The concept of a Wand weapon in the game.

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  1. Jacob Dragonhunter Steadfast Player

    Now, Now, before you go saying"
    This is just 1 handed!!!!, or it won't have too many variants!!!" If your gonna post that cheese in my thread, please don't even bother to reply.

    Now on the other hand I've been thinking of a way to incorporate a Wand Weapon in this game.

    First off. What would be the lore?

    Its Simple, For Heroes Sentinel of magic users including Zatanna use a Wand.[IMG]

    And for Villains, The faust magents use a Wand too:

    So you can see, lore for this weapon isn't an issue.

    What would be altered to make it different from 1 handed?
    Well the ranged moves that the npcs use would be the range combos for the weapon.

    And for melee I was thinking: Wands could use the 1 handed tap melee animations, and then to finish their combos: they'd use Magic sphere's or orbs( Ya know because of Dr fate) to finish off the combo.
    So kind of like an altered version of this:

    The combo input would be different too:
    I'd picture some of the combos would be like this: Tap melee 3, hold melee 2 times.

    So let me know if you got any ideas regarding the concept of a wand weapon in DCUO, but this is just how I'd see it.
  2. Harlequin_Nox Committed Player

    I feel like this is missing pictures or something.

    I am all in support of a good magic-based weapon. I think that would be a great addition. But I'm having a hard time envisioning this without something to help out my inner child. :p

    Could you throw something more in there so we can see what you mean, please?
  3. Remander Steadfast Player

    I think the main issue has always been that wands are actually not weapons. They are conduits for delivery of magical spells. It's hard to imagine a full tree of combos for wand attacks. You really shouldn't be hitting enemies with the wand. Also, how does a magical conduit weapon work with a non-magic user? Conceptually, it would be awkward to have a separate wand weapon available. Can you envision a Munitions toon using a wand? HL? Rage? Sure, many of the powersets could function with a wand, but for others it would be pretty odd. That's why I don't think we'll ever see it. This has been a request for years.
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  4. Laynester New Player

    i suppose it could work similar to hand blasts...

    shooting light blasts at a target with the colour matching your power,
    electricity power would shoot lightning bolts,
    fire shooting flames
  5. AGGUSTEN Well-Known Player

    Although I do not like magic things very much, it would be great to see a weapon that fires like little slow flashing bombs ... I think the shield is the last weapon that was added, so this tells me, that only the weapons that are in The focus of current attention (film, series) has any possibility, ... I think the shield thing was because of the Wonder Woman thing, bah, maybe a weapon, like the boomerang is closer to coming out? or a Whip ...
  6. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    I think a Whip should definitely be the next weapon.
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  7. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    Or a Arm Cannon, like metallo.
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  8. Ergotth Well-Known Player

    Thats Handblast with(out) extra steps xD
  9. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    XD true. But they can make the animation very different. It can be a slower, much stronger version of the hand blasters
  10. catplaysxoxo Dedicated Player

    When playing Legends there are all types of cool stuff we could use but can’t because I don’t know why. Take for instance the shield weapon. The normal triangle tap lets you shoot ki blast. I mean who in the DC lore does that? In Legends when using a kryptonian character, their block breaker is heat vision. I’m all for wand being used as a range weapon attack. Not sure how a wand in melee will work. A staff weapon can also be considered a wand. Examples of staffs being used by magical beings, Lord of the Rings white robe grandpa, “you shall not pass”. Que in the memes…. Lol
  11. Kimone Luthor Genetech Clone

    "Reskin Hand Blaster" - HB already does everything you'd functionally need a wand to do, insofar as ranged attacking goes, and fulfills a very similar weapon segment.
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  12. BYSIS Well-Known Player

    I think it's possible to make a wand. And I don't think there needs to be any physical melee attacks (using wand to bap ppl) for it to work.
    I mean, Rifle's Normal melee attacks have Ranged hits, and it's interrupt lunge is technically a Ranged attack. They can apply the same Mechanics, jus have normal melle attacks be ranged