The Curious Case of the Luxurious Sink

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  1. Achikah Committed Player

    Hello again.

    Resident furniture lady inquiring about more furniture. In particular, the absence of such in the case of the Luxurious Sink.


    The Luxurious Sink was first introduced during Survival Mode but was moved to the Stabilizer Event Mission once it was restructured for Season 2. Since the daily Stabilizer missions has been banished to the shadow realm, a large chunk of once frequently acquirable furniture have now become rarities in the game. Large Cat Balloons, Dirty Metal Trash Cans, most Carboard Shipping Boxes, and numerous other piece are still only acquirable from said mission during spotlight weeks. Though this is a pain for a lot of us, we're resourceful and can still manage (obtain and hoard as if it were like mini-seasonals a handful of times throughout the year.) Rarer pieces like Stainless Steel Cabinets, Black Luxurious Rug, Standard Room Dividers, even a single Palatial Bath have all been found both as drops or in the broker during this time, but not a single Luxurious Sink has been unearthed by the Base Crafters community.

    This poses a problem.

    There are only a handful of sinks in the game, and the only non-rusted, non-industrial ones, unattached by cabinets or countertops, is the Luxurious Sink.

    Again, we're resourceful. We can cobble several different items into an amalgamation of a sink, but given we have a finite amount of spots, and most chosen bathroom nooks aren't exactly spacious, having the option for a standard, tidy, compact sink is extremely useful and honestly a mighty need.

    Devs, we need these sinks. Badly.

    Out of all this time, the only spot I could fathom this dropping is in PVE Legends. Given it's not most people's forte, it's scarcity on the broker makes sense. I personally have ran PVE Legends a dozen or so times over the past year with friends, but haven't found one, but again, I don't run it too often.

    So, in the end, I wanted to pose the question, and the TL;DR:

    Where in the world is the Luxurious Sink?

    Call to action
    • If anyone has found a Luxurious Sink throughout any content since the Omnibus update, can they rely where and when they found it?
    • Subsequently, if any Devs have the power to, could you please confirm if the Luxurious Sink does drop in game and potentially where?
    Also, other potential solutions in general that'd be very appreciative to the Deco Community as a whole:
    • Add the Stabilizer furniture pools (including the Luxurious Sink) into the End Game loot table.
    • Add all Stabilizer furniture to Cheetah (The Furniture Vendor)
    • Add a Small and Large Stabilizer Furniture Box to Dr. Fate for Fate Tokens or Cheetah for Source Marks
    Thank you for reading,
    Resident Furniture Lady (Achikah)
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  2. Zoe· YouTuber

    I'd love them to add this to Cheetah for the very least, even if it costs like 10-15 Source Marks. I'm not even sure It's obtainable at the moment and I don't understand why
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  3. Reinheld Devil's Advocate

    It both impresses and scares me that you know that much about luxury sinks.

    Now...if only the Home Depot guy I was talking to was as knowledgable.....ah well.
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  4. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    "Palatial bath" is in the same boat. Some old SM furniture also drops in LPVE, but the rate is very low. You can go through a long LPVE run without getting a base item at all.
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  5. Achikah Committed Player

    I assume it was probably an oversight during the switch-up. A lot of people who are in-game, even some decorators, probably don' know there's a secret loot table for Stabilizers event in general let alone that there are items missing from it during it's run, so it'd be even more understandable if it was overlooked in the Omni transition. Hopefully this'll draw attention to that and we can get some kind of middle ground worked out with the Devs. :)

    Haha! Yaaa, it's kind of an intense aura but given how engrained RNG and drop rates are to the Deco process, I like to be thorough.

    And Home Depot's nice when you know what you're looking for. You need advice, that's when you go to the Mom n Pop shops. Little more pricey, but the knowledge and craftsmenship are well worth it... most of the time.

    I was going to add the Palatial Bath to the list but I did manage to find one last year on the broker for a fairly average price, so I wasn't 100% sure if it was just highly coveted and kept while still dropping, or a very rare find.

    That is good to know about the LPVE drops, but until someone has found a Lux Sink or Palatial in the loot table, I'd assume it's mainly the Stabilizer pool rehashed. Also, ya... Going through a Legends run without payoff is really frustrating. I really think there needs to be a loot rework in general for Solos, Duos, Alerts, and LPVE for a solid furniture drop each boss. It'd really encourage the community to run more of those than just Raids. I know it would for me.

    Also, question for you, are you also still loot locked after the single, daily run of LPVE too, or did the Omni allow for multi-runs like EEG content?
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  6. Shadowdragon Devoted Player

    I generally stay away from LPVE unless we have that 10x bonus, but I'm pretty sure it's still locked because it's not part of Omnibus.
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  7. Achikah Committed Player

    Ya, I never bothered to look the times I ran, mainly because it was a one and done to help Leaguemates or LFGers with combo feats.

    If that is the case, that's a double problem then- loot locked and the potential of not getting a furniture drop is insane to me. Fighting RNG loot table is one thing, fighting it PLUS the potential of not getting anything PLUS the daily lock? That's... rough, and reminds me why I haven't ran LPVE in awhile... ._.'
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  8. beardrive Committed Player

    I have one of those sinks, and only one of those sinks on my main, Branthar. I have a good number of stacks of the other stuff. By the way, the black luxurious rug, the blue luxurious rug, and the white patterned rug, all drop pretty regularly on the EU server.

    I don't know why anyone would go into LPVE at all, much less to get base items. :)
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  9. myandria Item Storage

    I've been storing away Luxury/Luxurious/Elegant rare and epic items for "ahem" years. It seems to me that all of the Luxurious bathroom and rugs (especially the white and blue) base items are on the endangered list and I agree with Zoe that some of the older base items needs to be on the Cheetah Vendor, in particular: Luxury, Luxurious and Elegant (you know we need those free standing curtains). These three types of base items are not tied to any feats from my knowledge, so they should be easy additions to Cheetah.
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  10. K3str3lDC Dedicated Player

    Same for Luxurious Toilet. I know it's a bit weird to be fixated on, but it drives me nuts how when I wanna make a base that's a home my characters, even the rich ones, are stuck with dingy looking toilets that just look gross and don't fit with all the nice stuff around them.....
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  11. Achikah Committed Player

    The Black Lux Rug drops? That's interesting. I'm fairly certain only the Blue Lux and White Patterned fall from the EG content pool on the US with the Black only showing up during Stabilizer week. Maybe you guys on the EU got the pool merger and we didn't, haha!

    Luxe boxes would seriously be great. I know it's a big want for a lot of decorators out there and Cheetah is definitely a great resource we'd all love to us more.

    Ya, toilets are also another thing, same with the Palatial Baths. At least though we have the Pull Chains and Footed Tubs to hold us over in that department though, despite the want for variety. It's either that or the ol' Gotham Standard, but not all character were made to endure that... nor should they be. >_>'

    (Ironically, I think this is in the same loot table as the Luxury Sink/Toilet too, hahaha!)
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  12. beardrive Committed Player

    The Black Lux Rug drops? That's interesting. I'm fairly certain only the Blue Lux and White Patterned fall from the EG content pool on the US with the Black only showing up during Stabilizer week. Maybe you guys on the EU got the pool merger and we didn't, haha!

    It's rather odd, but the white patterned rug was the most rare in the olden days! I only got one of those back then. The black luxurious and blue luxurious drop often enough they're generally about 50-150 k each. That being said, a couple of years ago they were 500,000 each or more.
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  13. kallader Well-Known Player

    Got the toilet but no clue how ...Dr Fate decoration item box I think drop more than those you can buy for sources mark the info say will not drop event decoration or episode decoration but i drop blue mystical ceiling scroll.speaker and laser cutter etc from them so maybe those box are better since more recent.
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  14. TI99Kitty Well-Known Player

    I've gotten several of the White Patterned Rug in the last few months -- at least 3 or 4. And yes, they've all dropped from EG loot caches. Haven't seen either of the Luxurious Rugs yet, though.
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  15. Mepps Sr. Community Manager

    I have noted this for if we get time during a quality-of-life type update.
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  16. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    I swear, all I want is a WC door. I don't want to have to build a bathroom. just give me a door I can point out & say, " yeah, khazi's through there " & I am all set.
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  17. Trykz Dedicated Player

    Achikah is the deco god.
    That’s all.
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  18. Achikah Committed Player

    Thank you, really appreciate it!!

    Honestly, this is what I do a lot too, mainly to save on space, haha! The Restroom sign from Metal Pt. 1 helps out with that a lot- makes any door a designated bathroom.
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  19. Irvynnge Loyal Player

    oh, yeah! I'd forgotten all about that. I'll have to see if I got any. . .
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  20. Achikah Committed Player

    Let me know if you need one- I have quite a few extras on the US side and at least one or two on the EU I can send ya. :)

    Eh, that's very kind, but I definitely wouldn't say that. I'm just outspokenly vocal about furniture things. XD
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