The current Prestige Cap isn't going to work..

Discussion in 'Gotham City (General Gameplay)' started by Doc Holliday, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. ARI ATARI New Player

    30 logging in regularly.

    we are the oldest league on the USPS server
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  2. Mister Brees New Player

    You want the devs to fix your issue because you can't come up with a plan in your league for dematerializing stuff?
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  3. MetalMario Loyal Player

    The system is balanced around leagues of around 40-50 people who log in a few times per month. If by regularly you mean daily, consider yourself a statistical outlier. The system is working as intended to keep you from getting too much compared to people who play an average amount.
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  4. Black Dawn Steadfast Player

    Hahhaha "better leagues"?

    Please, define "better" for me.

    "Better" meaning you aren't able to realize that dematerializing gear at the beginning of the week is a bad plan? Or better because you decide to throw caution to the wind and dematerialize everything all at once and then demand they change the rules for you?
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  5. Bast10n Committed Player

    If it is piling up in your inventory and you are indeed stuck with it. (it's self evident that your league doesn't need them either) Logic would show that the items aren't needed at all.

    Why are you buying stuff you don't need?
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  6. ARI ATARI New Player

    if we play more, shouldnt we get more?
  7. ARI ATARI New Player

    when we dematerialize is moot, if the cap were 250k we would still hit it.
  8. Ronamus Well-Known Player

    Just wonder how being able to dematerialize a bunch of items makes you a "better" league. Just curious. Bigger league sure, but better?
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  9. MetalMario Loyal Player

    No not really. It's not like you can get more than all of the bonuses anyway, which is attainable with some left over if you're getting to the cap now.
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  10. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    Insulting the Devs is not a very good way to get them to change a damn thing. You have every right to express how you feel, but if you actually want to be taken seriously you might want to change HOW you express what you feel. Or you could ignore my advice, proceed to try to insult me (or continue to insult the Devs), and in turn basically invalidate what you believe to be a valid point and have your post removed. Your choice.
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  11. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    You do have more. You said it yourself: your inventory is full of items you bought.

    The game still works the same as it always has. Those who play more max out the systems until they have nothing left to do for their own personal gains. That doesn't mean that you now have nothing to do in the game; there are plenty of options in the game to do other things. Choosing to stop playing when you reach the maximum prestige, marks, skill points, etc. is up to you.

    If that's all you want out of the game, then you can work to that goal until the goal is achieved. Nothing you do after that point will make you feel better unless you change your goals.
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  12. SethZoulMonEl 10000 Post Club

    There are more than 5 who have different views from the OP. Doc thinks it's 4, I counted 20 in the first 4 pages. There are probably many more than 20 who have voiced concerns against any change to the current system, and quite a few have said we need to just wait and see how it plays out.
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  13. Serj Committed Player

    the same thing just without gaining anything for the league from it, now that we have the option to I can't see why increasing the cap is a bad idea.

    right now you can't even reach 325k because no league wants to save that much prestige (reminder that the total amount is 400k) in the first place, no one has EVERYTHING by this point, and according to their stream and what they had in plans for the system, big leagues will be able to maintain atleast 10 proficiences at all times.

    now let's say the cap is increased to 150, and you get what you want including a few proficiencies.. and then 30 days pass and you need to spend prestige on it again, if the cap is reached it will be very hard for any league to maintain those.

    there are very few leagues that will reach 100k in a week, not to mention 150k.
    if any members are allowing themselves to take time off because there's enough prestige to go around then the league itself isn't active and you can't expect it to flourish, it becomes irrelevant.

    besides, there's always something to spend prestige on, don't forget the bank tabs cost prestige as well. so if you want to include EVERYTHING do it right:

    Proficiencies - 25,000 each = 325k
    Statuaries - 10,000 each = 80k?(correct me if im wrong)
    Bank Slot Row #2/Tab #2 - 25,000 (both is 50k)
    Bank Slot Row #3/Tab #3 - 35,000 (both is 70k)
    Bank Slot Row #4/Tab #4 - 50,000 (both is 100k)
    Bank Slot Row #5 - 75,000

    that's atleast 700k total, 300k over the total amount that a league can hold, now what that means is the leagues will HAVE to spend prestige... yes, spend it.

    everytime you run out of prestige you want to earn it back, but the cap stays the same so...
  14. Longshot Well-Known Player

    You 20 people should make a league than you can have the same problem us "big" leagues have with the prestige cap.
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  15. Serj Committed Player

    key word "some". if there was one big league or one small league i'd understand but that's clearly not the case, this is not some specific case where one league is complaining about the cap.
  16. Doctor Nova Devoted Player

    Bought items to get prestige and it's taking up space..... your eagerness to be prepared.... all you can eat buffet of MoTs.... your appetite for the game and consuming it relatively quickly.... Congratulations! You've won a stuffed inventory. If you were able to convert all your items for prestige you'd win...? win what? a break from playing the game until the next DLC is released? :oops:

    Well, then ask the Devs for new ways to spend MoTs? (less focus on prestige; guessing this is the wrong thread for that kind of thinking.)
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  17. TimeManipulator New Player

    We cap out on Thursday after it resets, so I'm in favor of raising the cap.
  18. Serj Committed Player

    so wait till the DLC hits so big leagues which are active will have even MORE content to earn prestige from? sure that's gonna make a difference...
  19. Bast10n Committed Player

    You are wrong in believing that because we are opposed to increasing the cap... that we belong to small leagues or that our Leagues aren't experiencing frustration with being at the weekly cap.

    The difference is that we fully understand the system and why it was set up the way it was and we have the PATIENCE to see it through.

    Just an FYI. Pandering is looked down on in pretty much every society.
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  20. Bast10n Committed Player

    People are complaining about hitting the cap without running any content.

    Your argument is invalid.
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