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    Well, you could make an official visit to City of Heroes: Homecoming. It is free and except for a few game changes and content/character additions, the game looks as it did before it went twilight and the game play is the same.

    All MMO's have a few trade-offs when it comes to customization. Some games have great customization options but may lack in content, game play or have a high cost.

    I still play Champions Online; I like to use the character customization there to create new outfits and then try to replicate it here on DCUO. If I can't then I can ask for a similar costume style/pieces in the "Tell us what you want," dev forums. CO's game play isn't great, but it is not completely trash either and it is a nice diversion from DCUO if I feel I need to take a short break.

    Final Fantasy Online is another one; great costume customization, good game play, but it "requires" a subscription to play the game consistently. No pay, no play; just as many online MMO's used to be. That 'required" subscription is a barrier to players who cannot/will not make that type of commitment.

    It seems to me that many people who post about the lack of customization in this game forget who truly controls what we can and cannot have: DC and WB. They are the gatekeepers that the devs must approach when they want to introduce something new to the game. DC/WB will drag their behinds to approve something new; it took a few years after this game launched to get a basic green aura because DC/WB were stubborn about allowing players to make a complete Green Lantern character. Why? The world will never know.

    If you think this game has limited customization, play Daybreak's oldest game (21 yrs old): Everquest. Then get back to me.
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    the number might be over exaggerated but no I'm not joking
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    i remember a time early on when we had so many restrictions regarding what styles and characters that can be used in game. since then things have changed. for the past few years we have been getting tons of iconic inspired gear~How many dc characters have gotten a little spotlight?

    I actually find myself wishing we could get less "iconic inspired gear" and maybe get one or two sets that are just nice basic super hero slimline type styles so i can apply them to my original characters without making them look like they belong to the house of el or the green lantern corps or are a part of batman inc.

    i think the character creation process is fun. least of the games worries. its set up in a way that you can just zip through fast or you can take your time to customize your character "just right". I get how sliding is desirable but really...i'd rather see a billion clones of popular characters over what bloated dis proportioned nightmares the toxic community that is dcuo can come up with.
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    I accept what you have said without offering my opinion, just maybe (although I may or may not have one that does not agree with yours.)
    But well, a guy or a player who dresses up like a bat clearly has issues, i'm not necessarily a fan (though i probably haven't thought about it too hard) lol