The community wants different things, but what can we agree on?

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  1. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    yup. i never had an issue with drops as the best gear. i liked purchasing the place holder to increase my cr and stats, running content to get the stronger piece, then dematting the purchased gear for my league to earn prestige to keep my bonuses going. while i do use some replays i dont go nearly as crazy as i've seen others do (legendary plus 20 bucks a month). With the eception of a couple of op pieces I've had zero issues completing any of the new style feats in years.

    i also don't use replays on any of my alts and my top five alts never have issues with drop and completing those feats. they do however have a lot of vendor gear they need to go back to finish...

    either way we still need to work towards getting both sets to get the style feats which is the ultimate goal. gear gets replaced. feats are forever.

    it is extremely foolish to think that players aren't going to spam the new content like crazy to get everything asap. the same day replay badges went live i came home from work and was picked up for a gates raid where the entire league was all full t4 and running content for plans and to score marks for their off roles. the very same day.

    i think this is going to lead to a lot of bad drama. nerf threads, eliteness, kicking/not picking up low sp players. if they're bad now just wait for it.

    not that i'm unwilling to give the new system a chance. no matter what they do or how they change things or how overwhelming it might seem to get everything done when something goes live it comes together for those that put a little effort into it .

    as for what we want its nice to see our opinions do matter here...but at the same time i like giving the creators a chance to come up with something theyre very passionate about. the new guy seems to really love dc comics and the game. i cant wait to see whats coming up with new storylines. if they can indeed give it that little extra that makes us so crazy then we shouldn't be asking for anything.
  2. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    I remember that raid...full of crap PUGs...all the 1shots...lets hope the marks we got were worth it
  3. The Jelly Bean Dedicated Player

    Revamp the rnd machine and scrap the scrappy scraps idea. JUST SCRAP IT
  4. VIRALITY Dedicated Player

    Good explanation, I'll be curious to see their plan for the coins.

    Everything I've heard from Avair so far has been pretty great, and I feel like he'll definitely deliver. The collections system for OP gear will be an interesting one.

    I hear that!

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  5. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    they really have tried to rebuild this game from the ground up....a vital task considering the games foundation was flawed...and done a lot more....they have def tried to earn their pay...
  6. TITAN ephemeral Loyal Player

    Everything from mark bought gear to real purchases with real world money have very high prices...I thought it was coolest thing when they FINALLY had a hard to find gear style vendor in the WT...until I saw the 70 MARK price tags...really...70 MARKS...just for a STYLE...come on might actually make MORE money if you encouraged more sales by having SANER prices in general...
  7. KHALONofOGUN 10000 Post Club

    So what you're saying is, nothing will change...the community will just continue their already crappy ways. So nothing to worry about I guess.;)
  8. quirkers Well-Known Player

    I am one of those people. I don't mind working towards a goal. However, I do think the amount of gear and amount of coins is a concern. As long as it is not implemented like the scraps (which I initially was for, but the implementation could have used work).

    I just got tired of buying gear, where MoV was the currency for everything, then a better piece dropping - invalidating the purchase. Talk about buyers remorse (or rage).

    Though it would be cool if we could merge elite gear and vendor gear with a reasonable vendor purchased plan - transforming or "leveling up" the gear.
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  9. Black Prime OG Devoted Player

    Doesn't matter. The fact that my at can run end level alert and get 3 of the best pieces from 1 run is a waste. It will slow.the progression of alts, but our mains will be fine. I don't reset raids anymore, so I'll continue to run my alts. Will just have to grind some marks. Sorry, but that is how the game was originally ally designed. We've been running this millenial focused loot system for to long. Do you get end game gear as pvp drops? They why should you in pve? It's called the grind. You can take your time or replay all you want.
  10. light FX Steadfast Player

    U dont care. That makes sense. If it took too long and drove away players u wouldnt care? If it took too long so that it meant replaying would be the only way to get it u wouldnt care? The most important detail is how much the gear costs and how long it will take to acquire it. And we dont know that detail yet but lets all rejoice at how awesome it is. That literally makes no sense. 0. Nada. I never said anything about a tiny grind either. I am worried it will be a very lengthy grind. We have always had some shortcut with drops to eliminate some of the grind. The ONLY shortcut with this system will be replays. Idk how people dont see this. Its like people only care about the ooo shiny new thing. I see someone else say the cost of the gear doesnt matter. That too makes 0 sense. I guess when they finally do tell us that detail im sure some of u will declare it great no matter the cost. The game cannot survive with just a small group of hardcore players spending replays. If the grind is too lengthy it will drive players away. It will cause others to dump their alts. It might cause some to not play both roles anymore. All of that sounds great for the game right? :rolleyes:

    This the typical thing that happens on these forum boards every single time an announcement is made. People rejoice and declare it the "best thing to ever happen in dcuo." And that is w/out us having all the details on the change. U can go back and look how many times this has happened. And then a few months after the change is implemented some of the same people calling the change great are on here complaining how awful it is. AM, WM, cr differential, certain pvp updates, etc all come to mind. The very 1st thing i thought to myself after seeing the stream and reading the thread that came w/it was "why are they not telling us the cost of the gear and how long it will take to get it?" ;) When the most important detail is left out imo that is very suspicious. How many times now has an idea sounded great on paper but been not so great once its implemented? Am i saying its going to be bad? Nope cause we dont know yet. But the potential is there for it not be good if done wrongly. I like to have ALL the details on how something works b4 i declare it to be a good thing.
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  11. light FX Steadfast Player

    Perfect example of what im saying. U said u were initially for the scraps and crafting system when it was announced. Once it was implemented it wasnt great. And many of us didnt like it. This has gone on so much on here. People instantly call whatever is announced an awesome change w/out knowing all the details, w/out having played and tested the change, w/out it even being on the test server. I dont understand it. People can be excited for a change and think it is great. But imo people shouldnt judge anything w/out all the details of how it works. To me thats just common sense. Im not posting about it again, gonna wait to hear the details on the coins and cost b4 i make any judgement on it.
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  12. Derio 15000 Post Club

    Ok lets say hypothetically the coin distribution was as followed:

    Solo(open world) : 1 per mission
    Solo(instance) : 2 per mission
    duo: 3 per duo
    alert:5 per alert
    Raid: 3 on first boss, 3 on second boss, and 4 on final boss
    Elite Raid: See above

    And lets say hypothetically the coin cost for regular gear was:

    Weapon, Chest, Legs: 100
    Shoulders, Head: 90
    Hands, waist, feet:75
    Back: 50
    Rings, necklace: 35
    Utility belt, trinket: 25

    And then lets say for Elite gear:
    Chest, Weapon(if there is one), Legs: 50
    Shoulders, Head: 30
    Hands, Waist, feet: 20
    Back: 15

    Remember these are all hypothetic prices. And believe it or not this is the lowest actual price of these items( I expect them to be much much higher) unless large DLCs will be exactly 3 months like they used to be. If so then I expect them to be slightly lower than these numbers).

    But if these were the numbers it would take you under 15 runs of elite content to be fully elite gear.

    For regular gear assuming you did 0 raids and did not reset any content it would take you 60 days leaving 1 month to enjoy your gear before a new DLC launched. For regular gear and assuming you did your raids weekly and you didnt reset anything it would take you 49 days. And if you did all of this including reseting raids daily you can get regular gear in under 20 days.

    So the real question is what time frame without resetting is reasonable enough to the community to become fully geared. Lets assume this was implemented. The casual player would gear up in 2 months, while the hardcore player would gear up slightly under 2 months and the extremist replay badge specialist would gear up in under 1 month but not the first week.
  13. coco Committed Player

    Finally someone who gets that we all have different viewpoints, doesn't mean anyone is wrong we all just need to compromise without ensuing an argument! Honestly though I've mentioned this before but nobody seemed to agree or even acknowledge that I said anything. On another game I played the moderators would make a thread when the ceo was about to do a livestream.

    The thread was what the community wanted to see happen in the game, you go into the thread if you liked someone's idea you click the like icon, if you didn't like it you didn't start an argument you just simply didn't click the like. If your suggestion wasn't up there then you could put it up. No one was allowed to respond to a comment in this thread, therefore no arguments just strait suggestions & numbers. When it was time for the livestream the ceo would answer the most popular ones to let people know if it was possible.

    Being they already announced 'office hours' for discord they should start a thread for the questions/suggestions whatever gets the most attention for the week in the thread is what mepps answers on the office hours time. This way there isn't a bunch of people talking over people on discord, unanswered questions or suggestions, no argueing on either part, mepps would be able to answer more things faster, etc. mepps should post the the questions & answers on the thread after in case anyone missed the office hours.
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  14. Torikumu 10000 Post Club

    Do you care that players have been driven away from this game because of it's horrific RNG progression system? Do you care that the only way you can attempt to maybe get another piece of gear after running the content once during the week is by spending replay badges to unlock the rewards again?

    Whatever narrative you want to spin on it, the fact is that this new approach to progression is a legitimately new approach. The best rewards are no longer dependent upon luck. This in and of itself is vastly superior to what we have now.

    Like I said originally I do no personally care how long it takes. Obviously within reason, though. There's no point in making the gear grind longer than 3 months. However, seeing as we're losing monthly content, the developers have to keep me interested for at least 2 months after the episode comes out while they work on the next batch (so 8 months of the year, in other words). A longer gear grind would be more than welcomed by me. Especially if certain pieces of content remained unbeatable until then. I guess I'm sorry for actually wanting substance in this game.
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  15. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    Um, sorry but remind me what shortcuts we had from T1 to T4? Ask anyone who has been around since the beginning of the game, or even the first couple of years, and I'm pretty sure they will tell you that was the golden age of the game. With all due respect your signature says you've been a PC player since March 2013. If that was first account then you absolutely have no idea what you're talking about when you say we "always" had shortcuts - that's simply not true, aside from replay badges - and they haven't even always been here either. In the beginning T2 raids always gave you gear with stats between T1 and T2 vendor gear. T3 gave you gear with stats between T2 and T3 raids. T4 raids gave you gear (aside from the Runes of the Norsemen set) that had stats between T3 and T4. This is what we're going back to - drop gear that supplement you between vendor sets.

    We used to have raids that had different amounts of bosses because the drops they gave were never better than vendor gear (aside from the OP helm in PBG and the weapons and the very end of T4 when Hand of Fate was released and you could craft gear that was marginally better than vendor gear). Once we moved to the system we have currently we got stuck with raids that were same old same old, only allowed to have three boss fights. It's fine to speculate about the grind, but the fact of the matter is we don't yet know what the grind will be. I too worry that it will be too long, especially since I like to gear up both roles on each of my characters - but I'm not flipping out until I actually know the prices.

    I haven't rewatched the stream since it was live, but I'm pretty sure they said they weren't telling us the gear prices because they hadn't set them yet. It's not suspicious to not give us information that they themselves don't have yet. Personally I don't expect the grind to be too hefty. With the OP collections and other collections dropping from bosses only after you have completed a set of gear it's clear they have thought about keeping the content relevant for after we have completed the gear. If we must be wearing the Episode 27 gear in order to get the collections that drop then that means once Episode 28 comes any piece of gear we replace will switch off the set bonus that allows the collections to drop. They want us to have time to gather all the collections before that happens, which is further evidence the grind won't be overly long.

    AMs were promising at the start. We were only getting AMs in one or two powers at a time. I don't think anybody realised that as time went on all the AMs would become very samey and restrictive. I had very high hopes for Mental and Quantum's AMs because of how much variety Gadgets has in the powers they can use for their AM. Then came Mental with a whopping FOUR whole abilities they could use to power their final hit. Quantum got landed with an entire tree that was rendered completely useless. Ice is high damage, but boring. Fire AM is boring. Celestial's AM could have been good, but of course there are just one or two combos that people use because they do higher damage than other combos. Light has a fun AM in my opinion, but because it doesn't live up to the likes of Ice in damage it is looked down upon, etc. etc.

    All in all the current devs seem to have realised that a lot of mistakes have been made. Spytle is no longer in charge of this game and Tunso is gone. I'm in no way bashing either of them, but we have fresh eyes on the game for the first time in a long time, and all the changes, upcoming changes and proposed changes have me excited.
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  16. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    Excluding elite gear, my assumption is that the cost will be the exact same as it always has been. Although, this has not been actually said.
  17. Jafin 10000 Post Club

    The opposite has been said in fact. They said they haven't set the prices yet internally.
  18. WilderMidnight Steadfast Player

    that made me snicker.

    i think the bickering is going to get worse.
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  19. WhiteW0lf Devoted Player

    That's true, but when they said that, I assumed they were talking about the elite gear.
  20. Twelve Gauge Committed Player

    Here's the thing, we had no track record to work off when it came to R&D gear, it was a completely new concept that people praised without having a real idea of how it would play out, which was ridiculous.

    We have a history of 'best gear in vendor' as well as earning gear marks from select conent towards that gear, its been done a few times before so, its not unreasonable for people to be happy about the idea of going back to something we've already known.

    Do we know EXACTLY how it will work? Not entirely. For all we know right now they could've screwed the whole system over making it 10x the money grab rng gear was, point taken.

    But, i think it's safe to say it will work out a lot like it did before with a few details changed. Personally i think if anything it might take a bit longer than it use to (without replays) which is fine by me, so long as it doesn't surpass 2 months for a set, I always enjoyed (back when we had dlc's) that last month off of grinding so i could sit back and enjoy my gear a bit before i had to start up again.