The current problem with feats

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    That’s a fair statement, however this was not the original way the devs set this system up, nor is it the second or third iteration of the system. It’s only the most recent form of this sp/feat system and thus your argument that this is what the devs want and this is just how it is, is pretty invalid IMO. It is obviously open to being tweaked and altered and player feedback has been taken into account in the past. As for the various ways you can define skill, sure it’s subjective, but I’d like to talk to the guy that thinks that opening a capsule and equipping an emblem (whether you paid cash or not for the capsule) takes any amount of skill/effort what so ever. None. That isn’t subjective, it’s a fact lol. Stabilizers only come from logging in. Literally the bare minimum of effort lmao. Why should a couple hundred skill points be tied to literally just logging in and or spending cash. Doesn’t sit with me but that’s just my opinion once again. I would like to see another round of tweaking done. I think it needs updated. The current system was out In place before the influx of 400 skill points from years of content and style drops. I’m just here for the discussion of how and what should change.
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    Sorry but that’s a false equivalency then. Just because that’s your perceived experience doesn’t mean that’s anybody else’s. No one but the devs know the exact numbers, all we know is that it is possible to do, and that people do in fact do it. I would love to see the math on how many stabilizers you would need to legit open enough canisters to get enough feats, including the RNG in those calculations when opening then, and have collected enough styles to reach 600sp. Imagine how long it would take to do that without spending cash. I don’t want to get bogged down arguing whether or not it’s a pay to win system, the game has to make money to survive. Players have to feel they are being rewarded for their efforts and also that there efforts will always be able to keep up with those who spend real money, after all if you sub that’s all that should ever be required to be top end in any category, not spending cash on micro transactions. I’m just not convinced that this is a fair and balanced system and that the reward equals the effort. My two cents. I’ll be interested to see others points of view on the topic though so thank you for your response.
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    What if you had to spec say 50sp into your accessories slot before you could equip one?
    Whatever possible outcomes there may be there will never be a reduction in anyone’s skill points. The best we could hope for is to repurpose some of them and change how the system works going forward.
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    Of course that wouldn’t work because any toon that had an accessory but not the extra sp would be getting boned lol.
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    Well I never guaranteed it’s a 100% accurate reflection. But my experiences over the years is a pretty hefty sample size. I think it’s safe to say that almost nobody LIKES RNG. So for anyone with more than enough DC cash to buy most of the feats off the broker (typically all but the super rare item can be obtained for a combined $200M or much less on USPC within the first week), why bother with the RNG? Also, most of the players who have been around have learned it’s best to save the free stabilizers we get until a new capsule is released which will usually total to anywhere from 15-40 (depending on resurgence usage) by the time a new capsule comes out. Anyone who is smart about it (including smart enough to listen to and follow good advice) shouldn’t ever have to drop a dime. The ultra rare item is the one exception and the only people I know or ever have heard of who actually drop significant cash are the ones who feel they absolutely must have that ultra rare item and must have it right away.

    Anyway, like I said I don’t necessarily disagree with the general point and if it was up to me I’d probably not include feats in time capsules. I just wanted to bring to light the large number of players (if not a majority) who do indeed seek and obtain the particular splice of progression in question without ever paying a dime outside of membership.
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    Calm down and your whole statement is your opinion and view of what you want to see.

    While they have adjusted the system in some ways, the system still remains as it always has been.

    Whether or not people accept that completing a task is a determining factor of skill, whether jumping in a pool, putting on a style, or no death feats are a skill all can be said to not represent skill as people always say skill and SP are not the same so it is all opinion anyway.

    Feats are more than just earning some type of reward for an action, it requires participation.

    The more a person participate the more they are rewarded and the rewards benefit a player more as they learn more.

    Feats are also accomplishments.

    You have to put in work for feats, even if it is just simply logging in. Just because I wasn't here for "back from the hack" feat doesn't mean that it is not worthy of the title or reward given and that goes against them giving out feats as something new. It wasn't the last time they did that either before CR skips, they did it several times before that.

    I would say that, though you may have some information that lead to your opinion, it is easy to dismiss that your time playing has given you more skill into the game, which is also different than a person with no knowledge of the game, roles or even how to use the keyboard, controller or even where/how to even get the maximum benefits out of TC or even the marketplace.

    While you may have the know how to do things in the game, a new player has no idea what to do, where to go or even how to get from the easiest of the feats to the most complex feats in the game.

    I threw you a line when I said it is the same in every game including the systems.

    Now show me where the feats changed, because before TC there was the vault.

    All that happened is players in the game did as they always do accepted the change and dug deep in them pockets while they dismissed what was taken away for what was given.
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    I dont disagree
    Thats why i dont randomly Q up for feats.
    I run them with league an friends so i stand by my advice to the other person of understanding its an MMO and the point is to rely on a group. And they need to cut their mic on and communicate if they want the feats. Like it or not, its the reality in some cases.
  8. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    And almost no feat you attain solo has any correlation to personal skill either lol. Your argument doesnt hold up by any angoe when you apply your own logic across the board.
    Really the only feats in the game that take any skill are in fact the group effort ones so from that understanding, those are the noy ones that are reflective of your personal skill.
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    I THOUGHT we had moved on from this. But since you want to start all over again, fine. A feat attained solely By My Self is a direct correlation to My personal skills because I have to rely only on me & me alone to accomplish it. Yes good team work is required to get group feats but it takes just one person to ruin it for everybody else, and believe me I have had people deliberately ruin a feat for the rest of the group. By your logic a mediocre player can do nothing and still get carried by the group to get feats with no exceptional skills of their own. I have seen people like that too. Getting carried does take skill I guess - they have to know who can best carry them to get what they want.
  10. Qwantum Abyss Loyal Player

    Yea i been MIA and generally reply to whatever pops up sorry.
    Look at the solo feats you can do all by yourself. Explain to me how opening “x” capsules and killing “x” open world trash mobs or running “x” instance “x” times = skill.
    Theres loads of feats requiring coordination and group effort and if you have played this game more than 1 day you know full that at times, just getting 8 people to stand in a straight line or a circle is a herculean task lol.
    All kidding aside, theres almost NO solo feats in the game that requires any skill at all.
    To your other point YES, there lots of feats in a group setting where you can be carried and just being part of it and not screwin it up does in fact take more skill than most of the solo feats.
    I dont know how to explain it any clearer. This is an MMO an by default most of the real feats requiring skill require a group, and the other feats are not designed to take skill for solo stuff, they just arent. Would it be nice if they were? YES but they arent.
    And again, sorry to revisit. I reply to what pops up and been MIA plus im in lots of threads, hard to be 100% on whats resolved an not
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    If I had 664 sp as a battle tank I would put 100 into might and power, health and dominance granting me 10% in all three stats. I'll also have 10% might from hybrid spec and 5% for dominance. My arts depending on which I use can add another percentage. What do you think now about the skill points value?
  12. Wallachia Devoted Player

    What if we could use skill points directly on our attributes, but by a small margin to avoid making things ludicrous?

    For example, spend 1 SP in Might and gain 0.1% of it. At this way we would need 1000 SP to double our might, SP would matter but the difference between someone with 200 SP and 100 SP wouldn't be so relevant as to make the second player hopelessly left behind.

    We must consider that SP must be relevant to reward players, but must not be TOO relevant as to make other players excluded. Even as it is we have people thinking that they are superior for having 8323283 SP.