progression goes. The next DLC will lead to even higher base stats from the gear, probably better mods, hopefully raised SP caps for our priority stats, and of course artifacts that will continue to grow for additional stats/bonuses. So maybe 5 DLCs from now we will be strong enough to get that Elite Victory feat. Or maybe we will get lucky and find another gorilla with a beach ball run that lets everyone get it.
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  12. lordexecution365 Loyal Player

    So... They were smart enough to get the hardest feats when they had the greatest advantage.

    They were smart enough when content was too easy they gain the feats in the content that were going to be even harder after the revamp.

    Almost sounds as if the smart players have a pattern forming.

    The pattern relies on ROFL content and when that does not work take a break until strong enough to ROFL, in the meantime qq in the forums.
  13. lukelucky Devoted Player

    I am not trying to pic on u in any ways BUT everything u described should not happen. Picking up is an art form. If a guy is down the tank needs to move the fight so the pick ups safe.

    If u are down then stand up and die right away U DESERVE TO BE DEAD. reviving is a luxury and if u can't figure out when to stand up yea u deserve to be dead.
    We would always be talking to our healers when we dropped. The healers as in two and the down party on the same page makes a huge difference. So does knowing when to stand up

    If multiple attacks are hitting u well advoid the attacks. Lol

    This safe spot and pew pew pew crowd might of been beating the pre school elite we been given but they don't deserve victories in elite until they learn.
    Don't be confused its how the players grow. Every vet who finds "elite" boringly easy has already taken the journey.
    Prime had healing bots, and random spawning adds. All while brainiac who was hard as can be to see was beating on you.

    Elite needs to go back to requiring teamwork machanic knowledge and of course some skill at your role and power. The vets currently have every right to have some content made for them just like any other player

    Elite is not something everyone is suppose to beat. Some people may need to gear up from the next dlc to handle the previous elite. That's healthy and good for the game
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  14. Ringz Dedicated Player

    This sounds more of "we're gonna buff their health and damage" rather than "we're gonna make elite mechanically hard". If thats the truth then we're just doing another wm phase content.

    That is not the type of thing elite players want, unless the type of elite players have changed since my absence
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  15. Backblock Well-Known Player

    Elite should have more actual mechanics. DWF and UM pre nerf were perfect examples.
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  16. Kid Multiverse Loyal Player

    If the new elite raids are overtuned as it seems like they're going to be and with the changes to elite gear, people are going to have their pitchforks out.
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  17. Fatal Star 10000 Post Club

    DWFE in my opinion with no death limit should be example of how all elite content should be. Since there was a death limit though, people would disband if they got two jumpers as bosses. Elite should naturally be hard, not artificially inflated difficulty cause of limited lives.
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  18. ThePhilosophy Loyal Player

    I think they should stay that way. Elite means elite. Have you seen the way some of these people play? Lol.

    Some people say "How can I get better?" and some say "How can i get to the end?"
  19. ozzy1111 Dedicated Player

    use and zooe... small area. and soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much going on. a bit to much going on.
  20. light FX Steadfast Player

    Its why idc about elite anymore either. To start with its a false sense of accomplishment anyways. Because if u can beat elite raids with last episodes gear or normal gear from the current episode then no one needs elite gear. And the difference in normal vs elite is 1 extreme to the next. Many very good players have to go back and run elite after its not the current dlc anymore so the rewards are useless too. Ive been saying for a long time the entire elite system needs an overhaul. Getting 1 shot by every attack in elite isnt difficulty either. Lastly gear in this game gets replaced so fast that getting elite gear becomes about bragging rights and nothing more. Personally i find the bragging rights thing silly. I dont think anyone should take a video game that seriously and at the end of the day none of it matters.

    Also because some elite content has been too easy in the past and some players have stated its too easy doesnt mean just ramp up the damage done to players and add in multiple 1 shots and say here is elite content. That is NOT difficulty. Its going from 1 extreme (normal content) to the next (elite content) with nothing in between.

    Many like that the PP is gone with elite content in ep30. Yea lets see what % of the playerbase even completes the elite raids in ep30. My guess is its going to be a very very small %. Elite content should be difficult. But it shouldnt be impossible. And when it is we see players doing things that arent intended to beat it. Or repeatedly resetting the 1st boss only :confused:

    Elite should have mechanics that if obeyed by the players results in success. Not random 1 shots with limited deaths. Punishing mechanics or content is a red flag. Punishing mechanics are not good for the game and should never be defended. Imo some players in dcuo think randomly being 1 shotted equals difficulty. No just no. Id watch this below to get a better understanding about difficult vs punishing ;)
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